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Boyd Frederick HELMKAMP MD
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Boyd Frederick HELMKAMP MD
Oncology (Cancer) - Virginia Annandale

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(City : Annandale)
(ZIP : 22003)
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Medical Oncology

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Mickie (Friend) 11-21-2008
In august 2007 my Mother underwent a full hysterectomy for cancer, Dr. Helmkamp was so wonderful, I have never know someone so great. He made my Mother feel special, the care he provided was out of this world. I do beleive in my heart that without Dr. Helmkamp, my Mother would not be here today to enjoy her grandson...

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Tracy (Patient) 05-27-2008
I came to this sight to find Dr. Helmkamp's phone number and read H.A.'s recommendation. My first meeting and experiences are identical to hers except I have been a patient for 19 years. After my initial treatment I remained with him and never went back to my GYN. 5 years later I needed an invasive and extensive surgery (not related to the first treatment) and was so lucky to have such a gifted Surgeon. I have recommended this practice to many friends and all could not be happier.

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H. A. (Patient) 03-24-2008
I highly recommend Dr. Helmkamp! I have been a patient now for almost 5 years. Back in 2003, I was told I had pre-cancerous cells and needed to have a minor procedure to remove them. My original doctor, after passing judgment on me, told me he was going to perform a pretty invasive procedure. I went for a second opinion and was blessed to have found Dr. Helmkamp. He not only was able to tell me more about my situation and all the medical background, but treated me with absolute respect, as if I was a family member. He told me that I did not need that invasive of a procedure and my recover time was half of what I had previously been told. I can not recommend Dr. Helmkamp enough. He truly is a wonderful doctor with such compassion for his patients.

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Cindy (Patient) 02-24-2008
Dr. Helmkamp operated on me in August of 2007. He's gifted in combining the best of modern medicine with the best of bedside manner. He said he would treat me as he would a family member, and indeed he did. As a young hysterectomy patient struggling with such a surgery, I found him compassionate and humble in his approach. He had the expertise that was needed and my surgery, hospital stay and recovery all were a positive experience.

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Jim C (Friend) 02-05-2008
Dr Helcamp operated on my wife January 14th (full hysterectomy) and she was out of bed walking the next day. Came home 2 days after the operation and is recovering well. Most important was the compassionate & thoughtful way that Dr Helmcamp explained the possibility of cancer, and the quick & caring manner in which he let us know that was not a factor. My wife (who is an RN) has profund respect & trust for Dr Helmcamp, and we both truly appreciate his expert work and exemplary bedside manner. Most highly recommended!!

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Ellen M.T. Lerner (Patient) 01-13-2007
Dr. Helmkamp is a Pelvic Oncologist Surgeon. During one of the scariest times in my life, Dr. Helmkamp communicated clearly, made sure I understood my situation and the plan he intended to proceed with. The day after hearing from my family doctor that the mass he found on my ovary could be cancer and I needed to call Dr. Helmkamp first thing in the morning,my husband called him at 9:00am when his office opened and we were in the office by 10:45 that same day. He told me that he treats all of his patients as if they were his own family. After going through with the surgery I can tell you without reservation that he did treat me that way. Dr. Helmkamp gave me the option of starting "HRT" prior to surgery or waiting to see I felt I really needed it. It was a nice feeling that I had some control during this process.

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Office 3289 Woodburn Rd Ste 320 Annandale 22003
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(703) 6987100
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(703) 2079487

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Cornell Univ Med Coll, New York Ny 10021
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