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Ken SINERVO MD's Books & Publications :
A noted author and speaker, Dr Sinervo has many abstracts, publications and presentations to his credit. He has also performed live surgery for the AAGL annual international surgical conference, and served as Chairman of the Endometriosis Special Interest group. He remains an active, contributing member of many additional professional medical and healthcare societies and is routinely featured in leading consumer and professional health publications. He is also pleased to serve on the Medical Advisory Board of various women's health organizations. Most recently, he is featured in EndoWhat?, a groundbreaking documentary on endometriosis.

Ken SINERVO MD's Special Expertises :
In addition to being a compassionate, highly skilled endometriosis surgeon who has helped thousands of patients from over 50 countries, Dr Sinervo is also a Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Fell...

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Isabella (Patient) 04-22-2018
CEC and Dr. Sinervo were exactly what I needed. After having 2 endo surgeries by the time I was 16, I needed a third in less than one year. My OBGYN didn't want to do anything more and we had exhausted all alternative resources with no help. We found Dr. Sinervo and went forward with working with him. He was the best thing that could have happened for me. He took care of my endometriosis and several other things wrong that he found during my surgery. After being on pain meds for 2 months prior to finding Dr. Sinervo, I had less pain immediately after surgery and was off pain meds within 5 days of the surgery! Dr. Sinervo is the most kind, competent and compassionate doctor around!

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dpalace (Patient) 04-06-2018
I researched endometriosis on my own and submitted my patient packet to the CEC and within a few weeks Dr. Kongoasa called me and said that my history indicated that I probably had endometriosis, which I was happy to hear because my Gyno had somewhat dismissed my concerns and gave me antibiotics. I had read that the CEC was top notch in excision of endometriosis, and they definitely are. I was able to have an appointment with Dr. Kongoasa soon after since I am local and met with Dr. Sinervo right before my surgery. They were both knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. They did find and excise endometriosis and have been helpful during my recovery and answer any questions that come up. Dr. Sinervo who did my surgery was very kind and showed my parents photos and explained everything that he found right after the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Sinervo or Dr. Kongoasa if you suspect endometriosis. The staff at the CEC are also amazing and personable, I really felt that they cared about me.

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MA (Patient) 04-06-2018
For the past three years, I was suffering from the pelvic pain every day. My life totally was affected because of this pain. I was getting depressed gradually and I had wished to die because none of my doctors could find the cause of my pain. I had met several OBGs and specialists regarding my health issue, and I had done laparoscopy surgery and lots of procedures in this regard. The only advice of doctors to me was either to take birth control or to do the hysterectomy. They would not care much about finding the cause of my problem. After three years suffering I found Dr. Kenny R. Sinervo through a miracle. I really praise God for getting to know him and his compassionate and kind team. I believe Dr. Kenny R. Sinervo is the best OBG specialist in the world. He is a very kind, Compassionate, caring, dedicated, and responsible person. His positive attitude and especially praying with me before the surgery was very precious to me. After the surgery, I was free of pain. Dr. Kenny R. Sinervo changed my life and I never forget what he did for me. He is always in my prayers. I wish we had more doctors like him in the world.

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Kristi B (Patient) 04-03-2018
Dr. Sinervo was amazing! Very respectful. I felt like he truely cared about me and what I was going through and what I was about to go through after surgery. He had the best bed side manners I've ever seen a doctor have. He held my hand as I was going under and came to check on me in the hospital the day after. He kept my mother very much updated through the surgery. I would recommend him to anyone who deals with endometriosis. AMAZING DOCTOR!!!!

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kayled (Patient) 11-02-2017
From the very first visit with Dr Sinervo he was pleasant, informative, reassuring, and hospitable. He eased mine and my husbands minds every time we spoke with him. Prior to being put in contact with Dr. Sinervo, I had 3 previous surgeries related to Endo. However, I had never found relief from pain and I was always made to feel like it wasn't that bad so I shouldn't be hurting, or that I was making everything up. I had surgery last week by Dr Sinervo, and immediately waking from surgery I noticed something different, I wasn't in that bad of pain to had just been operated on. Even during my stay at the hospital, my nurses were pretty shocked at how I was managing pain.. I really wasn't feeling much. After getting home, I started to feel a little more pain, however I have continued to heal better and faster than any surgery before! I can already tell that as soon as I am healed up I will be in great shape... no more endo pain!!! This is such a relief and I am so thankful for Dr Sinervo and his staff! I am so excited to get back to normal life and not have endo effecting every move I make! My husband and I want to try for a family in the near future, and I have such high hopes now. Thank you Dr Sinervo for being the Dr that you are and truly caring about your patients! You have been a blessing to me and my husband!

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Amber (Patient) 10-06-2017
I have had endometriosis for most of my adult life, was misdiagnosed in Undergrad and even in Graduate school. I lost an ovary due to this. When I met Dr. Sinervo he has worked so hard on my behalf to preserve my reproductive tract, as I still wanted to conceive.
He has performed a few surgeries on me under his care due to endo, fibroids, polyps and adenomyosis. I can not begin to thank him for taking the time to explain what we are doing and why. He is the best surgeon for endometriosis and I pray for him everyday. He is the nicest, most humble surgeon I ever met. You will be in great hands with him. I only wish I found him firs,t so many years ago. Been under his care since 2013 to present. We just had my last surgery on 8/24/17. And because of him I am no longer anemic, weak and I am regaining my health and happiness everyday.

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SHIRALI P (Patient) 09-17-2017
I am blessed beyond words to have received care from Dr. Sinervo and his team at CEC. I had my surgery on 8/23/2017 and couldnít possibly thank Dr. Sinervo and his entire team enough for going above and beyond in providing excellent care throughout the process. Dr. Sinervo is highly skilled surgeon with deep and thorough understanding of the disease. He answered all my queries, doubts and questions very patiently and put my mind at ease the very first time I met him. I had stage IV endometriosis with large ovarian cysts and was very anxious and nervous going in for surgery. Dr. Sinervo put my mind at ease once again by explaining the procedure in detail, customizing my treatment plan and answering all my concerns in pre-op meeting. He also prayed for me prior to the surgery. His knowledge, surgical expertise, compassion and his genuine concern for his patientsí well-being is unparalleled. He is by far the most skilled, considerate and compassionate doctor I have ever come across. I truly wish him and his team tons of success in the future and hope and pray that CEC continues to help and mend lives of women who are suffering from this debilitating disease.

May God continue to bless you and your team, Dr. Sinervo!

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Amy M (Patient) 09-26-2016
You will not find a more compassionate and skillful physician to care for you. He listens and is world renowned for his expertise. You are truly in good hands with Dr. Sinervo.

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Jennifer K (Patient) 09-12-2016
I can't imagine there is anyone on the planet more skilled in his profession than Dr. Sinervo. Along with that, he has the most comforting bed side manner of any doctor I have ever worked with. His explanations are straight forward and concise yet he is warm and funny and kind. He prayed with me in pre op, and held my hand until i went under but the best part was he had tommy tutones song, Jenny (867-5309) playing as i was wheeled in and i genuine grin on his face.
I am one of a small handful of patients he has seen with ovarian remnant syndrome. Before seeing him i had collectively had 12 abdominal surgeries 7 of which came AFTER my oopherectomy for ovarian cysts and endometriosis.
I wish i would have found Dr Sinervo at the first sign of trouble years ago because he has the expertise and the passion to make his patients well and whole again.
I traveled to atlanta from Kansas city to do this for myself. Every member of his staff is sweet and knowledgeable. Don't let the great of travel scare you off. And please take it from me...someone who has spent countless days away from work and spent a ton of money with other doctors....go to the best right of the bat. He's worth every penny. You are worth the investment to get AND stay well.

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Megan M (Patient) 02-26-2016
This dr has done so much for me. I was suffering excruciating pain from endometriosis for years and became very underweight due to being unable to keep food down because of the pain. I used to go unconcious because the pain was so bad. I was unable to sit up, I was bedridden for years, in the hospital constantly. I had so many surgeries prior to seeing him without relief, tried so many different medications and my pain just continued to get worse. We decided to drive about 35hrs to see him (I could not be in a airplane and sit) He has been the most compassionate, skilled and knowledgable Dr I have ever met. I had excision surgery with him removing my endometriosis and am now no longer having any endometriosis pain thanks to him. Dr Sinervo was very caring and understanding about how bad my pain was and was there for me supporting me and giving me hope that it would get better. Seeing Dr Sinervo was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I highly reccomend seeing him.

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Brandilyn (Patient) 09-21-2015
I highly recommend Dr. Sinervo at the Center for Endometriosis Care. They are extremely knowledgeable about this insidious disease. If you have suspected endo or adeno skip the others and go straight to them. I had a lap done about a year ago with my local obgyn and there was a lot of endo missed and even some came back worse. Dr. Sinvero is also highly knowledgeable about adhesions, adeno, and a host of other women's issues that a lot of other obgyn's are just in the dark about. I had excision of endometriosis, a lap assisted vaginal hysterectomy. I was diagnosed with stage 2 endo, adeno, had appendix fallopian, and 6 sites of endo excised when my local gyno said I looked great. I was truly amazed and thankful I came to Dr. Sinvero and the Center for Endometriosis Care.

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Suzanne M (Patient) 05-17-2014
A few words simply cannot express what I found at the Center for Endometriosis Care with Dr. Ken Sinervo, MD, Medical Director. Iíve never had and still do not have Endometriosis, but read about their Center online. I had a colectomy replacing my colon with a J-Pouch back in 2001 due to severe Ulcerative Colitis. First, I must say, my husband and I were pleasantly surprised that Dr. Sinervo knew much about that type of surgery (not many doctors Iíve spoken to are familiar with the details of it, except my colorectal specialist).

This surgery created scar tissue/adhesions which over the years have not caused many problems. However, due to a current Laparoscopy, it was determined that the adhesions were engulfing my ovaries (which we knew from previous Laps) and engulfing my tubes and attaching them to my J-Pouch. We were perplexed, because it made no sense that after so many years, this scar tissue would all of a sudden cause 24/7 pain in a band around my lower abdomen and lower back. The pain was constant and was a cramping, throbbing pain much more severe than regular menstrual cramping. I was taking Ultram and Ibuprofen and ruled out muscular spinal issues and bladder issues with a series of X-Rays, MRIís, Cystoscopy, Ultrasounds, etcÖ My Ob/Gyn did feel that there was a possible infection called endometritis. Once the Lap was done, that was ruled out also.
When researching endometritis, I came upon the Center for Endoís website through a connection with a lady whose interview I read online regarding her endometriosis issues. I emailed her and she wrote right back. She gave so much information and it turned out that she worked for Dr. Sinervo as his Surgical Program Director. Not only that, but they were located in Atlanta, GA where my in-laws reside. Lastly, she informed me that Dr. Sinervo removes all adhesions, not only endometriosis.

In the past, when my husband & I first found out about the adhesions on my ovaries, we were told we could not conceive. Scar tissue removal was not a suggestion. All doctors or surgeons would tell me that it would grow back immediately. However, Dr. Sinervo believes all adhesions should be removed and there is a less than 15% chance for the tissue to return. This was new information to us. He is a pioneer in his medical field!
It was suggested to me to mail my current laparoscopy results and other medical information, as well as a written document to explain my history. I mailed that package in quickly and Dr. Sinervo reviewed it for free and also called us and did a free phone consultation with us. His diagnosis (based on my medical files and symptoms) was that I had Adenomyosis in my Uterus. He recommended a partial hysterectomy, leaving possibly my cervix and one ovary.

His confidence in his diagnosis was what ultimately made our decision. He did not talk down to us, although, he clearly knew his stuff! He was patient on the phone, not in a rush while listening and ans... [<a href='read.php?taid=15832'>more..</a>]

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mattie w (Patient) 04-09-2014
dr, sinervo and his staff are absolutely wonderful i could not say enough about the center for endometriosis adn dr sinervo. he has changed my life and i wish every person who needs help could go to him. they are life savers and amazing people who are super caring about all there patients. truly out of this world compassion and understanding from dr sinervo and his staff. he gives people there lives back and removes endo and from what ive heard also helps those with infertility. he seems to good to be true i assure you he is not.

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Rebecca (Patient) 03-26-2014
I had surgery with Dr. Sinervo in June 2010 for endometriosis. He is an extremely compassionate physician who truly changed my life. I typically see only female gyns as I am uncomfortable with a male doc. He went above and beyond to make me as comfortable as possible. I am now almost 4 years post surgery, and am still endo pain free!!! Simply can not recommend Dr. Sinervo highly enough! Forever grateful to this awesome doc!

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Julie (Patient) 01-24-2014
Dr.Sinvero is one of the most compassionate knowledgeable doctors when it comes to someone suffering from endometriosis and adenomyosis. He performed my partial hysterectomy Jan.2013 which for me was a complete success. His office staff made the process very easy to schedule the surgery. They also stayed on my health insurance company to get the most out of my claim. Everyone is very caring there. If you have any questions, they get back to you immediately. This is a place that truly cares for their patients well being. Thanks to Dr.Sinervo's expert skills, I am happy to report my life has return back to normal.

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LindsayLMHC (Patient) 12-02-2013
I cannot say enough about this doctor and the Center for Endometriosis Care! Because of Dr. Sinervo I have my miracle baby and I went 5 years pain-free because of the excision surgery he performed of my endometriosis.

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Sherril J (Patient) 08-18-2013
Dr. Sinervo of the Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta specializes in the treatment of endometriosis. He preformed LAVH, excision of endo and an appendectomy on me recently. He uses the most current and effective methods of treatment and surgery and he and the entire staff of the Center are excellent. If you have to have surgery for endo this is one of the best places to go. I wish I lived close enough to go there for all of my endo treatment... and I wish I had known about him 12 years ago when I had surgery for endo.

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Steph (Patient) 04-11-2013
I cannot say enough about this individual. From my first contact with Dr. Sinervo, and throughout the entire process of excision, it was evident to me that this individual is kind, caring, and passionate about his work. Within eight hours of submitting my initial request form he contacted me. He wanted to know what questions I had, even before submitting my file for review. Upon meeting Dr. Sinervo, I gained a greater appreciation for how deeply he cares for his patientsí well being. He treated me and my family with the knowledge and compassion I had been looking for in a doctor. Before surgery he came and said a prayer with me, and in the OR room he held my hand until I was under. This is a man who truly cares about his patients: not as passive receptacles for his work, but as human beings who have experienced suffering and struggle. Dr. Sinervo has shown me a kindness that I will never forget.

Since going to the CEC, I know that I do not walk this hardship alone. I cannot possibly encourage endometriosis suffers to seek out Dr. Sinervo and his talented team enough. I hold these people in the highest esteem.

To wrap this up, I am only three weeks out of surgery, but already I know that I am free from endo. Fatigue and chronic pain have lifted. I feel more myself than I have in a long time. My stage IV endo had me somewhat used to the near consistent pain that racked my body, no longer. The quality of my life has drastically improved, and I am still healing! I never dreamt that I would be able to inhabit my body comfortably again, yet I am. I cannot recommend Dr. Sinervo highly enough!

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kyla c. (Patient) 02-24-2013
Dr. Sinervo and everyone at the CEC were amazing! I had two prior surgeries, over 15 doctors, every type of treatment, and Dr. Sinervo allowed me to feel relief. Not only that but he was the only doctor that said it was still possible for me to have a baby when otgers told me no. I recently had my son with a naturally delivery and i still feel amazing. If i ever do feel pain again i will most certainly be calling Dr. Sinervo again. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone suffering from endo!

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Shani (Patient) 11-17-2011
I flew from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta G.A in order to accomplish this mission of getting back to a "normal life"!! The staff is amazing and willing to assist in any and every way. Dr. Sinervo is one of the absolute "BEST" ENDO specialist I have ever met in my entire life. He is considerate, flexible, HIGHLY intelligent, caring, and last but not least; he is a listener. A "Listener" is what is lacking in "the normal" every day GYN community. Regular GYNís are so quick to do a surgery, then after the surgery, they ask "WHY" you are still in pain? And then they want to give you a referral to a psychologist, because they believe you are "making up the pain" or you are "Drug seeking"!

Moreover, Dr. Sinervo conducted my surgery in May of 2008. After having many procedures to remove endometriosis, yet I still had/have my pelvic pain return and I felt horrible. To top it off; in addition, to Endo, I also suffer severely from IC (Interstitial Cystitis), which he also managed to treat during my surgical procedure (Hysterectomy). Dr. Sinervo prayed with me and when I open my eyes, I was in the recovery room. He came to visit every day while I was in the hospital. Dr. Sinervo is more than a doctor he is; an angel, confidant, kindhearted, authentic, and intensely conscious on his craft.

If you are a woman or young girl out there suffering from Endometriosis and do not have an avenue to turn to for assistance, then I firmly advocate for Dr. Sinervo office. This is an office that understands. They operate on, speak with, and research Endo! Therefore, if anyone feels your pain or know your pain they do! Do NOT WAIT!!! Get HELP/Excellent Help that is....ASAP.

Thank you,


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Karrie W. (Patient) 07-15-2011
Dr. Sinervo and his staff have my everlasting gratitude and appreciation. I spoke with them several times before my surgery, and even when I had to reschedule twice due to bronchitis, they were gracious and compassionate.

When I actually got to the clinic and met everyone in person, they exceeded my expectations in attitude and warmth. I instantly felt at home and in the presence of good, caring people.

Dr. Sinervo took his time with my husband and me. I never felt rushed and asked every single question I had spent months pondering. He was calm and soothing without being insincere or tooting his own horn. He was human and extremely easy to talk to.

The morning of my surgery, I was getting nervous in the operating room. Dr. Sinervo had already made accommodations for the inflammation in my pelvis. He helped the nurses position my legs, himself.

Best of all, Dr. Sinervo saw I was anxious and took my hand before I went under. I appreciate that gesture so much - especially as he was tactful and about it. I knew I was in good hands.

I am now healing well and his staff has taken my phone calls and gone out of their way to help me when I needed it.

I would take my own daughter to Dr. Sinervo and know that she was in the best hands out there.

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Nikki (Patient) 04-03-2011
Having dealt with Endometriosis for 13yrs, I was researching different treatment methods once again when I stumbled upon The CEC in Atlanta. I read their website thoroughly and for once everything made sense! My husband and I decided to go ahead and send my medical records in and have him take a look (we live in OH). he called me 2 days later to review them with me and and how he thought he could help me. A few days later I found myself scheduling surgery with him over 700miles away. So far, it's been a great decision. Doctor Sinervo is an amazing doctor. He is so kind and caring and will help you and answer any questions you may have. His office staff are incredible as well. I had never felt so confident upon entering an operating room before. He is so trustworthy and experienced especially in the endo field. My surgery involved a supracervical hysterectomy (kept both ovaries), excision of endo, lysis of adhesions, enterolysis, and an unexpected appendectomy. My surgery went great and I had minimal bleeding. I am now 3wks post-op and feeling great :-)

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Left210 (Patient) 02-14-2011
Dr. Sinervo and Dr. Albee are excellent doctors and treat their patients like family. I have treated with their office for 4 years. I had stage 4 endo and was unable to get pregnant. After their successful surgery I conceived and now have a 2 1/2 year old. Do not give up if you have endo. There is hope and CEC can help you. The doctors will call you personally to discuss your case. I sound like an advertisement for them but I have had such a wonderful experience and want to share it with everyone.

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Lindsey (Patient) 02-14-2011
I have not yet had my surgery ( March 7th cant get here soon enough) but I already feel better knowing I am in D. Sinervo's hands. My experience thus far has been amazing. I've never felt so comforted by a doctor. He assured me that everything possible will be done so that I may get my life back from this terrible disorder. I would recommend him to anyone!

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Indygirl (Patient) 02-13-2011
Dr. Sinervo assisted in my endometriosis and hysterectomy surgeries with Dr. Robert Albee please see my recommendation of Dr. Albee). He is a skilled and compassionate surgeon, that I would recommend to anyone with endometriosis, or unexplained pelvic pain.

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LJWeim (Patient) 01-04-2011
I had already undergone one surgery, several dramatic-side-effect drug therapies and was passed around to multiple doctors re: my Endometriosis. With the exception of a pain management specialist, all other doctors had no other answer for me except that it was all in my head, and with all the treatment I'd had it could not possibly be Endo.
We refused to take that as a final answer with my limited quality of life, and my husband after extensive research came upon Dr. Sinervo and CEC.

Everyone in the CEC office was fantastic, and after reviewing my records, I received a call from Dr. Sinervo personally advising me that I was a good candidate for this procedure. I was scheduled for surgery little more than a month out and we flew across 7 states hoping for a final solution.

It's not an exaggeration for me to say that Dr. Sinervo and others at CEC gave me my life back. I STRONGLY recommend their services from both medical and personal quality-of-care standpoints.

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Leigh Ann (Patient) 05-06-2010
Dr. Sinervo is a very competent endometriosis specialist. His staff is excellent and helpful, office is clean. Wonderful experience.

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Jae (Patient) 01-31-2010
Dr. Sinervo (and the staff at Center for Endometriosis Care) were all very attentive, helpful, professional, kind and thorough. I'm thankful that he took the time to explain the procedure during my pre-op, and how he let my Mom record the outcome of the surgery after.

I'm hoping that my husband and I will now be able to conceive thanks to the talented Dr. Sinervo. Thank you!

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nicky (Patient) 12-10-2009
Best docs in the world to treat Endo are at the CEC!

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nicole (Patient) 10-17-2008
This physician is warm heart professional individual and I highly recommend him to any one suffering from endometriosis or need a hysterectomy. He listens to his clients as individuals and provides feedback without beating around bush. He also provides support to family members and helps them understand what his clients is going through and answers any questions they may have. He gives great detail in what he has done in his surgeries and comes to check on his clients.He carries a comforting, trustworthy attitude and even though he has no personal experience with his own self regarding the dysfunction, he does have great knowledge and doesn't make you feel you are making the pain or other systems up.

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Amanda (Patient) 11-22-2007
Dr. Sinervo is literally a life saver! After having other doctors tell me that I needed a mental health evalluation or to go on Lupron, Dr. Sinervo gave me and my husband so much hope! He was extremely quick in his responses and gave us so much information! When I went in for surgery, he took time and was very kind. After the surgery, he maintained his quick responses to any questions that we had. I have told several friends and family members who suffer from endo about Dr. Sinervo and would definitely recommend him to anyone!!!

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Caroline (Patient) 08-09-2007
Dr. Sinervo was not only kind and patient in the office, he was totally focused on my questions before surgery. He was not rushed, and did not allow anything to interrupt his focus on ME. In surgery he had me position myself on the operating table to be sure that I was comfortable, and then he held my hand and talked to me as I was being put to sleep. He kept my husband reassured by providing periodic updates throughout the surgical procedure, and encouraged my husband to record the conversation after the procedure so I would know what was said. He provided a full detail of what he did, and why, as well as photographs.
During the recovery stage he continued to be responsive. When my husband called because I was suffering from severe nausea, he called back within just a few minutes. Even though it was very late on a saturday night.

Most importantly, Dr. Sinervo was able to fix me! I have suffered from chronic pain for 18 months now, since my hysterectomy for stage 4 endometriosis and was previously unable to walk any distance. I had a prounounced limp, and was in constant pain (despite being on heavy meds). I walked out of the hospital, 24 hours after surgery, without a limp! Dr. Sinervo has given me back my life, when other recognized pelvic pain specialists were telling me to "accept it". He removed the remaining endo tissue - but he didn't stop there. He actively looked for all possible issues, when most doctors would have stopped at the first indication that they had possibly found the problem. Dr. Sinervo made sure that there were no remaining issues, and made sure my husband understood everything when he was done.

I wish all doctors were like Dr. Sinervo!

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