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bobbie (Patient) 02-14-2011
Dr. Vernon Theis has been my gynecologist since I was in college.
Always cheerful and makes a scarry visit relaxing.
When my Blue Cross insurance changed I had to see another doctor for my pap. She was just OK. I was so excited to see Dr. Theis back on my insurance last year.
I did have an abnormal pap thankfully not cancerous. Dr. Theis explained is well and knew I was scared to death.
My sister just saw him and thanked me for sending her since she was very happy after her visit.

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Barbara M (Patient) 05-31-2009
Excellent care, wonderful doctor and person.

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ellen c (Patient) 08-22-2007
Dr. Theis is a superb doctor…caring, personable, and respectful, not to mention über-knowledgeable. I have been his patient during all three of my pregnancies, and he has always taken good care of me and my babies, always answered all my questions, always allayed my anxiety. His calm and smile put one at ease.

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Jennifer N (Patient) 08-16-2007
He was wonderful. I went into him after being very frusterated with other experiences at OB/GYN docs. As I am relatively young, most doctors kept wanting to pump me full of pills to try to solve my problems, without trying to see what the problem is. Dr. Theis immediately got the ball rolling with running all sorts of tests to determine what the problem is, and when we determined the best method, he immediately got to work to coming up with a solution.

Besides, all his office staff were wonderful too!

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