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Gregory Knox WHITAKER MD
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Gregory Knox WHITAKER MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Georgia Savannah

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(City : Savannah)
(ZIP : 31405)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for Gregory Knox WHITAKER MD
Kenyara M (Patient) 05-14-2012
He is wonderful everytime I go to see him he makes me feel like I am friend/family member not just a patient. He takes his time and answers any questions I may have and relieves my worries.

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Karen (Patient) 05-31-2011
Dr.Whitaker is a Great Doctor. I do agree with one lady. I do miss his other staff and at candler. I would drive 3 hours.I dont care for staff he got.Dr.Whitaker is a awsome Doctor.

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Teresa (Patient) 11-30-2010
I have been a patient of Dr. Whit's for the last 15+ years. He is an incredible doctor and the most wonderful bedside manner. I feel like family when I go there. He is currently in practice with another physician and the office staff does leave a lot to be desired. Very unprofessional to say the least. I miss his office staff at Candler Professional, Lolli & Susan. I must say I will keep going because he is worth the aggravation.

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Melissa (Patient) 10-05-2009
I love Dr. Whitaker! He is the only doctor who actually cared enough to find out "why" I was having miscarriages!! I am now awaiting the birth of my second child. He is wonderful and caring. BUT...his office staff is horrible!! I wait for 2 hours every time I have an appointment. The office manager is incredibly rude. I called several times because I was having trouble with my insurance paying for my prescription for blood thinners (which is preventing me from miscarrying) and the office manager was very short with me, told me that she would get the message to Dr. Whitaker. When I called back 2 days later, he had not received any message. After my child's birth, I will not see Dr. Whitaker again, unless he changes offices. He is awesome but his staff needs to learn how to treat patients with respect and dignity.

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ataloss (Patient) 10-10-2007
Hi I am/was a patient of Dr. Whitaker. I agree with the lady who said he is great but the office staff is not quite up to his level of "excellence". I drove 3 and a half hours to see Dr Whitaker based on a referral from a friend because I had remarried and want more than anything to become pregnant after a endometrial ablation. I was given what seemed to be encouraging news on my first visit and was rescheduled for a follow up appointment for a ultasound to determine what our options were. I drove the 3 1/2 hrs to see him and when i got there he had "emergencies" and I was left in the hands of his staff to perform the test. I was upset to find out that it was a different kind of ultrasound than what was ordered. I questioned them more than once and they kept saying its fine this will tell him what he needs to know...so I told them i would wait for him and thats when a nurse called me in a "CUBBY HOLE" right next to a room where the door was left open where a family was listening to the heart beat of their unborn child....where she proceeds to tell me "look the test shows that there is just no way possible you will ever be able to have children....as I began to sob at the coldness of her attitude her response was "oh I know thats not what you wanted to hear?" ??????? I responded by NO it is not what i wanted to hear you just ripped every hope and dream of being a mother away from me while I watch someone else experience theirs. Now having said that Dr whitaker is a wonderful loving nurturing professional and I think it is VERY VERY unfortunate that every good thing he does and stands for is being demeaned by unprofessional and uncaring staff members. If you have the privelege of meeting this Dr you will truly fall in love and be highly impressed and that is a huge IF because you will need a whole day to wait and put up with a bunch of crap at the front desk. And if anyone knows of anyone who can recommend a dr that could help me with the ablation thing please let me know I am open to anything.

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moo (Patient) 08-22-2007
I have been a patient of Dr. Whitaker's for several years. He is the best! He is truly a great doctor. Although, he has relocated to a new office. His office staff leave much to be desired. If you make an appointment, you should call before you go and make sure that he is in. I have drove 55 miles to an appointment for them to tell me they "tried" to call and tell me he had an emergency c-section. I understand emergencys (God knows babies can't wait!) but the staff were very short and inconsiderate. This SAME exact thing happened to my mother 6 months ago. She drove 50+ miles to be told he wasn't going to be in. Also- in the midst of everything, I went to retrieve my records only to find out that they did not have them. They were packed in storage in Atlanta!!!! In all reality, the attitude of the office staff is what has turned me away from Dr. Whitaker. So, IF you get to see him (and get past the office), HE is a wonderful doctor. I just hate that his staff is his enemy. I miss Lolly and Susan !!!!!!!

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BILLIE COLLINS (Patient) 05-14-2007

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chuchababy (Patient) 05-10-2007
Dr. Whitaker is above and beyond a remarkable OB/GYN physician and surgeon. I cannot recommend him MORE HIGHLY!!! His skills are phenomenal, and his bedside manor is so incredibly caring and reassuring. When he is with you, he is with YOU, and he devotes himself to you 100%. . .no matter what. He held my hand (literally) until I went to sleep for my surgery (LSH on 5/3/07), and he always greets me and my family with a big hug and an, "I love you, God bless you." Actually, Dr. Whitaker was the 1st OB/GYN to perform this cutting-edge surgical procedure in Savannah, GA, and now he teaches it to other surgeons. I'm proud to say that he also delivered my son almost 21 years ago. I am just as glad as I can be to sing Dr. Whitaker's praises! I'd also like to recommend Candler General Hospital, if I may. The banner that flies above their entryway says it all. . .that through those doors, the greatest and most dedicated minds in the field of medicine reside. . . Take it from me, you can truly BELIEVE IT!

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