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Thomas GREEN
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(City : Murray)
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Vickie (Patient) 05-20-2008
Dr. Green has been my doctor for about 27 years. My oldest child is 26. He had the patience of a saint. But one of his great qualities is he is always, and I mean always ready to stay and talk or listen to what you have to say. And he calls himself with results of tests. He doesn't try to run you through the office like cattle. Amazing doctor and clinic.

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Melissa (Patient) 02-29-2008
Dr Green is the very best. They don't get any better. I started out with Dr. Green and a cyst. He removed it and since then has delivered my three children. If I was to have more (which I am not) He would definalty be the only one to deliver them. This world needs more Dr. like him. He is professional when he needs to be, compassionate when needed and has a wonderfull sense on humor. What else can I say HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!

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Teresa H (Patient) 11-08-2007
Dr. Green delivered both my children, one in 1989 and one in 1992. Both were difficult deliveries but he is a real professional. He kept me calm and reassured during both deliveries. He has treated my for other things in the past 15 years since my youngest was born, and I would recommend him highly to anyone! Caring and compassionate. A truly wonderful man!

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Pam Jackson (Patient) 03-27-2007
Dr. Green is very caring and considerate. He was very patient with me and carefully explained all the details of the procedure prior to surgery. Murray Women's Clinic has a wonderful reputation and has a great staff of doctors. Dr. Green went above and beyond in his duty as a doctor. I highly recommend him.

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Murray Calloway County Hospital
Murray Calloway County Hospital 803 Poplar Street, Murray KY 42071
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Office 305 South 8th Street KY 42071
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(270) 7621100
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(270) 7539300
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