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Nicole (Patient) 04-14-2009
I have been seeing Dr. Moore as a patient for about 3 years now for both routine visits as well as surgery. I have always found Dr. Moore and his staff to be professional, experienced, friendly and punctualy. They have always taken time to answer and explain anything and everything I needed. That being said I have never had to wait to be seen. The atmosphere of the office is inviting, comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Moore really cares about his patients and it truly shows with every visit and phone call. Dr. Moore has even called me by phone with test results. That is something I have never experience before with any other doctor. I feel truly blessed to have Dr. Moore as my doctor and recommend him to family, friends and coworkers frequently.

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Jennifer (Patient) 04-08-2009
I have been a patient of Dr. Moore's for 16years. He is absolutely the BEST doctor. He is very compassionate and takes the time you need for your visit. I have had 2 children, 3 miscarriages and an abnormal pap...he has gotten me thru it all. If you are looking for a Christian, caring, devoted doctor, he is the one you are looking for.

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BB (Patient) 01-30-2009
I have been seeing Dr. Moore for about 13 years. He and his staff are absolutely fantastic! I have never encountered a doctor who is more caring and nuturing. Across these 13 years I have had 2 sons delivered via c-section (he's an incredible surgeon), 4 miscarriages, a questionable papsmear, a questionable lump in my breast, and a host of other issues. In any circumstance he has never misled me or missed a diagnosis. He's a man who walks with Christ, which was reassuring to me. Oh, and now I drive 45 minutes just for my appointments. You'd be lucky to get in to see him!

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Shelby B (Patient) 03-24-2008
I have been going to Dr. Moore for about 12 years now. When I started seeing him, he was much closer to where I lived at the time (about 15 minutes away). However, I continued to see him as he moved to The Woodlands. Even though I know live in Cypress and he is practicing in The Woodlands, I drove the 45 minutes or so to the Woodlands during my pregnancy and for the delivery of my son two years ago. He and his staff are extremely helpful, compassionate, and caring. While I could have found a doctor closer to home, I knew I wouldn't be able to find someone as caring or with whom I am as comfortable as I am with Dr. Moore. If you're looking for an OB/GYN, I highly recommend him.

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Rebecca (Patient) 11-26-2007
I used Dr. Moore for my second pregnancy and he was Wonderful!! I could not have been any more content with the service I recieved. The staff is great and very caring and Dr. Moore is informative and careing. They really go out of their way to treat you wonderfully.

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Caro (Patient) 10-04-2007
Dr. Moore was my doctor throughout my first pregnancy. I had gone to three different doctors in the first couple of months until I finally found him. He is the best doctor a patient could ask for. The staff is also great, they are always very welcoming and ready to help with any questions you might have. Anyone looking for an obstetrician will feel really lucky to have him.

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