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Crystal (Patient) 11-23-2010
This Dr saved my life. I went in for surgery to get one thing done but he discovered other things wrong with me. Then I had complications and he handled it quickly and referred me to another physician--and still continued to check on me at hospital. His staff is very professional and kind. I highly recommend Dr Simmons to anyone who is in need of a great OB-Gyn who cares about his patience...and won't leave your side through out your care with him.

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Kathleen (Patient) 08-22-2008
Dr. Simmons is amazing. My family physician referred him to me, and I am so thankful that she did. He discussed all options with me, and he asked me to take my time to consider all of them before making a decision. I chose to have a hysterectomy and it was a tough decision since I am over 40 and have no children. But he took the time to talk it through with me and I know now that I made the right choice. I have a life-threatening situation arise before my surgery and he enlisted the assistance of a premier anethesiologist for the surgery to ensure I was taken care of. His calming manner, his genuine care for his patients and his clinical expertise make him the most outstanding OB/GYN I know. I refer him to EVERYONE.

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Jenny G (Patient) 03-22-2008
Dr. Simmons is by far the most compassionate doctor I have ever had. From the very first time I met him when he delivered my best friend's first baby I knew he was special. She had very special circumstances and he was always very supportive and took great care of her. When I went to see him as a patient for the first time he reconfirmed that. He sat with me for over an hour and listened to what was going on and gave me my options. He's never discounted any problems I've had and genuinely cares about me as a whole person and my overall well-being, not just my gynecological health. I have already gotten one friend "hooked" on him and she adores him as much as I do. He is truly a great man and doctor. He is always cheerful, comforting, and I trust him with my life and the life of my future children. I would recommend him to anyone and hope I never have to change doctors. No one could compare!

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Tonya F (Patient) 10-17-2007
Dr. Simmons specializes in obstetrics/gynecology. He is one of the only doctors that have ever really listened to me & my concerns. He listened and did not rush my time with him. He answered all my questions and gave me my options. He allowed me to make the final decision regarding my treatment option and was on board 110%. The personal qualities I found in him impressed me the most. He was patient, caring, understanding and most of all cheerful, I felt better after each visit! He treated me & my husband like we were his best friends!
I went to him(for the very first time) with sever menstrual cramps. He ordered a sonogram that showed no reason for my painful cramps but He didn't denote my pain as "all in my head". He gave me the options I had and suggested I have an ablation. I chose to go ahead with a hysterectomy based on what I felt was my right choice. After the surgery Dr. Simmons said that I had made the right choice because after removing the uterus he knew tha ablation would have failed. I had intramural fibroids that did not show up on the sono! I love the fact he actually admitted that I had made the right choice. He is what I now call "My Knight In Shining Surgical Gloves" He is now my gynecologist and I hope forever!

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