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Eileen Summerfield BLACK MD
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Eileen Summerfield BLACK MD
Plastic Surgery - Louisiana New Orleans

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(City : New Orleans)
(ZIP : 70123)
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Eileen Summerfield BLACK MD's Special Expertises :
Plastic Surgery

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dominique m (Patient) 09-08-2007
i have seen his work on at least 5 greatly appreciative patients, he has consulted with me about both breast implants as well as rhinoplasty, and his credentials are impeccable!

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Gladys Clark (Patient) 01-15-2007
Dr. Black performed breast reduction surgery on me approximately 3 years ago. His exam room manner and bedside manner was phenomenal.

Dr. Black was always upbeat and positive. He did not let me get down hearted about possible outcomes. He put me at ease at once. He answered every question and did not move on until I was satisfied with the response. I recommend him highly.

P.S. His daughter also practices with him but I cannot remember her first name.

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