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Asela Catherine RUSSELL MD
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Asela Catherine RUSSELL MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Colorado Englewood

Asela Catherine RUSSELL
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Asela Catherine RUSSELL MD



(City : Englewood)
(ZIP : 80112)
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Asela Catherine RUSSELL MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Anita Elliott-Hodgden (Patient) 02-13-2007
Dr. Asela Russell is the head of the Russell Womens Center in Englewood, Colorado. She is a wonderful OB-GYN and is very knowledgeable about womens' issues. I came to her through a recommendation from my personal physician to find out if I had Endometriosis. While I was in her office, I told her that I was having severe bladder pain as well, and without even batting her eyes she knew it was Interstitial Cystitis. To be sure, she performed a laproscopy on me which determined that I have both Endometriosis and IC.

She is the most caring, understanding, experienced, helpful and trustworthy doctor I've ever met, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I don't think there's anything she needs to do to improve. I love her!!

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Office 125 Inverness Dr East, Suite 210 CO 80112
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(303) 7550120
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(303) 3096509
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(63 years old)
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Duke University
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(38 years of experience)
French, Spanish

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