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Obstetrics And Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for James Kyle HORLACHER MD
Rocki (Patient) 01-13-2011
He is a very caring and patient doctor. He also has a good sense of humor. i would recommend him to any and all of my family and friends. you can check him out at healthgrades.com.

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Kelly C (Patient) 01-05-2011
Dr. Horlacher provided the best care when I was pregnant with my kids! I was always at ease when with him. I would recommend him to any woman!

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Shayla H (Patient) 08-18-2010
I absolutely LOVE Dr Horlacher and miss him horribly since I recently got my tubes tied. Dr Horlacher delivered ME as well as my three kids who are beautiful and healthy!! He has made me feel like his friend, not a patient. He has delivered, tied my tubes and also did a outpatient surgery on me. He is there caring for me and holding my hand through it all!!! I love all of his staff too!! I seriously miss being pregnant cause I dont get to go to his office!!! I would recommend him to ANYONE, anytime. I was referred by my mom. :)
We all love you Dr Horlacher and staff!!

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Staci K (Patient) 12-10-2009
I previously posted regarding my experience with Dr. Horlacher (8-19-08). I wanted to update on my experience. After my 2nd miscarriage (the one I posted about) Dr. Horlacher did some bloodwork that told him why I was miscarrying. I have APA syndrome. I have to take an aspirin every day and if I got pregnant I had to take a shot every day as well. Well, I found out I was pregnant in Jan 09 and started taking the shots on Jan 26. I am happy to say that we had a healthy baby girl on Sept. 11. Dr. Horlacher was a dream to work with and was very caring in regards to what we had been through with the previous pregnancies. My daughter is happy and healthy and she wouldn't be here without Dr. Horlacher!!! I can't imagine not having him as my Doctor. I would recommend him thousands of times over!!!

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CC (Patient) 05-06-2009
Dr. Horlacher is the best physician I've ever met. He is genuine, caring, compassionate, and truly loves his job.
He seems to look at office visits as an opportunity to get to know you the individual...not just hurry through an exam.
He really listens! Often times you'll find yourself talking more than he does..as he listens...and waits patiently to give you his opinion. Interacting with him is refreshing. He isn't hurried...bothered, or bored by his patients. During deliveries he is equally attentive!

He is a fantastic physician....part of a dying breed I'm afraid!

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Tiffany M (Patient) 04-29-2009
I cannot imagine giving birth to my son without Dr. Horlacher.
I chose to give birth naturally and after four easy hours of contractions, my son decided to turn his head, leaving me pushing for almost three hours.
I have always heard that Dr.s show up at the last minute, just to catch the baby. Not Dr. Horlacher. He stood by me the entire time, coaching me, messaging me and mostly giving me his patience and faith that I could deliver without intervention. Most medical professionals would have given up and shipped me over for a c-section. Not Dr. Horlacher.
Not only did I not get a c-section, but I also did not have a single laceration. Even though I burst every blood vessel in my face and walked around for a week with blood shot eyes, I could get up, walk and play within two short days.

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Amy (Patient) 03-05-2009
I have been going to Dr. Horlacher for 10 plus years. When I became pregnant in 1999 he found out that I also had an incompetent cervix. I had lost a child a few years before for apparently the same reason but was never explained that this was the issue. Dr. Horlacher scheduled me for a cerclage right away and at 38 weeks he removed the stitches and shortly after I delivered (without issue) my now 9 year old daughter. I adore Dr. Horlacher and would recommend him to anyone. His bed side manner is great and he has a very friendly office staff.

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Jennifer (Patient) 01-16-2009
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Horlacher. I am thankful for him everyday that I look at my daughter. I have an incompentent cervix which cause premature labor. My first pregnancy at 22 weeks I had a mid-wife and she recommended Dr. Horlacher as she could no longer care for me. I liked him from the moment I meet him. He is caring and real you can tell he loves what he does. I was 4 cm dialed and had a protruding amnio sac and he placed a cerclage (stitch in cervix) I was on bedrest the rest of the pregnancy but was awarded with a wonderful baby girl. She is a thriving wonderful six year old.

I go to Dr, Horlacher for all my paps and everything that I can. He also cared for and delivered my second child in 07.

The piece of mind that I have knowing that I have a wonderful OB doctor that I am comfortable with means so much. I truly believe that if it weren't for him I wouldn't have my daughter and I am ever so grateful.

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Staci (Patient) 08-19-2008
I first went to see Dr. Horlacher with my 4th pregnancy (first preg. was twins, 2nd was single, third was miscarriage). I was about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant when I went to visit his office for the first time. I met with the nurse and got the preliminary visit done. To make a long story short, after three ultrasounds, they determined that I had miscarried. There was no heartbeat with the baby at the final ultrasound appt. I didn't have an appt with Dr. Horlacher until my 12 week check, and this was between 10 weeks and 11 weeks gestation. It was on a Friday and Dr. Horlacher was not scheduled for patients that day. It was right around lunch time, but the Dr. that did the ultrasound called up to Dr. Horlacher's office to give him the results. He wanted me to come up to his office so we could discuss things.

My husband and I went up there, very upset, (we had been trying for 4 yrs for another baby) and waited for the Dr. to come in. He was very caring and sympathetic. I felt that he understood exactly what we were going through (not very many doctors are that compassionate and empathetic). He explained all our options, answered all our questions, made his recommendations and we decided to go with a D&C. He scheduled it for the next day...a Saturday! He scheduled it for our convenience because we live 1 1/2 hrs away from the office.

I am very happy that I chose Dr. Horlacher and plan to continue my care with him. Hopefully we'll be able to have another child, but if not, I'll still drive the 1 1/2 hrs to have my annual exams with him. I hope Dr. Horlacher knows how much I appreciate him. He made a very difficult decision a little bit easier, and a horrible situation a little more bearable.

He also did some labwork that helped determine the possible cause of my miscarriage and we are now treating that situation.

I recommend Dr. Horlacher to anyone looking for a caring, compassionate doctor in this area. He is definitely worth the drive!!!!

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BRB (Patient) 03-01-2008
All I can say is that I am full of gratitude and so is my family. I have long story of suffering and pain. Dr. Horlacher has saved my life as well as been a doctor for both of my pregnancies. He is the most caring doctor a person can have. Thank You Dr. Horlacher. I recommend him to any woman that needs someone to truely listen and support her through whatever process of healing she needs.

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Candy (Patient) 12-15-2007
Dr. Horlacher helped me deliver my son with no complications. When another doctor wanted me to terminate my pregnancy, Dr. Horlacher assured me that there were several options and we, together, made it thru my pregnancy, for the most part uneventful. My son is a very healthy 6 year old and I, too, am very healthy.

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Deanna S (Patient) 08-17-2007
I found Dr. Horlacher to be very caring, personable, and above all knowledgeable. He was my gynecologist and has delivered 5 of my 6 grandchildren. He is their gynecologist now. My middle daughter now lives outside Cincinnati, and still drives to Dayton to be see him. Absolutely the best in my mind!

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Sarah (Patient) 08-06-2007
I went to Dr. Horlacher after I told a friend I wanted a good dr who would allow me to VBAC. I was given the name and number of Dr. Horlacher. I was a bit apprehensive at first because the other OB's and midwives who came highly recommended had always let me down, boy, was I suprised! I felt so welcomed the very fist time I entered his office waiting room. I was about 5 or 6 months pregnant with my second child when I switched my care and I don't regret it for a minute. He told me that yes I could have my much needed VBAC but that I couldn't do it at the Birthing Center which was a disappointment but it was their rules not his. He was very nice with me, my husband and my daughter always talking to them and joking around. He lets me make my own decisions and as long as they don't put me or baby at risk, it is fine. He doesn't mind, or at least didn't seem too :) , that my children are in the room for most or all of the birth process. So far I have had 2VBA1C with Dr. Horlacher and it has been a wonderful experience, I pray that I can have many more VBACs with him as the dr who delivers the rest of my blessings from God. I recommend him to my friends. I have to drive almost 45 minutes to see him for my yearlys and OB appts and it is well worth the drive, even my husband agrees and my oldest daughter enjoys it as well. She always knows there is a sucker waiting for her at the end of the visit LOL. His office does their best to accomodate my schedule as a homemaker, my husband's work schedule as he likes to be at all of my appts, and any other visits I have to make that day at the Berry Center so that my appts flow together and spend as little time waiting as possible. Dr. Horlacher is a God send and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good, no a great, OB/GYN. I too echo the sentiments that I would like to have him as my general practitioner as well.

God bless Dr. Horlacher and his staff.

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Gina H (Patient) 07-10-2007
Dr. Horlacher has been my OB/GYN since 1990, when I had just moved here from GA and soon needed an OB doctor. I was told the best way to find the best is to ask the OB nurses that he works with at the hospital. It was OVERWHELMINGLY suggested that I choose Dr. James Horlacher!! I could tell you so many wonderful stories of his "over the top" caring nature, but there isn't enough room or time here!! He has been with me thru a stillbirth, a baby born with a physical defect, and a hysterectomy (so far). You cannot imagine what it means to have a doctor, after the loss of a child, sit at your hospital bedside and cry just as hard as you do, with you!! To have him put you on a floor where you don't have to hear the other healthy babies cry and to "sneak" you in the back door of his office so that you don't have to sit in the waiting room with the other new babies at your 6 weeks checkup. To have a doctor that gave you the utmost attention during the next tramatic pregnancy, remembering all you went thru as if he did too! To have a doctor, who is so busy, just come in to your exam room and make you feel as if you are his only patient today and he has all the time in world for you! I have NEVER waited very long to be seen. His staff is as phenomenal as he is!! You usually don't find a doctor that has been practicing for so long that hasn't become "blah" and "bored". I have the most special place in my heart for him and his staff!! They truly do not get near the appreciation they deserve! If there was an award for the most compassionate, most caring, most knowledgeable, and "most every-good-quality-imaginable" person, staff and doctor, the entire office would forever hold that title! I am the luckiest woman to have ever crossed paths with Dr. Horlacher and his staff!! Visit his office, and you will see exactly what I mean!

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Johnna S (Patient) 06-18-2007
He is the most kind and compassionate Doctor I have ever met ! He is the best! I only wish he could be my primary care Physician!

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R. Fultz (Patient) 02-14-2007
Dr. James Horlacher has been my OB for the past 10 years. My most recent procedure with him was a hysterectomy. He has performed several laps for adhesions and of course my yearly check ups. He has a wonderful bedside manner. He is very informative, very direct and will answer any questions you have. He is very funny and makes you feel comfortable even on those dreaded monthly exam days! He would be a wondeful doctor for anyone searching for an OB in this area. He works at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. One of the number one hospitals in the area. It is a level 1 trauma center and has a whole wing set aside for maternity care and critical infant care.

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