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dpalace (Patient) 04-06-2018
I researched endometriosis on my own and submitted my patient packet to the CEC and within a few weeks Dr. Kongoasa called me and said that my history indicated that I probably had endometriosis, which I was happy to hear because my Gyno had somewhat dismissed my concerns and gave me antibiotics. I had read that the CEC was top notch in excision of endometriosis, and they definitely are. I was able to have an appointment with Dr. Kongoasa soon after since I am local and met with Dr. Sinervo right before my surgery. They were both knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. They did find and excise endometriosis and have been helpful during my recovery and answer any questions that come up. Dr. Sinervo who did my surgery was very kind and showed my parents photos and explained everything that he found right after the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Sinervo or Dr. Kongoasa if you suspect endometriosis. The staff at the CEC are also amazing and personable, I really felt that they cared about me.

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Virginia (Patient) 12-11-2017
First, I should mention that Dr. Kongoasa is now located at the Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta, GA. When I first met Dr. K in person, I found him to be friendly, warm, and soft-spoken, and incredibly confident, direct, and intelligent. He respected my wishes to have a Hysterectomy for suspected Adenomyosis because I wasn't comfortable with the odds of a PSN working for me. He respected all of my wishes, addressed all of my concerns, and answered all of my questions. The staff at the CEC are remarkably friendly, the nursing staff is skilled, and the building itself is comfortable rather than "sterile" and medical. My surgery experience with Dr. K was nothing short of remarkable. First, he and the nurses/medical staff prayed with me before surgery at my request (if you prefer not to pray, he will not ask/force you to). He keenly identified even the most subtle endometriosis and excised it COMPLETELY, leaving no trace of disease behind. His staff provided my husband with HOURLY updates, and even upheld my half-conscious pre-op request to tell my husband I loved him with each update. Dr. K gave my husband photos and updated him on what he did during surgery. I would recommend bringing a recording device so that whomever Dr. K updates will have information ready for you post-surgery, as Dr. K may not be able to see you after surgery. The post-op visit was non-invasive, and Dr. K gave me yet another hug at the end of my visit. I've never met a doctor quite like Dr. K. From the combination of being soft-spoken and friendly, yet confident and direct, to his warm half-smile, to his hugs at the end of every visit, Dr. K is a tremendously skilled surgeon that any endometriosis/adenomyosis patient should consider seeing!

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Gina (Patient) 06-01-2016
This doctors surgical skill is absolutely amazing. It's hard to comprehend the kind of talent this man has.
He is kind and caring. He listens to you whole heartedly. He held my hand as I went under anesthesia and prayed with me before surgery.
He performed my hysterectomy, and excision of endometriosis as well as an appendectomy. In a 15 year period, and after seeing countless doctors, he was the ONLY doctor that was able to diagnose and treat my endometriosis/adenomyosis pain. He literally gave me my life back. I would trust this man with my life.

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Barbara M (Patient) 09-18-2014
Dr. Nicholas Kongoasa is a skilled excision specialist. He completed a fellowship under the direction of renowned surgeon, Dr. Ken Sinervo at the CEC, Center For Endometriosis Care in Atlanta GA. He is a located at The National Gianna Center For Women's Health and is a member of Saint Peter's Healthcare System in New Brunswick NJ. He was awarded the 2013 AAGL Special Resident in Minimally Invasive Surgery at St Peter's University Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ. I found Dr. Kongoasa on a list of recommended excision specialists in an endometriosis support/ educational discussion group. He is very thorough and honest. He listens to what you say and takes all of your symptoms into consideration. He does not feed you a line of bull, he tells you like it is and will do what he can do to help you. He is currently my surgeon for my excision / hysterectomy. He is talented and has a wonderful bedside manner. He is very comforting and friendly. I am confident in his care and very thankful that I found him. I highly recommend him to any women who has or suspects endometriosis, adenomyosis, or any women's health issues.

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