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Carri Conner (Patient) 03-28-2019
Dr. Steven Macdonald has an amazing ability to comfort and calm his patients through his demeanor and careful explanation of what is happening. Dr. Macdonald has been my go to doctor from the time he first examined me after a miscarriage. During that appointment he impressed me with his empathetic, comforting, and calm demeanor. He explained everything step by step. He patiently answered my questions with well thought out, specific answers. He presented next step options and informed me of the advantages and disadvantages. He allowed me the time to think, process, and decide the best course of treatment for me. He gained my trust and respect.
When I started having heavy bleeding every 10 to 14 days, he was the only Doctor I called. Before he saw me, he ordered a vaginal ultrasound. He reviewed the results and when we met, he explained what they found, my treatment options, and his recommendation. He asked me thoughtful questions to ensure that I had considered all of my options and completely understood my diagnosis and treatment plan.
The day of my surgery and each day after while in the hospital, he was there as a supporting expert with my treatment, care, and recovery as his priority.

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