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Elizabeth Owens FAGAN MD
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Elizabeth Owens FAGAN MD
Family Medicine - New Jersey Summit

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New Jersey

(City : Summit)
(ZIP : 07901)
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Elizabeth Owens FAGAN MD's Special Expertises :
Family Medicine

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Anna (Patient) 01-02-2008
Dr. Fagan is amazing! I have been going through a long series of medical problems and she has been incredibly attentive and helpful. For two months, I spoke with her on the phone at least 2 times a week and she was neevr impatient. She put real time and effort into finding out what was wrong with me and made it clear that she would not stop searching until I was healthy again.

Without Dr. Fagan, I would still be running from specialist to specialist in desperation. She is a true doctor inevery sense of the word, caring, dedicated, intelligent, persistent, and, most importantly, a wonderful listener. She will always hear what you have to say and keep listening until she finds a way to heal you. She is also a calming and cheerful presence and always makes sure you fully understand what she has told you. I would recommend her to anyone I care about!

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LaTanya (Patient) 06-05-2007
Dr. Fagan is a wonderful Family Practice physician. She is the Assistant Director of the Overlook Family Practice in Summit, NJ. She listens, she asks questions, she not afraid to examine, she knows her stuff, she's funny, she's easy to talk to, she returns phone calls promptly and she's on the money when it comes to diagnosing and prescribing medications. The best thing about her is that she cares about her patients and I am so lucky to have found her after going through four bad physicians before running into her. She was a relief when I was going through dehydration, high blood pressure, migraines and fatigue during my 1st trimester. She worked with me for three days until we got everything right. I thank God for Dr. Fagan.

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33 Overlook Rd Ste 108 Summit 07901
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Hospital Phone # :
(908) 5225700
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(908) 2738014

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Medical School
Jefferson Med Coll-Thos Jefferson Univ, Philadelphia Pa 19107
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(19 years of experience)

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