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Julian H (Patient) 09-03-2015
Dr. Vaughn is careful to listen for things that are not just on the surface. She is patient in the back and forth of my depression and never loses hope for my recovery even when I am in doubt I know she will help me get to the other side of my illness. I feel she cares about me and views my illness as the task we. can solve in collaboration. I feel respected by her and she is honest with me. I am blessed to have found such good care.

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Julian (Patient) 06-02-2014
Dr. Vaughn displays great awareness of her patient's needs/conditions, and explores a variety of treatment options and medications. She helped me and my family in our darkest moments of depression. I am continually amazed at the progress we made in such a short period of time, with her care and expertise. She is compassionate, highly skilled, keeps up with the current research, and most of all listens to your concerns and treats you as a human being with a problem instead of a "problem/flawed" human being.

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