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Jeffry Joseph BIZON MD
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Jeffry Joseph BIZON MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Georgia Gainesville

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(City : Gainesville)
(ZIP : 30501)
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Jeffry Joseph BIZON MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Catherine (Patient) 03-30-2009
Dr. Bizon performed a total abdominal hysterectomy. I have liked him ever since the our first meeting (pre-op). He has a great bedside manner, is knowledgeable, and always let me know what to expect. While in the hospital, he saw me at least once a day (except on the weekend when he was not on call) and sometimes twice a day.

As for his skills as a surgeon, I am extremely impressed with the incision. The surgery went well with very little bleeding. He even did stitches under my skin instead of staples. Everyone who has seen the incision has been impressed. I have had no complications whatsoever.

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Heidi (Patient) 02-15-2007
Dr. Bizon is not only an excellent doctor he was an angel sent from heaven. Dr. Bizon is an OB/Gyn and he was my surgeon from my total vaginal hysterectomy. I was overwhelmed by Dr. Bizon's compassion and outstanding beside manner from out first meeting. Before my surgery, he took away any hestitation I was having by taking the time to answer any questions I had, and he explained to me in terms I could understand what exactly the surgery would entail. In the OR before I was put under, he explained to me what they were doing and he even helped to cover me with the blankets in the OR, and the last thing I remember is him telling me in soothing manner that they were going to get rid of my heavy bleeding. When I awoke in recovery, he told me that everything went well, and it was a comfort for me knowing he was there. I had to spend two full days and one night in the hospital, and before being released from the hospital, he made his presence known by visiting several times a day. Again, he made sure I didn't have any unanswered concerns.
Dr. Bizon is an excellent physican, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an OB/Gyn because he is a doctor who really cares about his patients.

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