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Oncology (Cancer) - Ohio Columbus

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(City : Columbus)
(ZIP : 43222)
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George Scott LEWANDOWSKI MD's Special Expertises :
Gynecological Oncology

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tatta (Patient) 03-24-2008
I was referred to Dr. Lewandoski due to very large fibroid tumors. He was very kind, thorough and caring, and he made sure that I completely understood all of my options. After surgery and tests revealed the tumors to be benign, he was demonstrably happy for me. I would recommend him to anyone because he truly cares about his patients.

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horizon (Patient) 03-05-2007
I was referred to this doctor after my OB-GYN suspected cervical cancer. Dr. Lewandowski took a lot of time with my husband and me in his office, where we asked questions and looked at drawings of my cervix, test results, etc. He answered all our questions thoughtfully and made me feel safe and positive.

About a week later he performed a cone biopsy on me, which is an outpatient surgery. He was very skilled as a surgeon. I healed well. We saw him again in his office, where he took the time to adequately explain the diagnosis and prognosis and what treatments were recommended.

He recommended a radical hysterectomy on the second visit but unfortunately my family was relocated before I could have the surgery with Dr. Lewandowski. I would have been completely comfortable with him doing it, though, and would recommend him to other women going through gynecologic cancer issues.

He is knowledgeable in his field, skilled in the operating room, and very open and communicative with his patients. He genuinely seems to care about you and your health.

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Office 745 W State St Columbus 43222
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(614) 2247662
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(614) 2247682

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Oh State Univ Coll Of Med, Columbus Oh 43210
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(38 years of experience)

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