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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Pennsylvania Johnstown

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(City : Johnstown)
(ZIP : 15905)
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Adib Najib KHOUZAMI MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Hope (Patient) 07-11-2009
After many complications with whether I had preeclampsia I was sent to Johnstown by my OB. Dr Khouzami was absolutely amazing and made me feel at ease and as if I was in good hands. I can't even begin to tell the stories I've heard about him, besides mine. He has delivered many of my friends high-risk pregnancies also! He is such a kind and caring doctor and I can't emphasize the patience and understanding he has for all types of people!

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Laurie (Patient) 08-09-2008
I was sent to Dr. Khouzami after being diagnosed with a placenta previa and hemorraging at 26 weeks gestation. I was placed on bed rest in the hospital and he became my doctor. I continued to have contractions until 32 weeks when it became necessary to do an emergency c-section. Thanks to his fantastic care my daughter and I both did wonderfully. Dr. Khouzami seemed to be there anytime day or night and I often wondered if he ever went home! He never rushed through a visit and even pushed me in a wheelchair to the ultrasound department to do the study himself. I would recommend him to anyone and have sent several friends to him.

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Gay (Patient) 10-25-2007
After 10 years of infertility, I found myself unexpectedly pregnant. Since I was already diabetic, my pcp told me I had no choice but to see Dr.Khouzami, a perinatologist in the Johnstown area. I made an appointment, but before I could have my first visit, I began to have signs of a miscarriage. An ultrasound confirms that there was no heartbeat. My first contact with Dr. K came that night when he called personally to talk over what the ultrasound had showed. He was compassionate as I struggled through that dark time, telling me to have "no guilt" over the miscarriage, and was very supportive in encouraging me to try again. Nine moths later, despite PCOS and obesity, I concieved. Dr K supported me through insulin therapy and tension from a high risk pregnancy with mild preecplampsia. Due to his excellent skills as a surgeon, I had no complications from a neccesary c-section, and my beloved son was born in good health. I cannot begin to tell anyone what a gift this man is to women in high risk pregnancies. I will always be in his debt, and thank God for sending me to him. Despite my obesity, I always found him to be respectful, and always takes the time to ask about my family. I cannot say enough good things!

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Shirl (Patient) 09-28-2007
I have also had dealings with Dr.Khouzami.I had to see him for a high risk pregnancy in 2006.He was very confident and comforting,that i could delivery safetly and that the baby would be ok too.I delivered March of 06 and he was early but healthy.Had it not been for the faith of this doctor and the trust i had in him they would of sent me to Pitt.I also know he returns your phone calls himself with any concerns or problems you may have.Im quite confident that this pregnancy with have the same positive results as the last.As i am see'ing him throughout this pregnancy too.I wish there were more doctors with the same respect and confidence he has.I have recommended him to all friends and family who mention needing a good doctor.

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Misti (Patient) 04-24-2007
I have been a patient of Dr Khouzami since he came to our area in 1999. He delivered 2 of my 4 children. In 1999 and 2005. He is an awesume doctor..great bedside manner, trustworthy, and very caring...not a in and out in 5 minute no time for questions doctor. He even returns his own phone calls to answer any questions or concerns you may have. He listens to you and remembers you...to alot of doctors you are just a number but not to Dr. Khouzami. He seen me with my baby he delivered 9 months later at the hospital because she needed ear tubes for recurrent ear infections and he took the time to come over to me while we were in the recovery area to check on my daughter to see what was wrong. Besides being a high risk pregnancy patient I have also received treatment for ovarian cysts and most recently a fibroid on my uterus resulting in a hysterectomy. I am one and half weeks post op from that surgery and I feel pretty good and I feel that is due to his caring hands that my recovery is going so well. I recommend him to anyone I hear saying the need a ob/gyn doctor...family..friends...even strangers!

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Full-Time Hospital Staff
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1111 Franklin St Ste 300 Johnstown 15905
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(814) 5349230
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(814) 5349465

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Medical School
American Univ Of Beirut, Fac Of Med, Beirut, Lebanon
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(31 years of experience)

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