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Craig Arthur WITZ MD
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Craig Arthur WITZ MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Texas San Antonio

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(City : San Antonio)
(ZIP : 78229)
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Reproductive Endocrinology

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Shreeti P (Patient) 02-07-2016
I am seeing Dr. Witz for past two years for the hope for baby. Finally, we all succeeded and i have two miracle given by dr. Witz and his staff. I cannot thank enough for the blessing. At times i was sad and hopeless as it was taking too long for any good news. But dr. Witz always provided a hope and positive vibe to keep us going. He always provided right reccommendation and did best for me and my body. His staffs ( all nurses and blood drawing technicians) were always very supportive and responsive to my every concern and made sure we were comfortable. I highly reccommend dr. Witz to anyone who has dream of baby. They are ready to help and support in every way. I am so grateful for the entire team.

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Staci D (Patient) 01-07-2016
I cannot even begin to express how happy I have been with Dr. Witz and his staff. He is compassionate, informative and knowledgeable. I wish he could be my doctor all the way to delivery.

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L Romero (Patient) 12-31-2015
Only wish would have done simple, inexpensive genetic testing day 1, as I probably would not have lost 4 pregnancies. I think recommending 23 and me or simple blood clotting and folic acid tests would be best as standard of care day 1.

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C O (Patient) 11-22-2015
Very humorous and makes the in tire experience worth every moment!!

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R Marshall (Patient) 11-05-2015
Dr. Witz and his staff are excellent! Extremely caring and always available to help with questions or problems. I would recommend Dr. Witz to anyone struggling to become a parent.

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P H (Patient) 10-28-2015
Amazing service. Completely felt at ease through the journey. Blessed to have found this clinic and Dr Witz. Very friendly. Always provided custom developed treatment. Highly recommend. Nursing staff have been great too.

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Claudia H (Patient) 10-16-2015
Dr. Witz is the most amazing doctor, with the best bed side manner. Love his patience and the time he takes with his patients!!!:).

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A T (Patient) 08-24-2015
We loved Dr. Witz and the staff. We always felt welcomed and loved! We could not be happier with our outcome and the adventure we went through!

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Amy M (Patient) 08-22-2015
Dr. Witz is always informative and positive. He really took the time to answer questions I had and made my husband and I feel comfortable with the process. He is very knowledgable in his practice. The staff is also very friendly and accommodating.

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Martha G (Patient) 08-08-2015
Dr Witz has been such an amazing doctor. I could not have been in better hands thru this process. Since the first consultation I knew that Dr Witz had the expertise and compassion to make our dream come true. I am forever grateful to him and his wonderful staff. Catalina has been amazing thru this journey. She has always been available to answer my questions (which have been many!) and provide guidance thru this process. Her sweet personality always make my visits pleasant. Ann and Maria have also been great. I will miss my HFI family! All the best and I will be back with my little nugget!

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Crystal W (Patient) 06-07-2015
I am very happy with all of the staff. They answered all of our questions that came up. They were very professional.

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K M (Patient) 05-06-2015
I am so thankful to have found Dr. Witz! He has been very helpful throughout this process, and I really appreciate him doing all my ultrasounds and looking so closely at blood work. He is very personable, friendly, and I completely trust him. I highly recommend him and the staff at HFI!

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Stephanie A (Patient) 03-28-2015
I would recommend dr Witz to anybody. Awesome, awesome dr and staff.

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K L (Patient) 03-26-2015
I will eternally be GRATEFUL to Dr. Witz and his staff. The entire Clear Lake team have been a great support throughout the entire process. They provided EXCELLENT care and they make you feel as if you were part of their team. Thank YOU all very much!!!

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S B (Patient) 02-08-2015
Dr Witz is awesome and understanding. Always very cheerful and energetic. Ashton is also great. Always prompt in responding to our queries.

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K Barnett (Patient) 01-25-2015
Dr. Witz was able to Evaluate and diagnosed my problem and soon after was able to help me to be a mommy. Always made me feel welcome and secure in in the office with the staff and the doctors.

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Rowan E (Patient) 01-10-2015
The doctor is very professional providing us right amount of information. He was very open to us during the entire IVF process. He was very easy to reach giving us very good impression. He even gave us phone calls by himself at very critical stages during the process.

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E P (Patient) 12-23-2014
The staff was great. They always answered my questions and made me feel like they really cared.

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Dana V (Patient) 11-16-2014
Always a pleasure to see Dr.Witz. In addition to always answering questions Dr.Witz provided excellent information along every step of the way. We always left feeling comfortable and have been able to see the doctor even on short notice.

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R Rangel (Patient) 10-02-2014
Dr Witz was amazing every step of the way. He is that rare combination of high intelligence, skill, humility, and humor!! He is very personable, amiable and knowledgeful. He did not hesitate to repeat some answers many times.

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Riley G. (Patient) 09-04-2014
Amazing!! He made our biggest prayer come true and we are forever great-full!!

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J.V. (Patient) 08-29-2014
Dr.Witz and his nursing staff have been wonderful every step of the way! I cannot say enough nice stuff about this place and the staff. I highly recommend this amazing group of people who love what they do to anyone who is is having fertility issues. It actually makes me sad to leave them and go back to my obgyn.

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S. Gross (Patient) 08-22-2014
I have seen several doctors for IVF and can say with certainty that Dr Witz is head and shoulders above the vast majority in terms of knowledge, expertise and compassion. Being a physician myself, I can often be more critical of health-care establishments, however, I have only the highest praise for this office and it's staff.

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