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Donald Gordon KING MD
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Donald Gordon KING MD
Surgery - Indiana Indianapolis

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(City : Indianapolis)
(ZIP : 46237)
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Donald Gordon KING MD's Special Expertises :
General Surgery

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Pam H (Patient) 12-03-2017
Dr. King did the surgery to repair my ruptured umbilicus where I had frequent bleeding through my naval along with pain in Oct 2017. Prior to surgery he ordered a CT scan so that he could see anything that might be going on inside so that there were no surprises in surgery. He's a highly skilled surgeon, cheerful, comforting, friendly, and trustworthy. At 3 weeks post-op I was cleared to resume life with no issues. If I need any kind of surgery that's up his alley, he is who I will go to. I highly recommend him to anyone. Also, many nurses in the same hospital that I had mentioned Dr King as having done my surgery, all said how awesome he was, they just loved him, and if they ever needed surgery they wanted him to do it!

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Office 8051 S Emerson Ave Ste 260 Marion Indianapolis IN 46237
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Office Phone # :
(317) 8654800
Fax # :
(317) 8654806

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Medical School
In Univ Sch Of Med, Indianapolis In 46202
Graduation Year
(36 years of experience)

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