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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Washington Seattle

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(City : Seattle)
(ZIP : 98133)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Holly H (Patient) 07-15-2009
This doctor performed surgery on me for a ectopic pregnancy. She was very through, professional, kind and funny. If I did not already have an established gynecologist, I would definitely had started goin to Dr. Jordan. A+

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mary w (Patient) 04-24-2009
I have never had a doctor sit down and ask so many questions pertaining to my health issues. Also, I have never had an exam that was so painless and non-invasive yet thorough. I am sending my daughter to her...she really is the best.

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Lynnel J (Patient) 12-17-2007
Dr. Jordan is wonderful. She is compassionate and knows her field. I have been a patient for close to a decade now and every situation is met with thorough consideration and skill.

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Marsha Long (Patient) 01-13-2007
Dr. Lisbeth Jordan works in Seattle, WA at Women's Salish Health. She was my gynecologist for several years. I feel it is very important when choosing a physician that both of you have the same ideals on your medical treatment. Dr. Jordan is very thorough and made sure that all of my gynecological concerns were addressed and any tests or mammograms were followed through on. Her approach to the use of medicines is conservative, as is mine. When I finally decided that I wanted to consider a hysterectomy she was very thorough in explaining the risks, the procedure, and the recovery as well as other options I could consider. My hysterectomy ended up being a 6+ hour surgery. There was a lot more messed up with my plumbing than either of us expected. She did an incredible job and made sure that all of my "parts" were in good working order. She made sure I had plenty of recovery time. The surgery changed my life and although any OB/GYN could have done it, no one could have given me the reassurances and compassion that Dr. Jordan did. I felt very confident in her skills and she went out of her way to make sure that surgery was successful. Thanks Dr. Jordan.

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Office 1560 N 115th St Ste 212 Seattle 98133
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Office Phone # :
(206) 3632800
Fax # :
(206) 3632811

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Mayo Med Sch, Rochester Mn 55905
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(24 years of experience)

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