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Pamela (Patient) 07-09-2021
I believe this doctor's extremely high standards causes her to excel in her care and truly help heal her patients. Dr. Hubbard genuinely is there for her patients with a caring and professional staff and giving of her own time.

It is far too easy these days to be so busy you don't give all the attention a patient may need. An example of this doctor's work ethic is staying late after closing hours on a Friday to make sure I received a new Rx after a urine culture. She COULD have just let me suffer all weekend or allowed ER to deal with it . Her thoroughness got me precisely what I needed and got me better.

She took fabulous care of me during a D&C and a Hysterectomy and continues to take care of me as a lichen sclerosis patient. She treats me physically, mentally and spiritually as needed in her capacity as my gynecologist. I find that amazing.

This doctor operates in the spirit of excellence and that's what you definitely want during gynecological and obstetric procedures.

I have found Dr. Hubbard extremely experienced, dignified and yet humble enough to just be a friendly doctor. I don't think it is possible that one can improve such due diligence.

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Pamela (Patient) 04-22-2021
Dr. Lori Hubbard is an awesome gynecologist and gynecological surgeon. Not only is she Board Certified and a Fellow of the Obstetrics/Gynecology Association, she has done research and has an interest in gynecological surgery. She is a faith centered individual and is a real stickler for detail. I used to get annoyed with her attention to detail but now I appreciated it greatly.

Dr. Hubbard first treated me in an emergency situation and got me out of pain and on the road to recovery with a disease no one knew for certain what was for some time. Eventually, with her help, we got to the bottom of it and now have me on a regimen for healing. I was misdiagnosed by other doctors for years and the pain I lived in was debilitating.

Dr. Hubbard is the doctor who will show up for you in the middle of the night or pick you up on the side of the road if she sees you stranded. In other words, she's a good person as well as being a good doctor. Dr. Hubbard's mind-set is very quiet and thoughtful. She's just very patient oriented and does thorough care. She doesn't strive to be the best, she just is. Big difference I wish some doctors understood.

When I am in Dr. Hubbard's office, she is very quiet. I am notorious for not listening closely enough but she knows that about me and other patients. She has a wonderful team that gives great support and help in person, online and by phone.

This doctor has a great concern about the financial needs of the patient as well as business for her office. She is patient enough to put together plans for all concerned. I find that genuine concern for my financial situation a breath of fresh air. It's not just an ordinary hand me your credit card office.

Dr. Hubbard has treated me for my yearly well-woman exams, lichen sclerosis, endometrial polyps requiring a d&c and hysteroscopy, and soon a robotic hysterectomy. I trust her completely and with my very life.

I tend to believe professionals like Dr. Lori Hubbard go through life and are rarely noticed except by those whose lives they touch. She has touched mine on many levels and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a good gynecologist or gynecological surgeon in the Tulsa area.

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