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Obstetrics & Gynecology - New Jersey Morganville

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New Jersey

(City : Morganville)
(ZIP : 07751)
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Taonei I MUSHAYANDEBVU MD's Special Expertises :
Dr. Mushayandebvu specializes in infertility, invitro fertilization, gynecology, and management of menopause.

Suggestions & Reviews for Taonei I MUSHAYANDEBVU MD
Rylee C (Patient) 08-08-2016
Dr.Musha is the patient-specific gynecologist that I highly recommend. Out of so many physicians that I had ever visited he was the only one that had offered the most a appropriate tests and the surgery that was acceptable to me - myomectomy. All others were offering to remove the uterus, which is hysterectomy that was absolutely a very drastic step for me. He is a great a doctor he cares about his patients. He really takes the time to help his patients. His staff is also great.

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Erin J (Patient) 06-14-2016
I have been a patient of doctor Musha for over two years, I must say he still as great as he was when I first started. Along with him is a great staff of females who are very helpful and patient. if any ask I would highly recommend him for your obgyn/infertility doctor.

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Donna C (Patient) 04-25-2016
He is by far the best male ogbyn dr ive ever felt comfortable with.

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Gale P (Patient) 03-09-2016
I went to Dr. Musha upon the recommendation of my former OB/ GYN. I could not be happier with him and the office staff! I had been so nervous about trying to get pregnant but I feel like they have helped ease some of my concerns.

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S M (Patient) 02-04-2016
I had surgery performed by Dr. Musha in Dec. 2013. He was great, before and after surgery I have no regrets and would highly recommend Dr. Musha . He and his staff were wonderful. I will continue with Dr. Musha in the future.

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Robbie H (Patient) 12-17-2015
I enjoyed my second visit with Dr. Musha. He answered all of my questions and concerns and made feel comfortable. Hopefully we will be starting an IUI cycle soon and hopefully everything will go well.

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S M (Patient) 11-19-2015
Amazing doctor. My first pregnancy and I had issues concerning that and the way he managed and made both my husband and I feel he is highly recommended!! Fantastic doctor hands down!...The customer service was fantastic...I know live overseas and would consider flying there to have another pregnancy .

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D W (Patient) 11-05-2015
I have been a patient of Dr. Musha for 20 years. He delivered both of my children and has been there for multiple miscarriages after that. I love him he have always made me feel at ease and really take the time to make sure you are okay. I hope he never retires because I am not going anywhere else!!! He treat each patient like you are his only concern - very pleased and have recommended him numerous times to co-workers and friends. .

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O H (Patient) 10-30-2015
Dr. Musha is a very knowledgeable and conscientious. He is a warm and caring doctor. He is very good at answering questions and always returns calls. He has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend him.

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Jen C (Patient) 10-10-2015
The doctor seemed very focus and knowledgeable. He was a pleasant person to talk to and answered all my questions right away. The receptionists and the nurses were all nice and friendly, the office was clean, the waiting time was not so bad, and I had no complaints.

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Jean L (Patient) 10-07-2015
I had treatments with Dr. Mushayandebvu off and on for over a year. The staff and doctor are all phenomenal- smart, kind, helpful, thorough. I highly recommend to any couple .

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Jill (Patient) 10-02-2015
I cannot be more happier with doctor Musha and his staff. He is a great doctor!

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C R (Patient) 10-01-2015
I have been a patient of dr. musha for over 15years. he is the best I would not trade him in for no one. very good beside manners.

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D W (Patient) 09-28-2015
dr. Musha is a great doctor he was very patient with me he understands my frustration with my health problems. his bedside manners was more then what I expected and not to mention him a having great office staffs.

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Charlotte B (Patient) 09-26-2015
Dr. Musha is one of the bet doctor's I have ever been to. He definitely knows what he is doing! It helps that the staff is great too!

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E Rhodes (Patient) 09-19-2015
Dr. Musha has been my doctor for my past two pregnancies. I am absolutely happy with everything he does. The wait time is a bit unsettling, but that is always the case when you go see a great doctor. I could not be happier!

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