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Deborah Galle (Patient) 09-27-2018
I was originally admitted to the hospital for cysts on my ovary and they referred me out to an OBGYN so I made an appointment and went to go see him and his bedside manner was amazing from the get-go he took a thorough history and he asked a lot of questions he reviewed the diagnostic ultrasounds what have you from the hospital he asked me if it was painful when I had sex if the cyst come every month all that kind of stuff and I told him yes do I have irregular periods yes have I been diagnosed with endometriosis and he made the decision to give me a hysterectomy 10 or 11 in the morning doctor appointment to being prepped for surgery at 3 and the Aftercare was absolutely superb he really cares about his patients and even though he is a little far away from me he's about 30 to 40 minutes away I would gladly make the drive everyday if I had to to have him treat me he is an amazing doctor and I recommend him to anybody and everybody I live in Floresville Texas he practices in Jourdanton Texas

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