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Sports Medicine-Family Practice Family Medicine

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Pat T. (Patient) 06-18-2010
I have seen Dr. Schechter many times for a variety of issues. He is compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, and professional. His experience and expertise really makes me know that I am in good hands.

When having office surgery to cortisone shots in the knee, he did a wonderful job and with NO pain!!! Pain management is a specialty of his along with family, sports medicine, and whole body. He is extremely competent. It is wonderful to be to trust in a doctor like him!!

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Cory (Patient) 03-09-2010
Dr. Schechter is truly a caring and compassionate doctor. He and his staff are warm, friendly, and do everything possible to accommodate his patients' needs. He is one of the few doctors left who actually take the time to *listen* to his patients, and he cares for the patient as a whole person as opposed to just a collection of symptoms. I also like the way he is willing to communicate/follow-up with his patients via email where applicable. There are a *lot* of doctors in the Los Angeles area, but not many who provide the type of quality care found in Dr. Schechter's practice.

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Neal R (Patient) 02-23-2010
Dr Schechter has helped me immensely with an assortment of health issues and helped me through some very difficult times. He is really thorough with his diagnosis and if need be will refer you to some of the best specialists in the city. He is a great listener, and follows up with his patients to ensure his treatment is fully effective. He is a great doctor and I highly recommend him.

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Etan B (Patient) 12-25-2009
I came to Dr. David Schechter because of a painful and difficult sciatica leg problem. I found him to be a caring, open and skillful diagnostician. Dr. Schechter has spent the necessary time with me in order to probe deep into the nature of my disorder, both on the psychological level as well as the physical. I trust him and am working slowly through this mysterious ailment with his careful help. I recommend Dr. Schechter to anyone who needs a thoughtful and concerned family or sports injury physician.

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Nick P. (Patient) 11-08-2009
Dr. Schechter is a fantastic doctor. His blend of traditional and cutting edge medicine practices is sure to help any of your ailments. He is caring and compassionate to you and your condition, and also extremely resourceful. Overall I felt like my health was in very good hands, and I would recommend him to anyone anywhere.

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Peter (Patient) 10-29-2009
It is easy to recommend Dr. Schecter because he is a physician who takes the time to get to know his patients as individuals, not just as another client. He is well versed in all types of medicine so that no matter if you are sick or injured, he will be able to diagnose and most likely treat the problem. Once you spend time with Dr. Schecter, it will be obvious as to why his patients hold him in such high regard.

I see Dr Schecter on a regular basis as I am a competitive cyclist and I like to be sure that I am doing everything possible to stay healthy. In addition, I have a family history of strokes and diabetes, so Dr. Schecter regularly checks my blood and general health to be certain that my general health is not endangered.

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