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Christopher Adams GAYLE MD
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Christopher Adams GAYLE MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Louisiana Shreveport

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(City : Shreveport)
(ZIP : 71115)
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Christopher Adams GAYLE MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Gracie B (Patient) 04-13-2008
Dr. Gayle delivered my first child. I came to him scared and cautious of doctors due to bad experiences with them on Military bases. He sat me down in his office and reassured me. He made sure I knew that as long as I was in the exam room I was the only patient on his mind ,not how many there might be behind me. He also made sure I knew I could ask him as many questions as I needed to ask. This made me more at ease and I had a less stressful pregnancy with him as my doctor. Due to circumstances beyond either of our control he was unable to deliver my second child,but I wish he could have. After very stressful pregnancy and a C-section this "nameless doctor performed I ended up with a punctured bladder and long recovery. A Year after the birth of my second child I was still having pain to which the "nameless" Doctor said it was my ovaries ovulating or cysts. Frustrated with the diagnosis I went back to Dr.Gayle. It was then I found out I needed a Hysterectomy. During my Hysterectomy Dr. Gayle found out that my abdominal muscle was severed during my last C-section with the "nameless" doctor that delivered my second child. For two and a half years my ab muscle sat under my rib cage dieing off. Dr. Gayle fixed my ab muscle and for that I am great full. Till this day he still makes sure I feel at ease and comfortable with his care. He is a professional ,caring Doctor with an equally caring staff.

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Office 8001 Youree Dr Ste 370 Caddo Shreveport LA 71115
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(318) 5241655
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(318) 2123855

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La State Univ Sch Of Med In Shreveport, Shreveport La 71130
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(30 years of experience)

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