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Michael JONES MD
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Michael JONES MD


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Sandra G (Patient) 09-15-2018
Walking in Lexington Plastic Surgeons the environment was clean and neat. The front desk staff greeted me. On surgery day everything went great and so after I am happy with my results. My nurse gave me a great break down of aftercare. One thing I would like is for the nurses or doctor to let me know how many times I have to come in to get my stitches out. I came on three different occasions to get them out but there were piece still left. I do not really know if this was normal because no one said anything about it. So the back and forth to get the stitches out was a bit irritating.

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Tamare O (Patient) 09-14-2018
Dr. Jones is a wonderful and knowledgeable doctor. He explained my after surgery care and understood what I wanted. I recommend 4 clients to him because he is so great. I will be doing another surgery with him shortly. I had no wait time for my surgery. My only recommendation is that the patients should not feel rushed out of recovery.

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Schuyler M (Patient) 09-13-2018
Lexington Plastic Surgeons has excellent service. The staff is amazing, keep it up!

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Rene C (Patient) 08-10-2018
I had an excellent services both time at Lexington Plastic Surgeons. My first visit was over two years ago but I must say the service provided is still expedient and professional as before. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.

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Ariel G (Patient) 08-02-2018
Great job Lexington Plastic Surgeons. You properly greeted me, the facility was nice and clean. Everyone was helpful from beginning to end. I will definitely recommend my friend and family to your practice.

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Jordan N (Patient) 07-31-2018
My experience at Lexington Plastic Surgeons was great. Dr. Jones and the nurses were kind and courteous. I like that they saw me in a timely matter and respected my time. My surgery was QUICK. After my surgery Dr. Jones gave me all of the after care information that was needed for me to heal quickly.

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Danny Chapman (Patient) 01-10-2018
I never had surgery on my face and this is really new to me. But the swelling has gone down tremendously. Everyone I have came encounter with here has treated me great and my nurse has been very helpful.

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Naomi R (Patient) 01-08-2018
When I first seen the infomercial on keloids I knew that this was the place for me. I have been wanting my keloids removed for years and I finally found a place to help me.

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Erika (Patient) 01-06-2018
I am definitely coming back next year!!!

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Ragen (Patient) 01-05-2018
This was my second procedure and I always feel very welcomed. I am 100 percent satisfied with everything!

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Logan M (Patient) 01-04-2018
Everyone here is super pleasant, my only issue was my consultant but once I met my surgeon I felt so comfortable. His medical assistant and the surgical schedule made me feel so at ease. Overall this practice is Great! Im so happy with my results.

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Ben M (Patient) 12-30-2017
Very thorough about everything's that was going to be done and what needed to be done leading up to my procedure. I cannot wait for my 1 year follow up.

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Shirley C (Patient) 12-29-2017
If I can give you guys 100 score I would! I never been somewhere where everyone is just so warm and nice. Everyone is so personable and helpful, I even recommended my friend. She scheduled her procedure already.

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Cameron P (Patient) 12-27-2017
My family and I traveled about 9 hours to have my keloid removed by the best surgeon who specializes in my specific condition. The office staff is just so welcoming and attentive. I will definitely be returning in the future to remove my other keloid.

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Bret R (Patient) 12-27-2017
I am very pleased with everyone. Everyone here is great people, beautiful, warm and understanding.

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Melinda S (Patient) 12-26-2017
My surgeon was amazing to me.

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Christine G (Patient) 12-25-2017
My overall experience has been pretty good !

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Taylor C (Patient) 12-23-2017
I never seemed to have had a problem with getting in contact with anyone. My questions have been answered in a timely manner and my surgeon is great. The staff overall is very pleasant, I even brought a thank you card for my surgeon to show my appreciation.

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Ruby E (Patient) 12-22-2017
Do not change a thing !!! Everyone was so helpful and friendly! The entire staff is amazing!

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Jordin F (Patient) 12-22-2017
The clinical team and my surgeon was great from start to finish. .

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Natasha M (Patient) 12-21-2017
my experience has been good so far. The staff is just so helpful and makes you feel super comfortable.

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Sue M (Patient) 12-20-2017
The nurses have been good to me, everyone in the office treats me very well. My surgeon did an amazing job!

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Brett D (Patient) 12-19-2017
I would not want you guys to change a thing, my experience has been great !

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Donna G (Patient) 12-17-2017
Excellent! My consultant was so patient with me and had a personal understanding of what I was feeling. She made me so happy and comfortable.

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Melanie M (Patient) 12-16-2017
My surgeon treated me real nice and everyone in the practice is real good people. I was always greeted with a smile and treated with respect.

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Jackson M (Patient) 12-15-2017
My surgeon is such a great person, he has such character and made me feel comfortable with expressing how I felt about most of my concerns. LPS is the place to go!

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Charlie S (Patient) 12-14-2017
I have been self conscience about my body for some time now after having my son and now I can finally feel good about myself!

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Erica M (Patient) 12-13-2017
Everything so far has been great, the service I have been receiving has been excellent I have nothing bad to say.

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Rene J (Patient) 12-12-2017
My consultant made me feel like I was in good hands since the beginning. She always kept in contact with me and answered questions that I was unsure of. I am glad I stayed in the U.S. To get my procedure done. I am right at home.

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Andrea (Patient) 12-11-2017
The staff overall is very helpful. I am still healing and I cannot wait to see my final results.

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Mike K (Patient) 12-10-2017
Honestly I am not in much pain and I can see a difference from when I first got my procedure until now. I am amazed at the good work my surgeon did.

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Davy B (Patient) 12-08-2017
My surgeon took his time with explaining how he was going to perform my procedure. So he made me feel completely comfortable afterwards. He has this funny sense of humor that I wish most surgeons had. I am happy I came here to Lexington Plastic Suregons.

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Ian S (Patient) 12-07-2017
I am happy with my results. At first I was nervous because I never had a procedure done in mylife. But I am happy I took that step and look at me know! I am a changed women.

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Marc D (Patient) 12-07-2017
I did not think I would be so happy this early on but everyone from my consultant to the clinical staff and administration team showed care. I was able to get a date quickly and now I will look snatched before the summer really hit.

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Jennifer O (Patient) 12-06-2017
My pre op and post op nurse made me feel very comfortable she was very friendly and very inviting. I knew I wanted to best to preform my keloid removal. I even paid extra to meet him first and it was well worth it!

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Brittany J (Patient) 12-05-2017
My experience so far has been amazing, I had my procedure done in New York and follow ups in Miami and everyone was great. My consultant was amazing, shes the best employee I met in mylife. She always checked on me and made sure I was okay.

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Michelle C (Patient) 12-04-2017
Overall, Hands down Lexington Plastic Surgeons is the best in New York! I had multiple consultations else where and once I came here I fell in the with the staff! My consultant made me feel so comfortable and personable, I knew I made the right decision coming here.

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Ron A (Patient) 12-03-2017
My Surgeons was Amazing and especially my pre-op nurse! The communication between the clinical staff and my surgeon was great. I was seen pretty quickly, and surprisingly I did not have to wait long in the waiting area.

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Tamara M (Patient) 12-01-2017
I originally was going to go with another surgeon to perform my procedure. But once I watched the infomercial at work, I decided to go with Lexington Plastic Surgeons.

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Linda G (Patient) 11-30-2017
It was a great experience, exceptional service, I went to two places before I came here and they were just not right, you know when you get a not good feeling about a place, my gut was telling me that I was not safe there and then I came here and this felt right and I knew this was the place for me, I love my doctor, the staff is great, my results are great, I could not be happier.

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Kerry H (Patient) 11-30-2017
This is my fifth surgery here, I have really embarrassing and large keloids removed from different areas of my body and each time is great, better than the previous surgery, the staff here they treat you really well, and everything just runs smoothly every time, I feel like a different person, I feel better about myself, I feel more confident definitely, I can wear what I want without being embarrassed or ashamed, I do not get stared at any more, it's nice to finally feel comfortable in your own skin, to be the you that you always pictured yourself to be, if you suffer from keloids, you need to come here, they do really amazing work here.

Was it helpful to you?          
Carrie S (Patient) 11-29-2017
My doctor is great, she is so gentle and into details you know, she did a great great job on my boobs, I love them I am so excited, she took her time with me she answered all of my questions and then she answered them all again I was so nervous I did not know what size to get but it is perfect everything is perfect.

Was it helpful to you?          
Marion P (Patient) 11-28-2017
When I had my consultation I felt very comfortable, I asked all of my questions, the day of surgery I laid down on the operating table and I was comfortable! I wasn't scared, I had no reservations at all, before I knew it the surgery was over. You know how you are scared before surgery wondering if it'll come out okay but I did not feel that way at all. It's been a few years since my last procedure and I am looking to have another procedure done soon. I tell all of my friends and relatives to come here because they really do take care of you here, they took care of me for years and now they are taking care of the people I know too, they do great work here.

Was it helpful to you?          
Lisa R (Patient) 11-27-2017
It was special, my surgery was very special to me, it changed my life, I am better because of my surgery and where I have been and what I have been through and where I can now go and what I can now do.

Was it helpful to you?          
Sean B (Patient) 11-26-2017
Everybody made me feel really comfortable, if I was nervous at all they helped calm me down, it was definitely a relaxing environment.

Was it helpful to you?          
Shannon L (Patient) 11-24-2017
Everyone has been very nice, they are very helpful, I am very happy with my results, they are very discreet here, very professional, and I have already recommended my friends, and they have already gotten surgery and they are happy with their results too!

Was it helpful to you?          
Rene O (Patient) 11-23-2017
My consultant and the receptionist and my surgeon were very understanding with me, they were awesome.

Was it helpful to you?          
Ragan J (Patient) 11-22-2017
I had a big belly, I hated myself, and I started hating everyone and everything around me, I said no, I need to make a change. I came in and consultant is very amazing, very informative, the first day I came here I did not even know what I was doing, she talked me through all of the steps and made me feel very comfortable, she helped me with the financial part of it, she is just been lovely and she is the reason why I went ahead with my surgery, she gave me the courage. I love my surgeon, he is such a sweetheart too. I had my surgery, I did the work after, working out, eating right, it's like a complete 360, my attitude, my confidence, I am not a different person, I am a better person.

Was it helpful to you?          
Leah R (Patient) 11-21-2017
The facility is really nice and the staff in general are really nice people.

Was it helpful to you?          
Chelsea C (Patient) 11-20-2017
It has been a really really good experience so far. They are real people here, they help you every step of the way, courteous, polite, respectful of your privacy and space. Just the best.

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