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Aimee Sergent (Patient) 01-29-2020
Dr. Morris was very professional, kind and took a lot of time to explain the process behind my complicated, open abdominal hysterectomy. My regular gyn was not comfortable with performing the surgery so I was nervous about the potential outcome. Dr. Morris put my mind at ease and I've had a smooth recovery. His entire team was engaged and on top of things while I was inpatient.

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Kathy P. (Patient) 10-17-2014
I had surgery for Ovarian Cancer Oct. 2010 and completed chemo in April 2011. I waited 3 weeks to see the first doctor I was referred to and was disappointed that he had not reviewed my CT scans, etc. prior to my appt. Hence, I was given the standard "two year" life expectancy speech. I was devastated and ready to research hospice facilities.
My sis-in-law, a nurse and cancer survivor, suggested a second opinion with Dr. Robert Morris. She was impressed by her research on him, including a fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center ( one of the original three comprehensive cancer centers ) and his position as multidisciplinary leader of the gynecologic oncology team at Karmanos.
I waited only a week to get an appt. at Karmanos and brought my test reports and xray CD's with me. Dr. Morris reviewed everything immediately. He said that he would push hard with treatment as it was the best chance of beating cancer. BEATING cancer! He did not promise I would beat it, but he gave me HOPE that I might. No "two year" speech. This was a doctor who was ready to help me fight! His surgery schedule was full, so he offered to come in early on a Saturday morning to do my surgery. Because I was so "clean", I did not have to endure the grueling intra peritoneal chemo as was recommended by the first doctor, just the standard 6 round chemo treatment. I was also presented with an opportunity to participate in a two year trial of an oral medication to help prevent recurrence. I jumped at it!
It is now 4 years since my surgery. I have surpassed the two year expectation of the first doctor I consulted and continue to see Dr. Morris on a 3 month basis. He is as delighted with my progress as I am, and it is always a pleasure to visit with him. Oncology check ups can be anxiety provoking, but his calm, gentle, and caring manner helps keep that in check. He is an experienced and talented clinician, but it is his personal warmth that evokes such strong devotion in his patients. I've chatted with enough of them in his waiting room to know.
My second grandchild will be born this Spring. Life is so very good. Thank you, Dr. Morris!
Kathy P.

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Susan T (Patient) 06-21-2009
I have been under the care of Dr. Morris for the past two years. He and his staff are WONDERFUL! Dr. Morris takes the time needed to answer all my questions and calm my fears! I would highly suggest Dr. Morris!

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Stacy B (Patient) 05-17-2007
Dr. Morris is a kind, caring, patient doctor with a genuinely sincere bedside manner. He always takes his time to explain things so I can understand them. He is very down to Earth and extremely calming. He has eased my fears and helped me so much since being diagnosed with borderline ovarian cancer at the age of 23. I recently had a hysterectomy. Dr. Morris has been a fabulous physician and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality Gyn/Oncologist in the Detroit Metro area.

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Carmela Zaffuto (Patient) 02-16-2007
Dr. Morris is head of the gyno/oncology unit at Karamanos Institute and he works out of St. John Hospital also. I was a very nervous patient, and very sick patient, having been diagnosed with endometrial, ovarian and bladder cancer at the same time, before my first visit to him.

He recommended an excellent urologist to me, Dr. Shiva Maralani, and the two of them worked together so that I only had one operation to get a ureter resection, and then abdominal wash and lymph node removal. Because of their willingness to work together, I basically did not have to endure a third operation.

Dr. Morris has worked with me, throughout my chemo and radiation. Always patient, and willing to answer my questions.

During the time I was being treated, my brother was dying of cancer also. The doctor and his staff were well aware of how difficult this was for me, and have always been aware of the added stress, and helped me deal with it.

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Nancy (Patient) 02-12-2007
He is a wonderful, caring Dr. with a very calming bedside manner! He specializes in womens oncology. I was reffered to him by my family Dr. I had a complete hysterectomy. And there was no cancer. He and his staff were very caring and made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end.

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