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Lynne Marie GIBEAU MD
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Lynne Marie GIBEAU MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Minnesota Minneapolis

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(City : Minneapolis)
(ZIP : 55402)
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Lynne Marie GIBEAU MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Caitlin (Patient) 11-06-2020
Dr. Gibeau is a kind and warm woman who treats her patients with empathy. As a woman struggling with many uterine issues at a young age, it was comforting to have a doctor that finally listened to me and did not jump to conclusions or invalidate my experience and my pain, and she made sure I knew she was going to do everything to help me to find the best possible outcome for my health. I have never had a doctor listen to me as thoroughly as she has with empathy in her heart. It is comforting to talk to her knowing that my concerns are being heard. As a woman, we all know it is tough to find doctors who validate and listen to us without dismissing us immediately, especially in the OBGYN realm. Dr. Gibeau is not the first OBGYN I sought help from, and I'm so glad I found her. For the first time I feel heard and safe working with her. In seeking the best options for my health, Dr. Gibeau did research on her own time and consulted her colleagues to help me, offering many suggestions and aid I had never even heard of or considered. I was an odd case with no solutions and she did everything in her power to help me come to my own peace. After months of doing testing and imaging and all we could, I received a hysterectomy in October of 2020, finally allowing me the peace I searched for for 4 years. I have sat in her office and cried and shared my stories and related to her and am so thankful to be able to move on with my life knowing I had someone doing all they could for me, and someone who allowed me that peace. I don't really have any improvements for her as a doctor other than offering a little bit more detail on side affects of things, or a bit more communication on repercussions of procedures or medications. Other than that, a lovely woman and the best OBGYN I've had the pleasure of seeing.

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Office 821 Marquette Ave Ste 300 Hennepin Minneapolis MN 55402
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(612) 3333108

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Univ Of Mn Med Sch-Minneapolis, Minneapolis Mn 55455
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(29 years of experience)

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