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Family Medicine - Kansas Lansing

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(City : Lansing)
(ZIP : 66043)
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Family Medicine

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Sandra (Patient) 11-01-2017
After my hysterectomy I felt much better than I had prior. It, something wasnít quite right. I was tired, my thinking was getting foggy, I wasnít interested in sex. After surgery, I immediately started taking oral estradiol, which stopped hot flashes....but didnít really address the other issues I was experiencing.
I met Dr. Mark Strehlow, who specializes in BHRT. This is the sole focus of his practice.
He ran extensive labs, found deficiencies, started me on progesterone, testosterone, and continued estradiol. Within six weeks I felt amazingónormal. There have been adjustments made along the way, but I can honestly say I havenít felt this good since I was in my mid twenties. My energy level is great, I can think clearly, my libido is back. Iím all around happy. And, I feel healthy.
What I love most about Dr. Strehlow is that he doesnít follow a one-size-fits all approach. He understands that every BODY is different and responds differently to certain ďlevelsĒ of therapy. And, he works tirelessly to find the sweet spot for each person.
On top of his expertise, heís personable, spends a great deal of time with each patient (not the typical 10 minute visit...Iím talking an hour or more), heís genuine, authentic, and sincere. Just the best.
If youíre experiencing any symptoms I described...please consider contacting Dr Strehlow. It is well worth it!

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Office 712 1st Ter Assoc In Family Hlth Care Leavenworth Lansing KS 66043
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(913) 7276000
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(913) 3511346

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Univ Of Ks Sch Of Med, Kansas City Ks 66103
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(40 years of experience)

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