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Laurian Kenney (Patient) 01-12-2021
Dr Smitha Vilasagar & her team, at CMC Center for Women’s Pelvic Health, literally saved my life. When my surgery went from 1.5 hr to 6 due to unforeseen complications, I have never been more thankful to have her as my surgeon as I was 12/21. With the numerous dangerous complications with my surgery, I would’ve needed her anyways!! Her voice is as soothing as a spring rain, and her bedside manner is the salve needed for an anxious or scared patient. As women, we are used to being TOLD how we should be feeling and are told to doubt what we know is going on with our own bodies. If I had listened to previous doctors... there were several issues racing to the finish line, to make sure I didn’t see 45. There’s no reassurance that can match the implicit confidence in your doctor and her team. From my first appointment, she was attentive, listened to learn instead of respond, and was caring in her suggestions of a very scary surgery for any woman. There will never be another OBGYN or Specialist I will go to besides my doctors at Eastover OBGYN & CMC Center for Women’s Pelvic Health. She will be forever considered my
top choice and future recommendations.

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