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Abbey Hughes (Patient) 09-12-2018
Dr. Sarikaya, he is listens to me differently than anyone else I ever met hard to describe exactly. Listens carefully, with gratitude I think is the word-what is going on that day or asks my and my life and my family where their journey is.

I wish all the doctors can be like him. He is helps of me and get logical thinking, and he is calls it testing out ideas and my future dreams. He doesn't make words go one way. He's talk to me and listens. He is fun and clever doctor. Thank you Dr. Taskin Sarikaya. God bless you.


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Jill F (Patient) 03-31-2017
Taskin Sarikaya MD is my Psychiatrist for the last 2 years. I had an emergency last weekend and Doctor Sarikaya come to the hospital. Yes, you didn't hear wrong, he came in to see me on a Sunday. He was very kind to do this and I appreciate him. He is Excellent Doctor. God Bless you Dr.Sarikaya.


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Barış C (Friend) 06-17-2016
He is a great doctor. You can be sure that he will treat you well.

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Emily N (Patient) 07-10-2015
Sometimes we come to the turning point in our lives, good or bad, beautiful or terrible day life. Some time we feel that we are approaching the end of my illness worse.

I lost control of my life, I did not know which way to go, but I sure as my children and my husband and I go well, why? In such a world, I met with him. My thoughts were chasing me, I need calm and thought peace to love. How to live those days, I think I if I meet with doctor Taskin Sarikaya. In my experience before I left the unbearable memories.

Doctor Taskin Sarikaya is a very talented doctor. He never let my hand. Calm and soft voice gave me confidence, he knows very well that he should do, he knows his job very well and gave me the confidence and the attitude of the nature of my life, my disease has shown me that it is not necessary to deal with the disease.

I used to be upset and despair is no longer drawn by what I should do, I know very well and I learned to be happy. I want to go to a near future to England to visit, to see him. Taskin Sarikaya great psychiatrist doctor. I am grateful to him, thank you.


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Margaret G (Patient) 04-10-2014
Dr.Taskin Sarikaya, He is a great doctor. Take kindly informed that few people capable of loving very good doctor to their patients the best of the best years who will do everything to make.

He is I immediately told me that it knows how a disturbance. Dr.Taskin, you know me well just tell me to pay close attention to loving, very good doctor.

I respect him a lot, I'm counting and I love her doctor. he responded to all calls. I'm very lucky because my doctor was a very good man doctor Taskin Sarikaya. He's just not my medication held all my life, I want to thank the Doctor Taskin Sarıkaya you for being my doctor.

I'm very confident Dr.Taskin Sarikaya would advise anyone to do the entire to your get help.
Margaret (Magy)

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Isabel (Patient) 05-17-2013
He is a highly skilled and gentleman Psychiatrist! I met him at New York University, where most psychiatrists barely spend a few minutes with their patients, Dr.Taskin SARIKAYA takes the time to listen to my concerns. He never talks down to me. He encourages me to open up and tell him what I think is working, and what I think is not working.
Dr.Taskin Sarikaya is very down to earth. He really seems to genuinely care about him patients.
He has answered my emails, and called me personally when my world is falling a part.
I know he works hard to create a treatment plan that will ultimately improve my quality of life, not just give me some medicine that is supposed to reduce depression.
He also has a great bedside manner! He always has a smile, and asks him patients to talk about the good things that happen, not just everything that's going wrong.
Dr.Taskin SARIKAYA is really good at figuring out if you are really depressed, or just really stressed.
In my opinion, finding a doctor who can see the difference between being stressed and being depressed is rare.
Finding a psychiatrist with that talent, such as Dr.Taskin for me, He was my hope for new life New York is university strapped for psychiatrists, just like most rural areas. Dr.Taskin SARIKAYA is a great psychiatrist currently Edinburgh (Scotland) and New York University is really lucky to have him.
New York
Isabel Moore

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Rick (Patient) 07-28-2012
My name is Rick, I don't live i want to died. I live with a bipolar sick had numerous suicide attempts. Rick has repeatedly failed suicide attempt.The New Cook County Hospital in Chicago was a turning point in my life, I pay close attention to The New Cook County Hospital with Dr.Taşkın Sarıkaya, consultant Psychiatrist healed me day and night come together.
Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland at the moment between us, makes me happy to see the work in Chicago every year Dr.Taşkın Sarıkaya. I would like to suggest Dr.Taşkın Sarıkaya bipolar patients, I'm grateful and an honor for me. Psychiatrist Dr.Taşkın Sarıkaya and I know that a debt of thanks to you for my life. Rick

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Michell (Patient) 07-20-2012
I am 37 years old, and failed attempts to treat bipolar sick of a long-standing girlfriend, me again in the summer before starting treatment Psychiatrist Dr.Taşkın Sarıkaya introduced the New Cook County Hospital in my life and I felt good about myself for many years to treat me as good. I am grateful to treatment and continue meeting with Dr.Taşkın Sarıkaya and cooperative joint decisions now so I'm fine thanks. Thank you very much ... Dr.Taşkın Sarıkaya Psychiatrist

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