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Felicia Lavetta RHANEY MD
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Felicia Lavetta RHANEY MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Georgia Augusta

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(City : Augusta)
(ZIP : 30901)
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Felicia Lavetta RHANEY MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Iris N J (Patient) 11-04-2014
I absolutely love this doctor, HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. First of all she is very personable I had went thru 3 others to get to her she respected my wishes of no blood and she was determined to not to have to open me up for my fibroids even though they were huge. She was so confident in her work that she was almost cocky, but I liked that she liked a challenge. She treats you as if your a family member, she don't beat around the bush she tells you facts. If you need to be pampered she's just going to tell you. In the operating room I started crying because I was so nervous she came by me and held my hand and told them to give me something to calm me, I truly appreciated that, it meant a lot to me. After surgery she came in room I was in and out but she spoke with my husband, later she called me and after I was home she personally called me, there aren't to many doctors out there anymore like that. If you have any female issues, go to her, you won't be sorry

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Office 3886 Princeton Lakes Way, SW, Suite 160 GA 30331
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Office Phone # :
(404) 5303041
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(404) 5303053

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Meharry Medical College
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(23 years of experience)

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