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Christopher MCGOWAN MD
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Christopher MCGOWAN MD
Gastroenterology - North Carolina Cary

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Christopher MCGOWAN MD


North Carolina

(City : Cary)
(ZIP : 27518)
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Sherry Wood (Patient) 12-20-2018
Everyone was very friendly and professional which helped me relax. The waiting room was a bit crowded and I understand some of the doctors were backed up that day. It would have been nice to have my post- procedure instructions given to me/available before the procedure so I would know what to expect/what kinds of foods to have at home, etc, instead of trying to process the information post procedure. Everything felt calm and efficient and all my questions were answered.

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Joe Bentley (Patient) 12-17-2018
Efficient. No surprises.

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David K (Patient) 11-28-2018
Doctor spent very little time discussing results.

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Ryan K (Patient) 10-06-2018
Timeliness was impressive.

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Joshua T (Patient) 09-19-2018
Rate Dr. McGowan high. Rate his administrator average. I called to confirm information for my procedure and received a 'I already told you that' with no real Hello on the phone. Folks need confirmation not smugness.

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Reagan Schaefer (Patient) 09-13-2018
Very pleased with Dr. McGowan - I felt very comfortable with him and his very friendly style.

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Frederick Hurley (Patient) 09-07-2018
All of the personnel I dealt with after arriving for the procedure were professional and helpful. I also give Dr. McGowan high marks. The process to get an appointment was another story. The staff person involved was difficult to reach, made a mistake in what information she provided to me, and then hung up on me. The office manager resolved the situation, but it should not have required that intervention.

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Office 1000 Crescent Green # 102 NC 27518
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Office Phone # :
(919) 8164948

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Thomas Jefferson University
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(13 years of experience)

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