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Michael JONES MD
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Michael JONES MD
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Michael JONES MD


New York

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Shirley H (Patient) 07-26-2017
My brother had multiple keloids removed here and I have seen the great work you guys have done first hand. My only issue is when you need someone its kind of dificult to get in contact with them. But I am happy I have the patient advocates contact information moving forward.

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Joe M (Patient) 07-24-2017
Good people, good service, I have already recommended to my friends and relatives.

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Holly O (Patient) 06-05-2017
Everyone was great, they made me feel very comfortable and that made me less anxious and afraid, ive had a really great experience so far.

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Jean F (Patient) 06-04-2017
They are good here, I googled it, I came in, they treat you well, they take good care of you here, very nice people, very clean facility.

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Dakota B (Patient) 06-02-2017
So far so good, they are number one!

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Chris G (Patient) 05-31-2017
I am very happy that I came here, I have no complaints.

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Emory W (Patient) 05-31-2017
My doctor is number one! She gave me a lot of attention, and care.

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Erin S (Patient) 05-30-2017
Everyone was very professional, answered all of my questions, it was great. This was my second procedure, it was just as good as my last experience if not better.

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Audrey C (Patient) 05-29-2017
I felt very comfortable, everyone was really comforting, I love the staff here, everyone is pleasant, everyone is easy to work with, I liked that, I like that a lot.

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Jeffrey E (Patient) 05-27-2017
It was good, my doctor is good, the staff is good.

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Kristine W (Patient) 05-26-2017
Amazing amazing amazing experience! From beginning to end and after!

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Penelope C (Patient) 05-25-2017
I honestly would have to say that everyone here treats you really well and the treatment of the patient, they are so very considerate, they take their time with you, and all of that is appreciated when you are as tense and anxious before and after surgery as I was.

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Logan J (Patient) 05-24-2017
Everything was great, I look beautiful and I feel beautiful. And my confidence level, that was the most important thing to me, to feel comfortable enough to walk out the door and to just feel beautiful.

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Denese W (Patient) 05-23-2017
They were great, I give them a ten out of ten. Everything was explained to me really well, and in such detail.

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Erin K (Patient) 05-22-2017
I had a great experience, from the second I walked in, my consultation, my surgery, and even after my surgery. The staff is so polite and helpful, I felt like everything was taken care of for me, it really was a great experience, I have already recommended my friends and my family.

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Ariel (Patient) 05-20-2017
It was good, they were excellent, my results are beautiful.

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Toby S (Patient) 05-19-2017
This was my second surgery and I had an even better experience then the last. Great great great service, I could not be happier!

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Benjamin S (Patient) 05-19-2017
It was good. Everything was good. I am happy with my results.

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Gerry T (Patient) 05-18-2017
I think the intake procedure and consultation was great, very informative, it gave me enough information to make the best informed decision.

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Jaime D (Patient) 05-16-2017
I like the service. Nice doctors and very nice nurses, I have a language barrier and my English is not so good but the whole staff took their time to listen to me and understand me, I like them a lot.

Was it helpful to you?          
Rena M (Patient) 05-16-2017
The recovery room staff was very excellent, so compassionate. I already recommended a friend. My consultant was very nice, and the staff members who greeted me when I walked in were very nice to me, we just clicked right away, they were very friendly, I felt comfortable right away.

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Ragan M (Patient) 05-14-2017
I am happy with everything, the front desk ladies, with my consultant, with my doctor, even though I was nervous on the day of my surgery, my surgery went really smooth and everyone was really nice and gentle with me. I have no complaints at all, everything was superb, and like I said, I am happy with everything.

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Lindsay G (Patient) 05-13-2017
I am very happy. I am very pleased. Everything has been wonderful, just truly wonderful. The doctors, the nurses, the staff, it just felt so comfortable through and through. The whole process was made so easy for me. I have no complaints at all.

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John S (Patient) 05-13-2017
I felt really comfortable walking in. My doctor was really down to earth. I would email him my questions and he would respond right away. I thought it was pretty awesome that the doctor took the time out to answer all of my questions and concerns.

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Bettisha T (Patient) 05-11-2017
It was a really really really good experience. I love my surgeon. My surgeon and the nurses, they all made me feel so comfortable, when I first came in I was really scared. I have already recommended to friends and family.

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Veronica B (Patient) 05-11-2017
Grateful that I found the right doctor. Everybody here, the doctors, the staff, the people on the phone, everybody is wonderful, and I mean everybody, everyone. They are so pro-active down to everything, the prescriptions, the insurance company, the appointments, the follow ups, everything. Everyone is so gentle, this was my fourth surgery and I have never come across a problem. I am so very grateful.

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Simone T (Patient) 05-10-2017
Everything and everybody was phenomenal! My surgeon, my nurse, and my consultant were all phenomenal. My surgeon was very personable, very straight forward and humorous, he made me feel at ease and very comfortable. Everything has been wonderful, no problems at all with the surgery and no problems after surgery.

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Lindsey F (Patient) 05-08-2017
Lexington Plastic Surgeons is great! IT'S NOT A CHOP SHOP! I have been to other places and other offices and I have seen some chop shops, I am so glad I came here! The best decision I have ever made.

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Emory Y (Patient) 05-07-2017
I love my surgeon. I love my surgery. I traveled out of town for this surgery. I cannot wait until my bandages come off so I can see my final results.

Was it helpful to you?          
Jesse S (Patient) 05-05-2017
I am very happy with my surgery. I wish I did it sooner.

Was it helpful to you?          
Kelley B (Patient) 05-04-2017
Coming here and getting it done was the best decision I have ever made. I am only one week post surgery but I feel great and I look great.

Was it helpful to you?          
Madison R (Patient) 05-04-2017
I had a good experience. I was recommended by a family member. I am happy I came to Lexington Plastic Surgeons, I am happy with my results, but I do wish that more information was given in my consultation and pre-op visit about what to expect after surgery, I did receive information, but I wish I had more detailed information.

Was it helpful to you?          
Monica F (Patient) 05-03-2017
Definitely a ten out of ten everyone was really friendly and took really good care of me.

Was it helpful to you?          
Bryce W (Patient) 05-01-2017
Everyone was very enjoyable, welcoming.

Was it helpful to you?          
Daniel H (Patient) 04-30-2017
They were good, they were super, they all have a good bedside manner, they answered all of my questions, I cannot wait to see my final results.

Was it helpful to you?          
Jamie B (Patient) 04-29-2017
My doctor was straight forward, he explained everything to me clearly.

Was it helpful to you?          
Dakota L (Patient) 04-27-2017
It was the best, the top, they are great. I had no problems, everyone is so courteous, and nice, and they answered all my questions.

Was it helpful to you?          
Kelly J (Patient) 04-26-2017
the staff really went the extra mile, my doctor, my consultant, the nurses, other than the delay on my surgery day, it was fine, I was treated excellent.

Was it helpful to you?          
Tonya B (Patient) 04-26-2017
My doctor was very thorough, very informative, very gentle and very kind. I shopped around and I decided to go with Lexington Plastic Surgeons. It is a legitimate office, they are established, they have excellent doctors who have alot of experience, and the office is very professional and very clean. I am extremely happy that I came here, they do excellent work.

Was it helpful to you?          
Jackie M (Patient) 04-25-2017
It was wonderful honestly, it was the best experience ever. I have no complaints, everyone and everything is wonderful. It was something that I had wanted done for years, I had it done years ago at another facility and I did not even get half of the attention or care or help that I received here. I would absolutely recommend people to come here, absolutely, definitely.

Was it helpful to you?          
Devin C (Patient) 04-24-2017
I was just glad that I was with knowledgeable people. It was great experience. It was great.

Was it helpful to you?          
Amanda M (Patient) 04-23-2017
I liked my doctor, I liked my nurse. I hope the surgery and treatment works.

Was it helpful to you?          
Brandon M (Patient) 04-21-2017
Everything was very comfortable, everything was really good, I was really impressed.

Was it helpful to you?          
Ariel D (Patient) 04-21-2017
I am so happy that I came here, everything and I mean everything has been wonderful. The entire staff, the nurses, the receptionists, the doctors, everyone treats you with such respect, and kindness, they make sure that you are comfortable, and that you are safe and happy, my shoe lace was untied and one of the doctors tied it for me! What kind of a doctor do you know that does that for a patient! They are humble here, they are respectful, polite and appropriate, I would do it all over again.

Was it helpful to you?          
Dianne S (Patient) 04-20-2017
The staff at Lexington Plastic Surgeons are pretty cool, they friendly, it's a friendly environment, they did not make me feel too nervous or scared when I was lying on the table, it was all good.

Was it helpful to you?          
Valerie M (Patient) 04-19-2017
I think they are pretty good, I like my doctor, and the nurse, and the consultant, they are very good indeed.

Was it helpful to you?          
Nicholas W (Patient) 04-18-2017
My doctor was amazing, she is very relaxing, comforting, informative.

Was it helpful to you?          
Holly S (Patient) 04-17-2017
I love it, everything has been great so far, my sister wants the same surgery now!

Was it helpful to you?          
Ragan B (Patient) 04-15-2017
Everybody was very pleasant, everybody was very polite.

Was it helpful to you?          
Parker B (Patient) 04-15-2017
The staff is very friendly, the doctor was clear and concise and very professional, I heard through word of mouth that Lexington Plastic Surgeons does great work, I am very happy that came here.

Was it helpful to you?          

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