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S (Patient) 09-23-2021
Phenomenal experience from beginning to end! Dr. G and his staff are absolutely wonderful. I had a breast lift (Feb2021), tummy tuck and lipo suction (Mar2021) and I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr. G is a master at his craft and is truly in a league of his own. He's attentive to detail, provides great feedback and makes you feel valued and respected as person and patient. His staff is caring and great to work with. If you're lucky enough to get the opportunity to have work done by him, I say go for it! My only regret is not having more done. Thanks Dr. G for everything!

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A. Bradley (Patient) 08-21-2014
A few words of gratitude and appreciation for Dr Gershenbaum for being kind and compassionate and for a job performed exceptionally well. I suffered most of my life with what has been called a G cup size. From the time i was a teenager through adulthood, my breasts have been a problem for all of the usual reasons. I finally got up the finances and the nerve to have a breast reduction. I put it off for so long for fear of pain and scars and bad results that i have seen all over the internet. After coming across Dr Gershenbaum's Website and seeing so many beautiful results with very acceptable and often hardly visible scars, i made an appointment and went to see him. He was very comforting and has a lot of experience with very large breast reductions. I was also impressed with the amount of time he spends to do the procedure, which as he explains, is what helps to produce such wonderful results as i have found out. I am now a very nice full C cup or even a small D cup with a beautiful shape and scars that are amazingly minimal as i am only 4 months after the surgery. I am so happy that I found Dr Gershenbaum. His great work has had such a profound impact on my everyday life.

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Reagan M (Patient) 08-01-2014
Very professional staff, very helpful and courteous.

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Shaakiera (Patient) 06-07-2014
I am from Miami, Fl and I have hated my breast for 9 years after I had my son. I always felt they could never be corrected because one was longer than the other and they hung so low. However i searched 6 months for a surgeant by having consultation after consultation, reading reviews, observing friends finally I viewed some before and after pictures online of Dr. Gershenbaum and I told myself this would be my last try and certainly it was. When I attended my consultation the scenery and staff was great... Only I hope the doctor would be as great... GUESS WHAT. He was, he showed me exactly how my breast would look after and insisted I asked questions, he made me feel very comfortable and assured I would be ssatisfy. Here I am a month later feeling as if he is my HERO... I love my breast.. I may never have to wear a bra again!!! The way he told me they would look they do in fact better. I would reccomend Dr. Gershenbaum to anyone looking to have a breast lift with perky perfect shape breast.

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J. Mueller (Patient) 04-09-2014
After many months of research and consultations for my tummy tuck and liposuction, i chose Dr Gershenbaum because of his thorough consultation, his many wonderful previous results and recommendations from two physicians. Dr Gershenbaum performed a lipoabdominoplasty on me in which he performed liposuction of my waist and abdomen and then an abdominoplasty. What a dramatic difference in my shape and my abdomen, more than i expected. My scar is low and hides in my bikini line. I dropped multiple sizes and could not be happier. My advice to anyone looking for a most wonderful plastic surgeon for their surgery, go see Dr. Sam Gershenbaum.

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B. Griffin (Patient) 03-21-2014
A beautiful derriere... Dr. Gershenbaum did lipo-sculpture and a Brazillian Butt Lift taking fat from my waist, back and abdomen and placed the fat into the back and sides of my derriere. Now, 4 months later, i am trim, shapely and my backside gorgeous ! I love my results. My girl friends are jelous and now going in to see Dr Gershenbaum to get some of the same. I cannot wait until all of us girls can go out together showing off all of the Dr's great work.

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Kerry M (Patient) 03-06-2014
excellent results and professional / credible.

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Meg M. (Patient) 02-28-2014
Stupendous !!! I love Dr. G. He made me the most beautiful breasts. Everyone thinks i have amazing natural breasts. When i tell them they are fake and breast implants, they do not believe. They immediately want to know who is my plastic surgeon. Dr. G of course. I tell everyone that he is the best.

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M.P. (Patient) 11-07-2013
First and foremore I am exciting to say that overall my experience with Dr. Gershenbaum and entire staff have been awesome! From the moment I walked in for a consultation to my after surgery followup appointments has been great, informative, reassuring to say the least. As nervous as I was prior to surgery I was put at ease with how the staff made me feel. After reading the reveiws and researched on Dr. Gershenbaum I was alittle unsure if he was the doctor I was giving my body to but sure enough I have no regrets and would recommend him to everyone. I came for a breast reduction and the relief I had of years of pain physically and emotional that I am so blessed to have meet Dr. G and staff. I as well as the several of te staff members came in to the room for my followup appt just to see me because the outcome was so great and they were so happy for me. The staff are amazing and caring some what of at an intimate relationship because of how caring they are. My plans are and if all goes well to come back and do a tummy tuck. I 100 percent recommend Dr. Gershenbaum and may God continue to bless him and his staff. ~ M.P.

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Kim D. (Patient) 10-18-2013
Came to Dr G for Breast Lift was very happy with the results and the was amazing.:) . -Kim D.

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Anna (Patient) 10-02-2013
Super happy with my new C's. Soft, perky and natural. Showing everyone ! Dr. G. will be seeing lots of my friends. ~ Anna

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Maggie T. (Patient) 09-10-2013
What an awesome Doctor. ( pretty hot too ! ) I am so happy with my new breasts, i show them to everyone...well, almost everyone. They are soft, and perky and natural. People tell me that i have the perfect breasts. That is amazing for me to hear, since i have always had such small boobs and have been so self conscious. What i used to stuff, shape or just cover, I am now proudly flaunting in a bikini or tee... thanks to Dr. G !

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Johnhamilton (Patient) 07-24-2013
Very pleased with total process. I had a mini facelift and fat augmentation about three months ago. My scars are nearly imperceptible already and the fat enhancement and filling have softened my features and made me look more youthful. Great work !

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M.F.F. (Patient) 07-13-2013
Very knowledgeable and pleasant staff. Dr. G will give his truly expert and honest opinion on what is appropriate for each patient. MFF

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J.V. (Patient) 06-26-2013
Dr. Gershenbaum is a true professional as well as his staff. Marlon, Naumara, Marsha, and Maria took such good care of me on the day of my surgery. Anytime I had questions after, they were very patient and answered all of them without rushing me. Dr. Gershenbaum has changed my life in a way that I cannot express enough in words. I had a mastopexy and I can tell you that I never thought that my breasts could look so wonderful! They look better than when I was a teenager. He also has so much patience when I have any questions or concerns. A true professional and artist!

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Angela D (Patient) 04-27-2013
I have been going to Dr. G since 2007 and finally this year, 2013, decided to go through with my breast augmentation surgery. From the beginning everything has been perfect. The staff is so nice and friendly and made me feel so comfortable despite being nervous about the procedure. They were also extremely knowledgable, answered all of my questions, and addressed my concerns. I had a picture in my head of how I wanted to look after my surgery and I was given exactly what I wanted. I have no complaints and am extremely satisfied with the results. It was definitely worth it and I would highly recommend Dr.G and his staff to everyone (which I have already.).

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Catherine O (Patient) 04-12-2013
After years of research, I was recommended to Dr. G. 6 years ago. My experience was perfect. Therefore, when I decided to have my facelift after retirement, I flew from my home in New York For my procedure. The results are amazing! I did not advertise I was doing this, therefore wanted It to be dramatic, yet natural. The staff are professional and warm. All services including the surgery Are done in the office. The operating room is impeccable, the anesthesiologist amazing professional. Dr. G. Is a perfectionist and my surgery took many hours. I recall nothing but gentle direction, and Woke to hear Dr. Gs voice quietly telling me how beautiful I look. Well, yes I was bruised and swollen for a few weeks but not nearly as much as I had predicted. The best thing is I felt no pain!! I returned to New York with a new look and a new haircut. The comments have been amazing, things like you look so beautiful. I love that new haircut. I feel fantastic. Dr. G. is the master of the Universe and a true artist.

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Lou C. (Patient) 04-05-2013

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DZ (Patient) 04-03-2013
I'm very satisfied with Dr. Gershenbaum's service. Precise, right to the point and highly effective. The office staff are the best (I have had some other surgeries before) and they are very knowledgeable, personable and helpful. The office setting is ideal for someone from out of town. It is near a very clean service hotel, and the drug stores and groceries are nearby. I would recommend Dr. Gershenbaum to anyone! D Z

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Patrice S (Patient) 03-24-2013
Dr . G is a serious dr when you first meet him, only because he is a perfectionist, which is what we all want when someone is doing surgery on our body, he is hands down the best surgeon I've ever been too, would recommend him for anything.

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andrea (Patient) 10-25-2012
I came to Miami all the way from Czech republic as i heard that Miami is the place to be when it come to plastic surgery .I wanted to do breast augmentation.I went to see 5 plastic surgeons in Miami.But in the end it was very easy for me the make a decision .When i walked into Dr.Sam Gershenbaum's office i felt warm,safe and comfortable right away , office people were very friendly to me and they treat me very nicely.Then Dr.Sam came and spend a lot of time with me during my consultation.He explained to me well the procedure , he made sure that i understand everything , he responded all my questions i had for him....no other surgeons were so patient with me and spend so much time with me .I was really amazed about that !Then he showed me pictures of before and after breast augmentation .His results were the most natural looking to me compare to other surgeons.And this is what i wanted ,to see the difference in my breast size but still to keep looking natural.... When it came to $ for surgery Dr.Sam' price was not the lowest compare to other surgeons , however i personally didn't mind to spend a bit more when it comes to my body.And i also believe that quality cost and you pay for what you get ! Well, in the end i must to say i am super happy with my result. One of my best life decision was to have my surgery done and have it done with Dr.Sam Gershenbaum. After i returned back to Czech a lot of friends of main and woman are flying now to see Dr.Sam for their surgeries .Everybody loves my look now and people compliment me everyday about my breast .Thank you sooooo much Dr. Sam ;) Few months ago my 21 year old sister flu from Czech republic to have a same surgery done and rhinoplasty with Dr.Sam and my Mom as well had a face lift . They are both very happy and look amazing , they are the talk of the town in Czech rep. i will keep recommending Dr.Sam to everyone who is considering plastic surgery. Thank you Dr.Sam , we love you !!!!!

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