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Orthopedics - New Jersey Ocean

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New Jersey

(City : Ocean)
(ZIP : 07712)
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Blair (Patient) 09-16-2015
Dr. Kevin McDaid was very patient with me. I saw another doctor before him who wanted to perform surgery on my left wrist. I went to Dr. McDaid to get a second opinion, who recommended casting the wrist instead of surgery. I went with casting the wrist, and 7 weeks later, my wrist was back to normal. I appreciate Dr. McDaid's honesty, when other's just wanted to make a quick buck from surgery.

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Matt (Patient) 07-23-2015
Very brief and very helpful.

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Rl Barnegat (Patient) 05-14-2015
Upon entering the practice everyone was warm and welcoming, very pleasant for once. Everyone seemed to be on the ball of what the were required to do. The doctor arrived in to see me promptly. He listened to the problem completely before asking questions. He asked a few specific questions which landed us with the proper diagnosis after 8 months with 2 previous doctors. His outstanding knowledge made me feel comfortable and secure in the diagnosis.

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Office 1200 Eagle Avenue NJ 7712
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Office Phone # :
(732) 6606200
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Thomas Jefferson University Medical College
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(18 years of experience)

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Seaview Orthopedics Biography - Dr. Kevin McDaid - Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery

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