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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Gail (Patient) 05-04-2008
After a month of worry and carrying around a huge tumor, I had surgery. Dr Chapmam explained in "human terms" I was going to be fine, even though I had cancer, they got it all with surgery. She took the time to draw diagrams of the cancer cells, and how they affected my ovary, and how by removing all the other female organs I would be fine. I am 4 weeks post op and feel confident in her assessment of the situation, and will do as instructed by following up every few months for 2 years to ensure the prognosis.

I was referred to Dr Chapman by my MD as Chapman is considered the BEST in the MIDWEST for OB/GYN Oncology.

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alice (Patient) 12-29-2007
I had laser surgery on my vulva in 2004 and Dr, Chapman did the procedure I was given no other alternative except a full vulvectomy when I went to see her,She did the laser radiation on me and i have done some chemo cream in 2006 and have no problems since ,,,she is an eccelant doctor and i will continue with her by my side.Alice

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Gail (Patient) 12-03-2007
Dr. Chapman was recommended to me by my regular Gyn. It was determined that most likely I had ovarian cancer, although many tests were not definitive. Dr. Chapman explained the laparatomy procedure to my husband and myself and left the choice to us as to have surgery or not. I had heard many positive things from other women about Dr.Chapman. I went ahead with sugery and I did have ovarian cancer. Stage IIIC. Dr. Chapman subsequently directed my chemotherapy and after six treatments I'm now in remission. Dr. Chapman saved my life and is now following my progress. I would recommend her to anyone.

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pj2007 (Patient) 07-10-2007
Consultant and doctor for me - endometrial cancer. Explained everything to me and was about same as research I had done. Very detailed in descriptions to me on procedures to be done, diagnosis and results after surgery. I would recommend her to anyone that has endometiral cancer or any ob/gyn related cancers. She seemed very experienced and knowledgeable and encouraging.

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Anita M (Patient) 06-22-2007
I recently underwent a radical hysterectomy and Dr. Chapman did the surgery and taken care of all of my treatment. She made sure at the office that I understood everything that was happening to me and how we would fix it. She made a diagram on paper for my husband and I to take home and she described the whole surgery. Then at the hospital, she visited 1-2 times a day and over saw my learning to catheter at home. She was always cheerful, concerned, attentive to my questions and answered everything fully to my understanding.

I've called the office before and my call is returned by her nurse within two hours. Yesterday, I had a problem getting a prescription filled and her nurse called me back three times within an hour to make sure everything worked out!

Dr. Chapman works at the KU Med Cancer Center and came recommended from another doctor who completed my biopsy.

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BG (Patient) 03-03-2007
I first saw Dr. Julia Chapman after a radiology report that read "highly suspicious ovarian malignancy." She looked at the same results and said, "I don't think so," and she was correct it was endometriosis. She is a great doctor who truly cares about her patients. She listened and understood my biggest concerns. I highly recommend her to women who are facing cancer and need a gynecological oncologist. My surgery was at KU Med Center and it couldn't have gone better. She is an incredible doctor who not only knows exactly what to do but also has compassion for her patients truly a rare combination. A friend whose situation was much more serious than mine received the same kind, caring, professional treatment from Dr. Chapman. I tend to have doctor-phobia, but Dr. Chapman cured me of that too!

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