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andrea (Patient) 01-10-2013
Dr. English has been my doctor for many years. I had serious side effects from a pelvic mesh that resulted in pelvic prolaps. I was in so much pain before I went to see him again thinking it was just me. He determined the issue and fit me into his schedule as I had unbearable pain. I had a tight work schedule with a horrible employer and he put me ahead of a patient who wanted to be induced on a holiday weekend. He is truly talented and I would never see anyone else! He is the best!!!

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Marcia T (Patient) 07-29-2012
I had a Davinci Hysterectomy by Dr. Eric English two weeks ago, and I can't praise him enough! His knowledge, kindness, ability and bedside manner can't be beat. He is a warm, caring & friendly person and the surgery was amazing! I went home the next day and if you asked me if I had surgery two weeks ago, I would have to say that I did, but I feel unbelievably good! I was able to drive three days after surgery. I would recommend Dr. English, hands down! He is a terrific doctor and person. He puts his patients at ease.

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Shelly L (Patient) 11-27-2011
I definitely recommend Dr. English. He is the BEST OBGYN out their! I have two boys. Dr. English delivered my second via C-section. He made me feel comfortable every time I saw him and eased my fears about the C-section. He came and checked on me later that night after my C-section as I was having a strange reaction to some of the meds. He checked me out and reassured me everything would be ok! I had a D&C six weeks or so after my baby was born. Dr. English walked me through what to expect. Everything went fine and I felt at ease knowing I was in good hands! Couldn't ask for a better doctor! You won't find anyone better!

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Cordella (Patient) 07-26-2011
I had the pleasure to meet Dr. English 3 years ago during my surgery. I LOVED him and would recommend him highly. He was not only my Dr. but he was a real person. His daughter was born during my stay in the hosp. and he was so concerned about my well being when he should of been home with his baby girl. He was there when I went ot sleep and when I awoke. Thank you Dr. English!!

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Leslie F (Patient) 03-22-2011
I highly suggest Dr. English to anyone who needs an obgyn. I am six weeks post surgery and feeling better than I have for a long long time. He was really so compassionate, caring, smart and I love how he makes things happen. As soon as I met him, I felt like I was in great hands. My husband keeps trying to recommend him to anyone he knows having a baby because he thought he was so funny and loved how easily Dr. English explained everything. THANK YOU, Dr. English!!!!

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Anca (Patient) 12-27-2010
Dr. English delivered my baby in 2006 and since been my doctor for 4 years now. He is caring, professional and a really good doctor: I highly recommend him! I moved the other side of town but I keep driving for an hour to go to his office because I trust him and don't want to find another OBG dr.

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Susan (Friend) 12-01-2010
I recommend Dr. English to anyone who lives close to him, I couldn't see him yet because I'm in California. English language is my second language and usually some doctors doesn't take me seriously. But Dr. English took a long time to listen to me and tell me how he can help me. He was very pleasant on the phone. When I read everyone's recommendation and appreciation, I'm agreeing with them. He seemed very caring and very best mannered. Very professional.......I Thank you Dr. English.

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Theresa F-T (Patient) 10-01-2010
I was recommended to Dr. English by a friend of mine who takes her mother-in-law with Alzheimers to see him. Right from the first meeting I could tell how special he was - he listened, made things happen (like on the spot ultrasound), caring, sensitive, honest, down-to-earth and was able to put me at ease. As well, he put things in MY terms and took his time. He answered my questions and wasn't in a hurry to get out of the room. I was truly blessed to be recommended to him.
On Sept 10th, he performed a hysterectomy with the da Vinci which has turned out perfectly. (All of the nurses were raving about him in the hospital as well!)
At my 2 week checkup afterwards, he remembered the surgery and was able to talk to me about it in detail without looking at his notes!
He's definitely at the top of the list and I highly recommend him to anyone.
Thanks, Doc. :)

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Carol (Patient) 09-17-2010
The other doctors I consulted could not figure out what was wrong with me, I was constantly bleeding. I was very frustrated, this went for a year and one doctor recommended a hysterectomy which is nothing short of female castration. Dr. English correctly diagnosed my problem and saved my uterus. He is outstanding. My only worry for him is that he will burn out at the hectic clinic he works for because they do not staff properly and they run their doctors ragged.

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Dkgetchell (Patient) 03-18-2010
In 2008 I was 40 years old with a large fibriod. I consulted an OB/GYN who recommended a hysterectomy because of my age and that I would probably never have/want children (I hadn't decided yet). I did some research and found out about the DaVinci Robot and found a local MD who was doing myomectomies with it. During a chance run in at work (I am an OB nurse), I told Dr. English my situation and asked if he thought he could help me. His eyes lit up and he told me to make an appointment. When we met he looked at my records and listened to what I wanted and didn't make any assumptions because of my age. I had a DaVinci myomectomy in August of 2008 by Dr. English and could not be happier. He was very caring and attentive afterward and continued to listen to what I needed. I have continued to see him for all my GYN appointments.
I also happen to work with Dr. English on a professional level. At work, I also find him to be very skilled and professional, but caring and listening to and addressing his patients needs and concerns. He has a great bedside manner and a relaxing and calming demeanor along with a dry sense of humor. I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends and family.

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Carla S (Patient) 09-11-2009
Dr English delivered my daughter by C-section in 2007. I did all of my pregnancy care with him as well. He was wonderful!!! He took the time to listen to us and explain his reasons for his actions to us each step of the way. Very mellow and very responsive!

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Melissa (Patient) 08-20-2009
I met Dr. English by chance after a very long complicated pregnancy and failed induction, he was an on-call doctor one day during my second week of staying in the hospital while having my son. I have been seeing him since and will definitely visit him for any future pregnancies. I have believed in every decision he has made whole-heartedly and he has taken the time to really get to know me and my individual needs as a patient.

His procedures are immaculate, his care exemplary, and his knowledge and skillset more than you could ever hope for in a doctor.

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Jane (Patient) 08-20-2009
After suffered many, many months of excessive bleeding and a lot of very painful procedures (that didn't work) with my previous OB/GYN, I knew it was time to find a new doctor. I was referred to Dr. English. From the moment I met him, something just clicked and felt like I had known him a long time and trusted him completely. He took the time to answer all my questions and in January, 2009, Dr. English performed a total hysterectomy with the Di Vinci Robot at St. John's Hospital. It was the most unpainful surgery I have ever had and it was very successful. I have felt great since. I wish I had met him sooner. Dr. English is the best!

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Emily (Patient) 08-13-2009
Dr. English is a wonderful caring doctor. He himself asks questions and takes the time to listen to all of your concerns. He is also very funny! Great bedside manner. As I had my procedure done, I had no fears and trusted that he would do all that he could do to make sure I was going to feel better. He is very soft spoken man, if you want a doctor that cares about you and all of you needs, Dr. English is the doctor that will do so!

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Pamela G (Patient) 06-15-2009
Dr. Steven McCue could not have picked a better replacement! Dr. English is proactive about his patients allowing them to make decisions that are best for them. On June 12, 2009, Dr. English performed a partial hysterectomy with the Di Vinci Surgical Robot at St. John's Hospital and it went better than expected with minimal pain.

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CHRISTINE T (Patient) 10-20-2008
He is the BEST thing to ever happen to me and my family! I would recommend him to ANYONE who needs an AWESOME doc like him!

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Sarah S (Patient) 05-22-2008
When I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child I decided it was time to find a new dr. I had a very problematic first pregnancy and a doctor that didnt listen to me, and I didnt want to go through that again. Dr English was wonderful!! From the start of the pregnancy to the end-he really listened to my concerns & couldnt have provided any better care. I have since recommended him to my mother in law and she couldnt happier with him either. Best doctor I have ever had. Highly recommend.

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Stacey (Patient) 03-10-2008
Dr. English did an amazing job delivering my second child-born VBAC. A PERFECT delivery to say the least. He was not my regular dr...but he was the one on call. Very respectful and professional. I reccommend him 110%!!!! Best of luck to you. :)

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Angela (Patient) 02-29-2008
Dr. English perfomed a DaVinci assisted lap. myomectomy and D&C on me earlier in Feb. at St. Johns Hospital. I am glad and thankful that he was able to have a look at everything and remove the fibroid. He has an excellent bedside manner and took good care of me while I was in the hospital. I feel like I finally found a doctor who would listen to my concerns and not just try to get me to take the Pill, etc. without looking at what is wrong. I will definitely be back to him in future!!!

I also have to say that while I hope I don't need surgery again, St. Johns is a wonderful hospital to have it! All of the nurses and aides who took care of me were soooo nice!

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hope (Patient) 08-11-2007
He is proactive in finding a solution to my abdominal pain. Did exploratory surgery after suffering for 7 months in pain with no diagnosis. After others i have seen that keep telling me "its in my head" and "it will go away eventually". He is great with his bedside manor and makes sure that you are totally taken care of. Willing to do research and talk to collegues to find out if they have heard solutions. Very personalable and listens!!!! Willing to find answers if he does not know them.

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