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Strick MAYS MD
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Strick MAYS MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Florida Crestview

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Kristina L (Patient) 07-25-2014
After years of suffering pain
with periods and not knowing why, and I trumped it up to just this is how it is, I relocated with my husband to Crestview , Florida and he was referred to me by my mother In Law then my best friend here, so I went, and he immediately ran certain test and he knew what was going on. We've been on a track to recovery with a full abdominal hysterectomy and he has been amazing.. I highly suggest him to be your Dr if you are searching. He is very straightforward, so be prepared for that and he gives the best care. He not only has helped me but my family and my friend he worked miracles on them to fix their own situations. Thank God for Stricker Mays.

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Brenda (Patient) 08-05-2010
I highly recommend Dr. Mays. He is very thorough in his treatment of the entire women's health.He is trustworthy and listens to what you say. He also explains things in an easy to understand way. Under his care I have had several women's issues addressed and have lost 55 pounds on his metobolic plan. He also did tvt-o bladder surgery with amazing results.

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Patrice (Patient) 07-06-2010
Dr. Mays is, hands down, the most congenial, caring, and efficient doctor I have ever encountered. He thoroughly answers all questions during my visits and seems to have a genuine concern for my well being. I felt totally at ease before, during, and after my major surgery with him. I would highly recommend him. He is phenomenal!

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Vivian (Patient) 01-15-2009
Dr. Mays is patient and caring to his patients. He takes the time to get to know all your symptoms and is not judgmental. He is a great Doctor

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Melissa (Friend) 05-04-2007
Dr. Mays is by far the most wonderful physician that I have ever come into contact with in the North Florida Region. I would highly reccommend him, being the most thoruough and caring GYN around.

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Abby1234 (Patient) 03-17-2007
Focuses on what's best for his patients and takes the time to answer all questions asked. Every time I have called with questions after my surgery, I am immediately connected with his nurse. This office has EXCELLENT service and follow through.

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