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Annie A (Patient) 07-07-2017
I recommend Dr. Seckin for the treatment of Endometriosis. He is an excellent surgeon and caring doctor. He specializes in Endometriosis. He performs excision surgery for Endometriosis. He knows all about the disease, and what it can do to a woman's life. I wish I found Dr. Seckin sooner. I appreciate his thoroughness and care so much. He truly cares for his patients, and I'm so glad he's my doctor. He's the only doctor I trust for the proper care and treatment of Endometriosis. He has helped me tremendously through the years with my struggle with severe Endometriosis and it's complications. I am very thankful for him.

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Jaye R (Patient) 10-30-2013
After years of seeing doctors who didn't believe I had endometriosis or who weren't knowledgable enough to provide any helpful information, Dr Tamer Seckin was a breath of fresh air. He was very kind, helpful and knowledgable, and within minutes was able to confirm that I did indeed have endometriosis. I would suggest Dr Sekin to any woman who has been living with this disease as he can help educate you about what your body is experiencing, and set you on a path to recovery. His staff was also extremely helpful with scheduling all further tests needed.

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Thelma M (Patient) 03-16-2013
Dr. Seckin is the best at what he does. I've been to several gyn's but he's the first one that i've every been to that will examine you quickly. It doesn't feel as if he's playing inside, he's in and out no playing. I've been a patient on and off for the past 12 years. I trust this man with my life, he's the best.

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Maria G (Patient) 10-25-2012
I recommend Dr.seckin to any woman because I was suffering of many symptoms thru the years, until I meet dr seckin and he actually told me that was suffering of endometriosis; after my first visit with dr seckin he schedule me for a robotic total hysterectomy and I had a great experience, no pain and a very fast recovery ect.

There is no words for me to thank dr seckin and his staff for all they done for me I highly recommended him, his practice gets results

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Angela G (Patient) 10-19-2012
I have suffered with endometriosis for the last 16 years of my life, I am now 40 years old and 4 weeks post op after having laprascopic surgery with Dr. Seckin and his team. For years, I was given the impression by my former GYN that endometriosis was just a fertility disease and that I really had nothing to worry about. It wasn't until I found Dr. Seckin that I truly found out the severity of my disease and what it was truly doing to me.
4 weeks ago, I had a full hysterectomy, deep tissue excision surgery throughout my pelvis, an appendectomy, a bowel resectioning, as well as a resectioning of my colon and a resectioning/repair of a 40% tear in my rectum. Dr. Seckin and his team also found and removed endometriosis on the ligaments of my left leg. An extremely complicated surgery which Dr. Seckin handled with incredible skill and precision. I had none of the complications that are sometimes possible with such a major surgery and it was amazingly all done laprascopically.
I never in my life, imagined that I would be faced with such a major surgery for a disease that I was always given the impression is not a life changing or altering disease. My recovery has been amazing. I am back to my normal daily routines and feel incredible. I truly feel that I owe my quick recovery to the skill and precision of Dr. Seckin and his team. I am grateful that Dr. Seckin chose to devote his life to helping women like me who are faced with a disease that is extremely painful and most people are uneducated about. Endometriosis is a life altering disease and I want women to know that there are amazing doctors who can help them. Dr. Seckin is a talented, wonderful doctor and man and I feel truly blessed to have found him. Although my surgery has been life changing, I look forward to my future being pain free and happy. I sincerly hope that anyone suffering from Endometriosis will seek help from a doctor who specializes in the disease. Dr. Seckin is the most compassionate, talented doctor I have ever met and he has truly changed my life for the better.

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Ina G. (Patient) 02-23-2012
I found myself in Dr. Seckin’s office very scared, desperate, and confused about what was happening to me. I had been having a lot of problems in emptying my bladder over the past two years, especially during my periods. The last cycle, however, was the worst. I felt like my urinary track was completely blocked. I was literally pushing drops of urine out of myself. I couldn’t work or function in or outside of my house. Dr. Seckin not only diagnosed and treated my problem with a great deal of skill and professionalism; he did so with warmth, understanding, empathy, and compassion. Dr. Seckin gave me a new lease on life.

About three years ago, a large fibroid tumor, which was found in my uterus, was embolized during an outpatient procedure at the Lenox Hill Hospital. I am under regular care of my gynecologist who felt that while fibroid may have something to do with my problem, the connection between the fibroid tumor, which was shrinking in size, and my urinary track problem was not clear. Dr. Broderson, my urologist, suggested that to continue treating my problem as a urological one was not effective anymore and suggested that there may be a connection between urinary retention problem and the fibroid. He recommended Dr. Seckin as a highly regarded specialist in the field of laparoscopic surgery. Since I wasn’t fully convinced whether or not I wanted to go ahead with the surgery, I sought a second opinion of another specialist in the field at the North Shore LIJ Hospital. The doctor’s office was totally disorganized and his demeanor in suggesting diagnosis and possible options for treatment was far from reassuring.
Dr. Seckin was able to diagnose the root of my problem as the fibroid turning in the uterus and by doing so completely blocking the urinary track. He scheduled and performed hysterectomy on emergency basis. Fifteen minutes after I was brought to my room from the recovery room, going with a great deal of apprehension and nervousness, I made an attempt to urinate. To my great relief, I was able to so without any difficulties. I can now travel and pursue my hobby of photography without fear and panic.
From the time I entered his office and throughout my recovery process, not only Dr. Seckin himself but his whole staff has been treating me with consideration, sympathy, and respect.

I highly recommend Dr. Seckin.

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valencia (Patient) 01-07-2011
I am a Registered Nurse in my mid 40's. I was diagnose with endometriosis 11 years ago. I didn't think much of it until the disease progressed to a stage 4, and affected my bowels. I couldn't move my bowels for 5-7 days without taking extreme measures like laxatives. I had abdominal pain and bloating. I looked 3-4 months pregnant. I had 2 laparoscopic surgery's in the past with no positive results. I did a lot of research and visit numerous physicians. Then i found Dr. Tamer Seckin. After my first visit and consultation, i felt very comfortable and confident with his expertise, and compassion for what he does. I had my surgery on Dec 10th, i was very pleased with the outcome, as well as my recovery time. There are not enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation towards Dr. Seckin and his staff. He is truly a Great Surgeon.

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Elona (Patient) 11-27-2010
First of all I would like to thank Dr.Seckin for his help, knowledge and his hands!

I was the one reading the articles about him in the beginning of my search and i hope my story will help some one to make a decision to visit and trust Dr.Seckin.

I will tell you my story:

Exactly 1 year ago,october 2009 visiting my gynecologist , she found on the back side of the uterus a big tumor which was not connected to uterus.

It was an 7x5x5cm tumor in pelvis area.

I made 4 MRI, 2 CT and no one told me what exactly is that tumor.I visit many clinics and doctors in Russia. From gynecologic clinics to cancer clinics, from genecology department to Colorectal. Most of them scary me with a diagnoses, since never seen a tumor like mine in that area.

It was located between back side of uterus, rectum and cross bone.

Then I was recommended to visit department of Genaral Surgery in University of Heidelberg in Germany. Very famous Prof.Dr.M.Buchler seen my case and suggest me the immediate surgery with taking out even my uterus.

I was so stressed but something inside me was telling me I should not make that kind of operation.

I left Germany and visit USA. My friends recommend me Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Clinic.

By the time I was waiting from MSKCC to put me in appointment with the doctor "C" (which took 3 weeks and who by the end told me i must make only open operation and not laparoscopy since the tumor is very unusual and in a very difficult position) I visit Presbyterian clinic as well. And I hear about Dr.Seckin, and I decide he ll be the last i will visit.

In the beginning I did not believe what he say after checking me.


It took me some time to decide to go back to him since it was like a dream after my one year worries and fears.

He assure me it is not bad and no need to remove the uterus and even no scars.

Today is 27 of November. I wanted to be sure everything will go well after operation and I surely advise other readers of this articles to trust Dr.Seckin.

I pass 1 year of scurry, bad dreams and wrong suggestions. But something inside me, my believe that i ll find the right doctor,make me wait 1 year (even every doctor were recommend me to make URGENT operation) to meet Dr.Seckin.

First I advise to EVERY PATIENT TO listen to their filings. But I definitely suggest Dr.Seckin.

he is not only a GREAT surgeon but he is also a GREAT person, treating people so good, to make them feel comfortable.

I consider myself very lucky after Russia, Greece, Turkey,Germany and USA to meet Dr.Seckin.

Thanking him many times and all his team which is very kind.

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DeeDee (Patient) 11-11-2010
Dr. Seckin was the sixth doctor I saw for a long history of endometriosis and multiple fibroids. The first five doctors’ various treatment plans included: unclear diagnoses, Lupron- “it will take care of the endometriosis”, repeated ultrasounds, MRI’s, multiple fertility tests/procedures, waiting until the pain becomes “ intolerable”, “exploratory” surgery, laparatomy with a 7-8” incision only for the endometriosis and leaving all the fibroids, no response to my request to have help finding or scheduling with a specialist, no option for laproscopic surgery because of scarring, option of a large vertical incision and total hysterectomy.
I was able to see Dr. Seckin within 4 weeks of my initial phone inquiry. He reviewed all of my records to date, did his own ultrasound and presented the option of laproscopic surgery. The treatment plan was to remove the very large fibroid and the one stuck to the bladder. He also planned to remove the endometriosis, freeing the stuck ovary. My procedure included a 4-5” incision as well. My first surgery for these issues did not even address the fibroids and included the 7-8” incision. This was my first with Dr. Seckin. All went according to plan. He did a lot more than what was done in the first surgery and the recovery from his work was so much easier.
I would recommend Dr. Seckin for any gynecological issues. I am so grateful for Dr. Seckin’s knowledge, skill, TRUE expertise, patience, caring, empathic and compassionate nature and for still having my uterus and ovaries. He also spent time talking with my husband and continually asking how he was doing along the way. He said that we might still be able to have children naturally. Just the hope is a gift. Dr. Seckin’s office staff has been polite, efficient, empathic and respectful. It is a pleasure to have an office visit there!

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Maria (Patient) 06-29-2010
I would like to share my experience regarding Dr. Seckin. I had two gyn doctors before I met Dr. Seckin. The first doctor had retired and a friend of mine recommended the second doctor. During my first visit to the second doctor I had given him my history that I had developed cysts during my early 20’s and 30’s. He proceeded to do a pap smear and I had advised him it would be best to also do a sonogram due to my history. He told me that it was not necessary and if I was not planning on having children any time soon that he would see me in two years. I was appalled at the way he handled my situation and decided I would not go back to him. A friend of mine had recently had surgery for endometriosis and I asked her about her gyn doctor. She highly recommended Dr. Seckin and I immediately made an appointment to see him (3 months after seeing the previous doctor).

When I went for my initial visit with Dr. Seckin it turns out I had a fibroid tumor and needed to have it removed. I had mentioned to him about my concerns since I never had surgery in my life and I wanted the option to be able to have children. He assured me that the surgery would be laparoscopic and that a hysterectomy was not an option. During the surgery I not only had the tumor but I also had endometriosis but Dr. Seckin was able to perform the surgery and keep my reproductive organs in tact. He is an exceptional doctor and I would not trust anyone else but him to decide what is best for me.

I had my laparoscopic surgery in December of 2008 and I feel great. The 3 incisions that he made during my surgery are no longer visible.

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Cynthia (Patient) 06-29-2010
Dr. Seckin is an outstanding physician and surgeon. If you have endometriosis, you MUST see him. Most women don't realize all of the implications of this common condition. I certainly didn't, until it was almost too late.

I went through 4 unsuccessful IVF cycles before the Reproductive Endocrinologist referred me to Dr. Seckin, stating there was a possibility he could help me. After a thorough exam, Dr. Seckin took the time to explain my diagnosis (endometriosis & uterine fibroids) and its relationship to infertility. His caring manner and attentiveness to all of my questions convinced me that he was the right doctor and I decided to proceed with laparoscopic surgery as he recommended.

Astonishingly, during the post-op recovery period, I got pregnant. My husband and I weren't even trying to conceive yet!! Plus, I'm 41 years old. I went through 4 cycles of unsuccessful IVF (totaling $80,000 in addition to much emotional stress) but after 1 operation with Dr. Seckin, I conceived naturally. I'm still amazed. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Seckin for his time and expertise. Thanks to his skill, my husband and I will become parents soon!

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Rubina (Patient) 10-06-2009
my OLD OB/GYN told me I had a cyst and endo. She could not care less about the rapidly distending stomach/pain/ or answer my questions and said it was nothing. Dr Seckin is listens quitely, is competant, very experienced. I can not commend him enough and his staff. Dr Seckin's bedside manners are great. I was petrified before surgery, andhe/ his surgical team took at leat half hour per team member reassuring me and making sure they answreded all my questions,concerns and then somemore. Dr Seckin is sympathetic, humble and really understands how awful endo can be, and helps with any needed papers work for work./ins ,request for call back promptly. His reassurance and confidence pulled me through. His extensive experience in surgery and lap procedure goes without mention. There r no words to describe/thank him/recommend him enough.

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Darlene (Patient) 08-02-2009
I will encourage any women to pay Dr. Sechkin a visit. He is a Great GYN. He performed my Laproscopic Myomectomy in may 2005, and i was very satified with the minimal scars i had. Even if i was living in Alaska i would take a plane ride down to visit him especially for a second opinion.

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olga (Patient) 04-30-2009
I went to Dr. Seckin for a second opinion after I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids by my regular gynocologist, who suggested open surgery to remove them, or possibly a partial hysterectomy . However, I felt uncomfortable with open surgery and the lack of options that he provided me with, so I began my internet search to gather as much information as I could about fibroids and what procedures were available for women with this condition. I liked what I found about Dr. Seckin, including the recommendations I found here on this site, and proceeded to make an appointment to see him.

I was a little nervous about seeing a doctor that I found on the internet
without the recommendation of anyone I knew. But when I met with Dr. Seckin, I was put at ease not only by his knowledge, but also by his confident and caring manner. I felt very comfortable with him and decided to have a laproscopic myomectomy.

The procedure went well, as well as my recovery...and more importantly, I still have my uterus. His staff is wonderful and I am so glad I found Dr. Seckin. I highly recommend him!!

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L. Rudnick (Patient) 12-30-2008
My previous gynocologist found a dermoid cyst on my ovary. I am a very nervous patient and wanted a 2nd opinion. My friend recommended Dr. Tamar Seckin. Dr. Seckin squeezed me in and saw me immediately. He agreed with my first diagnosis. He was very kind, calmed me down and eased my nerves. For that reason, I decided to have Dr. Seckin perform the surgery instead of my original doctor. Dr. Seckin explained to me step by step as to what to expect during and after my surgery. My laproscopy surgery was performed in October 2008. My surgery was a success and I dont even have any scars! Dr. Seckin is an expert in his field. He was 100% accurate in everything he told me which made my recovery much easier. He is a warm and caring doctor, and a wonderful person. His secretary Ann in his Brooklyn office was also very kind and extremely helpful to me. My whole experience with Dr. Seckin and his staff was wonderful. I highly recommend this doctor!

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patientann (Patient) 12-01-2008
Dear all:

For anyone suffering from endometriosis, I'd like to recommend Dr. Tamer
Seckin in New York City. Dr. Seckin is a specilist in the areas of
gynocology and gynological ailments and problems (endomitriosis,
fibroids, ovarian cysts, cancer, and OBGYN). Dr. Seckin is a
laporoscopy surgical specialist in these areas with a high percentage
rate for successful, healthy recoveries, includingfertility after
procedures. He helped me with my own case, and today, I am healthy and
doing well and can conceive. Referal: Dr. Tamer Seckin: Obstetrics &
Gynecology: 212.988.1444

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Michele (Patient) 09-03-2008
Today, after leaving the park with the kids, I went home to continue the day. I decided it was OK to remove from my purse, a prescription of percacets, Tylenol 3 plus Thermacare heat wraps. All without fear! That fear of pain at anytime I can be in pain. Grateful and relief is not even close to what I am feeling. I am still searching for the right words to describe this. At any time, I could have pain and totally ruin my day. I had a play date for my youngest (4 years old). I had to ask my neighbor (who was not at my house at this time) to drive this child home. I could not longer take care of the two kids, including my own. This was an unpredictable event. So my life was limited.

I would like to back up and give you more information on getting to this point. 10 years ago, Dr.Reich had done my 4th surgery for endometriosis and ovarian cysts. I had 3 others with my primary gyn. Suffering as long back as when iwas about 16 years old with this, the cyst returning from 2 months to two years later. I knew I needed help. Dr. Reich did extensive surgery for 6 hours. Besides all the endo he removed to free my bladder and intestines, which caused years of constipation I also, had 3 miscarriages by this time. He helped me have my two beautiful healthy children Eight and Four years now. My disease is so stubborn It returned 10 years later.

Now I meet Dr. Seckin. The first time I met him I knew he was the other doctor to help me. I was told by my regular GYN. I can have a hysterectomy, but they were not able to do what these doctors can accomplish. Not laporascopically that is for sure. Dr. Seckin was very busy that day. He came from another office and was right away explains how many woman are told they have all the wrong diagnoses for this disease. I completely understood having lived some of that. Unfortunately it is worse for minorities. His determination and compation for woman and this disease sold me before we completed the exam. When he looked at me through ultrasound, he was a little shocked as to how bad it was. Not to his surprise. With all his experience I knew he could help me the way it needed to be done. I wanted this laporascopically and all my parts. I do not want to have to take replacement hormonal drugs. I want my ovaries. I am 41 and am anticipating menopause naturally. No more risks of cancer than needed. I feel like I have dodged a bullet many times. Cancer is always a risk following this disease. I am writing this to thank Dr. Reich and Dr. Seckin for my life back. Dr. Seckin did extensive surgery this January. I am so grateful and feel good again! My kids need me and my energy (if I want to keep up with them). This is a disease that affects many, and woman need to know they have options. Good options for their health. There are doctors who care and do great things for woman. I don’t know how I would feel mentally and physically without their help. Thank you for all you do. With l... [<a href='read.php?taid=5656'>more..</a>]

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SAR (Patient) 03-11-2008
I am a long time patient of Dr. Seckin. Shortly after one of my first visits, he quickly ascertained that I likely had endometriosis and scheduled me for laporoscopic surgery. That was performed 10 years ago and served to miraculously alleviate my incredilbe monthly pain.

Ten years later, newly married and hoping to start a family, Dr. Seckin, knowing my history and the severity of my disease suggested and another surgery. Two months after that surgery I was pregant and now am now delighted to be in my second trimester. At 40 many others gyns would have been negative on my chances or would have pushed me right to IVF, but Dr. Seckin has a can do attitude.
He is aggressive and while not exactly the most sensitive, he is a talented surgeon who is doing great work in this little explored and understood disease

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RLB (Patient) 01-04-2008
I have been a patient of Dr. Seckin for 20 years. In 1988 I was 7 months pregnant and Dr. Seckin diagnosed placenta abruptia. He did an emergency c-section and saved both my son and myself. Since then, he has taken great care to watch my gynecological health. Most recently did a supracervical hysterecomy, using laprasocpic surgery. The recovery was quick and easy. He promised to preseve my sex-life after the hysterectomy-- and he was true to his word. He is a brilliant surgeon and a terrific diagnostician.

I recommend him without reservation.

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KellyAnne T (Patient) 11-12-2007
I cannot begin to explain how I feel about Dr. Seckin. There are little words that could do him any justice. My story is not a complicated one, rather I have learned it is quite common. In 2002 I had seen a GYN for the first time. I had been so scared to go to a GYN that I kept putting it off. I suffered for years and years with severe menstrual cramps, at times they were even dibilitating ( I could not walk at all). The first GYN I had gone to was out of sheer convenience. I lived right up the block and figured all GYN's were the same. Well this Doctor was absolutely ROTTEN. He made me feel so uncomfortable, and he had little if any bedside manner at all. After my first pap came back this Dr. informed me that I had HPV. I almost died as he said that. I cried and cried til my eyes were so swollen I could barely open them. I thought, how does this happen to someone who does not sleep around? In turn he wanted me to have a procedure done that would cost my insurance 1,000 dollars for him and 1,000 for the labwork. My mother refused to accept his diagnosis, and sought out another doctor. That is when her co-worker had referred me to Dr. Seckin. The moment I met Dr. Seckin I knew that this was the doctor for me. I asked him to screen me for HPV once again, and what do you know? It came back NEGATIVE. I asked him to test me again, just to make sure, and it again came back NEGATIVE!
I did not, and do not have HPV, but Dr. Seckin did suspect I had endometriosis. I had my first Laparascopic surgery in Feb of 2003 and his suspicions were correct. He removed the endometriosis and immediately all my past abdominal and pelvic pain during my menses and sex were gone!. Sadly, 4 years later I had to have a 2nd surgery again with Dr. Seckin, the amount was small, the recovery was quick, the scars barely noticeable.
I have just returned to Dr. Seckin recently in hopes of becoming pregnant. He is monitoring me, because there is a new cyst, we are hoping goes away on its own. But if surgery is needed, I trust his hands and only his hands to do the job.
Dr. Seckin also promised that no matter what - he was going to make sure I have a baby.

I switched my insurance and he is now out of my network, my husband and friends told me to find a new doctor, I told them, I'd rather not see a doctor at all if I cannot see Dr. Seckin. I would not trust another GYN as much as I trust him. He is absolutely WONDERFUL!

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Diana O (Patient) 10-05-2007
I would like to share my medical experinces so other woman know how wonderful and talented Doctor Tamer Seckin really is.

I am a very healthy and fit 45 year old but do have a history of a ruptured appendix at age 17, causing peritonitis and two surgeries to remove abscesses. Subsequently, I had two ectopic pregnancies in my 20’s, causing the removal of one ovary.

As I got older I was aware of my fibroid condition, which seemed to be getting worse in the past few years, as my periods were much heavier and becoming more frequent. My GYN suggested a sonogram, which did reveal a signifinat number of fibroids. Upon consulation, he informed me that a partial and or full hysterectomy was the best and recommednded method to treat this condition. He was very firm about this path to follow and was discouraging about other techniques. After all, I was already almost 46 and not to far away from menopause.

After what I had been through in my past, I did not want a hyserectomy. I also did not wnat to have major abdominal surgery. I began to do more research on my own and had a consultation with an Interventional Radiologist who suggetsed a procedure known as Uterine Artery Embolization. Although it was a new and highy recommneded technique, I never was comfortable with this method and did not feel it was right for me.

I also learned about laproscopic approaches in the treatment of fibroids and was recommnded to Dr. Seckin by a family member who had recently and most successfully had this type of surgery with him in May 2007. She absoulately loved him and said that if anyone could help me, it would be him. I knew my case was more involved than hers based on my age, number of fibroids and most remarkably, my past surgeries which I knew had caused significnat scar tissue and adhesions. I remember feeling so nervous that he would not consider taking my case .

As soon as I met him, I realized the qualities my sister in law spoke to me about. I was overcome by his warmth, compassion, confidence, and his overall great passion for laproscopic surgery. His expertise was amazing to my husband (who is the medical field) and myself. He listended so carefully to my story and spent so much time explaining all the details pertaining to my very complicated case. I immedialtely trusted him with my body and actually my whole life.

Upon two consulations which included reviewing findings of an MRI, we set up the date for the laproscopic sugery. Dr. Seckin was straight forward with me and told me he may have to make a small insicion because of the adhesions and scar tissue, but that he would do everthing to save my uterus. I knew that he meant this from his heart.

My surgery was actually last week. Sure enough, I had 13 fibroids and a significant amount of scar tissue and adhesions. Dr. Seckin did have to make a very small insicion in an existing scar but saved my uterus. The surgey was 4 hours bu... [<a href='read.php?taid=3159'>more..</a>]

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Barbara M (Patient) 02-24-2007
Dr. Seckin is being reffered by Harry Reich's to all former patients. Dr. Seckin was Harry Reich's partner for all the years they practiced in NYC.

Dr. Reich is now only operating in the Cayman Islands and soon ready to retire,I was not willing to travel to the Cayman Islands. For me if I go to the Cayman's it will be a vacation not for surgery. Dr. Reich preformed a Laproscopic Uterine Alblation, D&C, Cyst Removal, & Aterior Rectal Endometriosis removal on me in September 2002. He told me by the time I was 45 - 48 I would most probably need a Hysterectomy due to my family history.

Well during my annual pelvic sonogram exam (So important you will read why) they found a hemorragic ovarian cyst. The radioliogist said retest in 3 months. This was right before my 45th birthday. On my 45th Birthday I met Dr. Sechkin and boy did we hit it off. He was not cut happy, did not even want to see the xrays but he looked at them, and questioned me about my family hystery and why Dr. Reich suggested a hysterectomy in 2002. Well my mom had a pre-cancerous tumor removed which was turning at 45 also due to Endometriosis. That alone changed Dr. Seckins mind and he did a transvaginal ulrasound and upon exam it was not the cyst he was worried about it was the other ovary that was stuck to the uterus with adhesions which the local radiologist missed. His recommendation total LAVH ASAP. BTW my Pap was normal.

On 2/5/07 Dr. Seckin preformed a total LAVH and to his surprise when he was taking everything out my bladder was thin and down to the bone. (Part of the hysterectomy is to do a bladder lift tieing it to the bone) I had lots of problems, when I coughed sneezed, when driving I had to stop every 1/2 hr to urinate. Well my 2 hr surgery was a 4hr surgery with a complete bladder reconstruction. I am now 2 1/2 weeks post-op and healing well.

As it turns out I had a pre-cancerous cervix, uterus, ovaries, and tubes.

He not only SAVED my life - but he gave me life back, I can now hold my urine and he will continue to be my Doctor for all follow-ups for the rest of my life.

Should anyone want any other info please email me at bmapes1@comcast.net.

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