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Joseph Albert PINEDA MD
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Joseph Albert PINEDA MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Louisiana Shreveport

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(City : Shreveport)
(ZIP : 71118)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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lotzaspotz (Patient) 09-04-2014
Although Dr. Pineda didn't deliver my daughter (we were military and she was delivered at the base hospital), I've been seeing Dr. Pineda for many, many years for OB-GYN examinations, yearly checkups, mammogram referrals, etc. He is a very caring, invested physician who truly cares about the welfare of his patients. During my first appointment, he "interviewed" me for approximately 30 minutes about my health habits, whether I smoked (big NO-NO there, if you smoke, be prepared for a lecture - big jar of dark goopy stuff with butts stuck in it that represents your lungs on cigarettes sits on his desk). I had never had that happen before, and it was a nice surprise. He also treated a young lady who was an acquaintance of my daughter's for her pregnancy with twins, and who had an emergency situation and didn't see a doctor prior to that moment in time. He immediately put her in the hospital and more than likely saved her life and the life of her twins. He answers your questions, won't hesitate to tell you if you're doing something to counter his efforts to keep you healthy, and in general, you couldn't be in better hands.

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dee (Patient) 08-12-2013
dr pineda delivered my daughter in 2011 and he was perfect. he is very strict but only because he truly cares about the welfare of the baby no matter what race. I am now pregnant again 8/12/2013 and he told me "you know how I feel and how strict I am" I just laughed and said I remember. I had a c section which the scare is so thin you don't know its there, and im having another next year. I love him very much for loving and caring about the health of my unborn child. he said"this baby is mine up until you deliver" and that's how he treats the pregnancy

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Jessica M (Patient) 08-05-2011
I dont know who it was bad mouthing this doctor, but i have been a patient of his for seven years and he delivered my first child last year by C-section. i have had no troubles out of the surgery and my scar is a very thin white line. He is not crude, yes he is very demanding and hard on his patients but he is trying to be in the best interest of the innocent child. He was crucial on me about my weight but also told me i was gaining it to fast and i would have to have c-section because of this, WOW and thats exactly what happened. I also found out what i was haveing at 12 weeks and no he does not give a 100 percent expectancy of what to be expecting but that is to save his back incase a child came out the opposite sex he wouldnt get the heat. HIS PERSONAL LIFE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS PROFESSIONAL ABILITY

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Amy (Patient) 10-24-2010
I have been a patient of Dr. Pineda's for 18 years. He delivered both of my children. In my opinion, he is the most caring OB/GYN in Shreveport. I have even recommended him to several family members who are now his patients. His staff wonderful. I never have a problem getting in touch with his nurse. She is very quick to return calls.

I don't know about his personal life. I don't care to know his personal life. I do know that he is a wonderful, caring, and experienced doctor.

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Sherry (Patient) 06-20-2009
I have been a patient of Dr. Pineda since 1995. He delivered three of my children and was my primary care physician. Dr. P always enters the examining room with a big smile and a "nice to see you again". He has been practicing for 26 years. Some might not know this, but he might have been the first doctor in Shreveport to invest in Gardasil, the immuniztion that prevents cervical cancer caused by HPV. He didn't just become a doctor and stop learning. He continues to stay abreast of all things concerning his field. When I've been worried about a problem, he is comforting and reassuring. I trust Dr. Pineda! I can't think of a way he could possibly improve himself.

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Debra C (Patient) 05-04-2009
Dr. Pineda was my ob/gyn for years - and specifically - through my first years of pre-menopause, and during menopause.

Trust me, when I tell you, if anyone could find fault whether deserved or not with a physician - it would be during this time!!!!!

His staff was delightful and always laughed with me because I told them my cats had to wear earmuffs for me to be cool enough.

Dr. Pineda was then, and I am sure, is now a delightful, intelligent, caring physician who had the absolute BEST of bedside manners, and attentive care. He was relaxed and friendly, but never inappropriate. He is the only physician I've ever gone to who was as likely to schedule a time to just sit in his office and talk with you, as he was to schedule an examination. He truly is just wonderful and I would love it if he could still be my doctor.

Dr. Pineda - I'm in San Diego now and LOVIN' it! Come on out!

Debra Collet

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Karen (Patient) 02-27-2009
I highly recommend this doctor. I'm not sure what the beef is with the person who wrote the negative comments, but I have nothing but praise for him. He recently performed a hysterectomy on me. He is the most communicative doctor I have ever met. He explained everything that could go wrong during surgery and made sure my husband and i understood and answered any and all questions.

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Jenn (Patient) 06-03-2008
One of the most compassionate, intelligent and caring doctors I have been too. Dr. Pineda is truly a wonderful doctor with a great bed side manner. All of my children were delivered by him. I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. P. Highly reccommended!!

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Shannon (Patient) 05-07-2008
I have been a patient of Dr. Pineda's since my 6th week of pregnancy. He is very thorough, has a great bedside manner, and is knowledgeable about all pregnancy related issues. His staff is friendly and warm. You can't go wrong with this Doctor!

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Kristy (Patient) 06-19-2007
I highly recommend Dr. Pineda for any of your ob/gyn care. I have been his patient for about 8 years and he delivered both of my children by c-section. He is a very intelligent, down to earth, compassionate, and understanding doctor. He is a doctor who always ask if you have any questions and truly LISTENS to his patients. His staff is awesome too!

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