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(City : Texas City)
(ZIP : 77591)
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Dorothy F MERRITT MD's Special Expertises :
Internal Medicine, Chelation Therapy , Thermography, Estek body scans

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angela d (Patient) 03-27-2013
Dr. Merritt was helpful in identifying a gene mutation that was causing so many chronic health problems which have for the most part subsided with taking Deplin samples given to me by her at an appointment. This may save my life. I am grateful.

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heather w (Patient) 08-23-2012
Dr. Merritt goes beyond the Dr. protocal. She cares and listens to everything you have to say. I have been going to her for years and will continue to, even though I have moved out of her area. She has been a good,caring,devoted,and motivated doctor. She is always learning new things in the medical field, and passing the information to her patients. Thats what I love about her. I do suggest her to all my freinds and anyone who ask. If its somthing out of her expertise, she will make sure you go to another great doctor to get the care you need.

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Marty (Patient) 08-05-2012
Dr Merritt saved my life about 15 years ago. Between Ron and herself she goes way beyond to find answers when no one else possibly would. She is so carrying and her areas of expertise way beyond others. I am so thankfully to have Dr Merritt as a physician but also a friend.

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Kim C (Patient) 02-25-2010
I have been a patient of this clinic for over 20 years. She is extremely knowledgable, continually staying abreast of the latest treatments and indications linked to the most obscure of diagnosis'. (I have been personally blessed to have experienced this knowledge firsthand - something few other physicians would have tested for!)

She and her staff take a personal interest in the whole person, not just the 'in-&-out' quick fix for sypmtoms. Additonally, she takes a very proactive approach to healthcare and insurance issues. I too have recommended her to many coworkers, friends & FAMILY who have been extremely satisfied and are continued long-time patients.

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Juliana Sz (Patient) 12-06-2009
I highly recommend this caring, intuitive, skillful doc.
She listens, she cares, & she is REALLY smart about stuff without making people feel dumb for asking a question. She cares, really, about what happens to her patients. Her practice is NOT a "doc in the box throw a pill at everything and make it go away" thing. She's holistic.

Everyone I've sent to her (&I sent a bunch) all have nothing but the highest regard for her. One Korean lady was very afraid to go to any doctor due to the language barrier. The symptoms got SO bad w/the husband I dragged the Korean lady & husband to Dr Merritt. Doc doesn't speak Korean but she gets her point across & if anybody can find whats wrong with a sick pt it's Doc. Korean lady cried next time she saw me. "She good doctor, she treat us like person" EXACTLY.

Her patients matter to her, As a nurse I can promise not all docs are like this, & when she visits the ICU I work in, Dr. Merritt is the only doc I will give my chair to and she's the only doc I get coffee for. For me, that speaks volumes for the respect I have for this doc.

Dr Merritt and her PA Ron treat me for a series of complex chronic issues & they will be my Doc and PA always.

If she could clone herself, that's the only improvement I can think of.

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Bilgrami (Friend) 04-23-2008
Dr. Merritt is a caring, sympathetic and empathetic doctor. She always does her best to make sure every one of her patients gets the time and care he or she needs.
She is also very innovative and forward-looking, always searching for the latest advances in science that she can utilize to better serve her patients.
Dr. Merritt is passionate about the removal of toxic heavy metals through chelation therapy, something most other doctors havent even heard of. Her personalized approach to each patient eliminates the cookie-cutter approach most physicians have towards medicine... using gene test kits, spectracell vitamin assays, and heavy metal testing, she tailors a treatment plan thats fits each patient on an individual level.
If you're tired of being ignored or patronized at the doctor's office, and you want start feeling like a real person with a voice, then Dr. Merritt is the one for you!

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