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Michelle NGUYEN MD
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Michelle NGUYEN MD
Ophthalmology - Tennessee Columbia

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Michelle NGUYEN MD



(City : Columbia)
(ZIP : 38401)
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Lynn M (Patient) 04-30-2017
Gave me my eyesight back. Great doctors and staff.

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Sheila P (Patient) 04-29-2017
I have been treated so good here. I really appreciate the phone call checking on me.

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Lois P (Patient) 03-31-2017
No procedure, but Dr. Nguyen was so good about explaining my condition and treatment. Every visit has been professional and courteous.

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Patricia J (Patient) 03-28-2017
I am very happy with my results. Everyone is nice, they explain what to expect. I was taken very good care of. I highly recommend, A+.

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Terry C (Patient) 03-27-2017
Pleasant experience from pre-surgery to post op. Pleasant physician.

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Linda P (Patient) 03-25-2017
Dr. Nguyen is extremely professional and a caring eye surgeon. She completely took care of my eye needs with great care. I completely recommend her for your eye surgical needs.

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Deana G (Patient) 03-20-2017
Very professional - kind nurse - sweet doctor. Recommend to anyone.

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Madison K (Patient) 03-12-2017
The staff was very friendly and helpful. The procedure produced good results.

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Judy P (Patient) 03-11-2017
Very impressed. Great service. Thank you.

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Timothy D (Patient) 02-28-2017
Dr. Nguyen was excellent - made a bad experience good!

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Alton H (Patient) 02-16-2017
All the staff was so nice and helpful during all the visits we made to the office at Eye Health Partners. The nurses and staff at the surgery center was also very professional with their services. Dr. Nguyen was great!

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Thelma P (Patient) 01-13-2017
My experience was very good and I was treated well and happy with outcome.

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Tina P (Patient) 01-03-2017
Excellent experience!

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Lindsay B (Patient) 12-19-2016
Best surgeon/staff. Always a pleasure.

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Shirley H (Patient) 12-07-2016
Was able to see better after surgery and was made comfortable. Do have a tearing after surgery, but not as bad as before.

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Arlie C (Patient) 10-28-2016
Entire team at Eye Health Partners is outstanding.

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Carroll F (Patient) 10-09-2016
One word: Wonderful!

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Debbie M (Patient) 10-02-2016
Fast, very caring, and knowledgeable. Dr. Nguyen is wonderful!

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Betty H (Patient) 09-21-2016
Surgery was a success. Doctor very professional. Would recommend to others.

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Johnnie F (Patient) 09-13-2016
See better, feel better, look better. Thank u Dr. Nguyen. The best.

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Skyler Massey (Patient) 09-08-2016
Very professional. Short waits. All staff very friendly.

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Morgan R (Patient) 08-27-2016

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Velma B (Patient) 08-15-2016
I am satisfied with care I received here.

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Stacy B (Patient) 07-25-2016
Thank you Dr. Nguyen!

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Marion A (Patient) 07-12-2016
Need to shorten waiting times for appointments.

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Jerry B (Patient) 07-08-2016
I am very satisfied with how my surgery turned out.

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Schuyler A (Patient) 07-01-2016
Very good.

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Bret A (Patient) 06-14-2016
Everyone here has been wonderful, which made me feel comfortable and welcome!

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