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Victor TSAN MD
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Victor TSAN MD
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Victor TSAN
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Victor TSAN MD



(City : Philadelphia)
(ZIP : 19115)
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Victor TSAN MD's CV :
Dr. Victor Tsan is the founder of Viva Healthy Life- The Center for Holistic Medicine in Philadelphia. Dr. Tsan is a very talented professional who is more than qualified to help you begin to live a wonderful healthy lifestyle. Dr. Tsan began his medical career when he graduated with honors from State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chisinau, Moldova, USSR in the spring of 1976. After this initial success Dr. Tsan pursued his first internship in Psychotherapy at 1st Moscow State College of Medicine Moscow, USSR 1978. Having completed his internship in Moscow, Dr. Tsan then took on a fellowship in Homeopathy at the Kyiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, in Kyiv, Ukraine, USSR in 1980. Several years later Dr. Tsan was a successful practitioner and yet he decided to pursue further education to better treat his patients. In 1998 Dr. Tsan graduated from the The Graduate School of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (GSCACMS), located in Beijing, China. It was there that Dr. Tsan Further developed his knowledge of acupuncture and other holistic practices. Dr. Tsan began to treat patients with more holistic approaches as his career progressed. As Dr. Tsan continued his practice with many patients, he pursued further study and development through a fellowship in Weight Loss and Natural Treatment at Saint Carlos Institute Bangkok, Thailand from 1997 until he completed his research in 2001. In 2011 Dr. Tsan completed The Mindcare Organization, LTD, in Huddersfield, England where he further progressed his skills in clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy. Dr. Tsan completed and excelled in course of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Neurotherapy & Hypnotic Pain Control at the American School of Hypnosis, In Biddeford, ME.

Victor TSAN MD's Special Expertises :
Acupuncture for pain control, internal diseases and infertility
Anti-tobacco program - the most effective treatment for nicotine addiction.
Anti-alcohol - effective treatment for alcohol...

Suggestions & Reviews for Victor TSAN MD
Kim Down (Patient) 09-06-2020
Very old-fashion physician. During initial visit he talk to me for almost an hour until he dogged in the core of all my issues. Then he performed some holistic tests (iridology, diocam) and then he prescribed treatment. The homeopathic remedies work above and beyond my expectations. Doctor Tsan's acupuncturist sounds very professional, but every time he asked his boss how to make my treatment more efficient and Dr. Tsan showed him points on my body to insert needles.
I don't want to make this review sounds like fake, but I can't enough words to convey my opinion about the clinic in general and Dr. Tsan.
I recommend this doctor.

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Paul P. (Patient) 10-21-2019
Dr. Tsan is the old fashion physician. He spends a lot of time to talk to a patient to go deep into the core of the problem. He evaluating patients like it was 30 years ago, and only after that he performs tests. By the way, he performs computerized tests, which I never saw before. And yes, Iím happy with the result. I feel great.

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Andrew P. (Patient) 05-23-2019
Came across Viva Healthy Life while browsing web to see whatís available bow to stop smoking. So glad, I came across this center. I live in Baltimore, not far away from Philadelphia, so I decided to try. Hypnosis sessions were very good, helpful and did their job. Not a single cigarette for couple weeks now. Itís a huge progress for me.
Thanks victor Tsan.

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Stuart M. (Patient) 08-21-2018
I was involved in a really bad car accident and was recommended to try acupuncture treatments. After reading a lot of reviews, I came to Philadelphia acupuncture Clinic. Glad I did it. And more glad that I found the best one as I saw cheaper places but you get what you pay for. Highly recommend.

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James S. (Patient) 01-04-2018
I came to Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Center looking for REAL HELP and I received it. It was really AWESOME.

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Henrietta R. (Patient) 10-05-2017
Great office, great staff, knowledgeable doctor. Wish I could afford more procedures.

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Joanne F. (Patient) 07-04-2017
I donít know better physician than doctor Victor. Everything is perfect in his practice. His associates are great and they help people with different medical problems. Doctor Tsanís patients respect and love him. I give him five stars.

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Collin B. (Patient) 05-24-2017
Would love to say special thanks to dr. Tsan for his wonderful work, personality, professionalism and knowledge. I am his current patient for holistic treatment ( acupuncture and homeopathy) and extremely satisfied with the results. Unlike, traditional medicine, I donít mind to stay on holistic medicine all the time as its absolutely no side effects. BIG THANKS again.

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Marcia D (Patient) 05-05-2017
When my 4 years old daughter had her first episode of epilepsy doctors at CHOP prescribed her tons of medicines but nothing worked. Episodes of convulsions happened 2-3 and even 4 times a day. She didnít sleep, she didnít eat. She lost 7lbs and we saw no light in the end of the tunnel. Somebody told us about acupuncture and recommended Victor Tsan, MD. During the initial consultation Doctor Tsan said that he would not needle this small girl and proposed homeopathic treatment instead. After the first homeopathic pills that she took my daughter never had any new episodes of this ailment. She is 7 now and she is the second grade student. Everything is well and every day we pray to God who helped us to meet D. Tsan.

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Christian F. (Patient) 02-24-2017
My favorite physician. We call him Doctor Victor and we all love him. Victor Tsan, MD treats my family since 1992 and we never looked for a second opinion. We trust everything he says and what he says is always correct. For me and my family Doctor Tsan is the best.

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Sandy L. (Patient) 04-21-2016
Victor Tsan, MD is simply the best. After homeopathic treatment in Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic I feel very good. BTW, I donít know how it worked, but after taking these white homeopathic pills for 2 or 3 days I suddenly stopped smoking without any urges and/or cravings. This is just a miracle.

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Carol Podder, DO (Patient) 03-27-2015
I am an osteopathic physician and I used Dr. Tsan's treatment for neck pain and back pain for a long time. Even so that I'm a doctor I was under impression that acupuncture works for pain control only.Now I understand - it was a wrong impression. When I was diagnosed with asthma and my family physician and closed friend prescribed me Prednisone Dr. Tsan said: "You do not need it. It will change your life forever. You'll become corticosteroids dependent, you'll start to gain weight, your hair will start grow... Let me try my techniques first."
As I mentioned, I know this doctor and I trust him. So, I decided to try it. Amazing, but I feel great. The cough gone. My breath is obstruction free. I did not know that internal medicine conditions can be treated with alternative techniques so successful. Probably we (medical doctors) are missing something in our medical schools.

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Arie O (Friend) 03-20-2015
First of all, I'm a medical doctor. We usually don't treat our family member and we prefer to ask some of our colleagues to take care of them. Dr. Tsan treats all my family - my wife, my daughter, my son in law and even my 4 years old grandson.
Dr. Tsan is simply the best. Perfect knowledge in traditional western medicine, almost 40 years of academic and clinical experience and great personality. All these facts make him - "doctor of choice".

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Lin T (Patient) 03-08-2015
Dr. Tsan practice Traditional Chinese Medicine and I'm a TCM doctor as well. Every time when I need medical help and it happens once in a while in my age (I'm 68 y.o) I go to see Dr. Tsan
Not only he is a great Medical Doctor, but he also perfectly understand Chinese medical philosophy, 5 elements theory and he has a perfect acupuncture school. He started practicing this method 37 years ago and then he graduated a Chinese Postgraduate Academy in Pekin. He has a beautiful office, lovely staff and outstanding medical education. He also has a great and very convenient website where patients can even schedule appointments.

I do recommend Dr. Tsan

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Gene W (Patient) 03-03-2015
This doctor treated me first time 10 years ago and since that time I call him for all my medical needs. Since he is the holistic practitioner he treats everything, but using the holistic concepts. Also, he is medical doctor and the great person.

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Vicky B (Patient) 03-01-2015
Dr. Tsan started his medical career as OB GYN long time ago in the former Soviet Union. My parents are from the same city where he worked. My mom was infertile and Dr. Tsan at that time had a fertility office and treated his patients with acupuncture. That's how I was born. He treated my mom. Almost 30 years later I had the same medical problem as my mom and Dr. Tsan treated me - Successfully. See my video review about Dr. Tsan on youtube: Look for Victor Tsan and you will find.
But he treats not only infertility. Today Dr. Tsan is the Medical Director of the Viva Healthy Life holistic center and he and his assistants treat people with acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, reiki and hypnotherapy.

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(69 years old)
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State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chisin
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(48 years of experience)

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