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Geoffrey Charles BASLER MD
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Geoffrey Charles BASLER MD
Dermatology - Nebraska Lincoln

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(City : Lincoln)
(ZIP : 68502)
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Suggestions & Reviews for Geoffrey Charles BASLER MD
Charlie (Patient) 09-10-2017
Trust the Doctor. Comfortable. Ability to get quick appointment.

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Jordin (Patient) 09-09-2017
Very professional and helpful. Caring and friendly. Clean facilities. Thank you.

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Whitney (Patient) 09-08-2017
Fast appointment when I called to schedule one. No time in waiting room. Very Prompt. Procedure was very quick and informative.

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Gerry (Patient) 08-26-2017
Nice bedside manner - Kind. Explained well. Showed pictures of what he was referring to.

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Luis (Patient) 08-25-2017
Professional. Relaxing. Painless.

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Sherry S (Patient) 04-18-2017
Very great at explaining what to look for and what he sees. Great customer service. Personable. Would recommend to others! Thank you!

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Bret H (Patient) 03-09-2017
Very Friendly. Excellent bedside manner. Took care of everything I needed.

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Jordan S (Patient) 02-18-2017
Very Friendly. Through explanations. Very efficient.

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Bryce D (Patient) 02-14-2017
Polite. Professional. Friendly and Caring.

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P.B. (Patient) 02-14-2014
My experience was very positive. This is a friendly Doctor and friendly staff. I am a new patient and I go an appointment in a matter of a few days.

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Rhonda G. (Patient) 11-07-2013
Everyone was super. All around pleasant experience. Super doctor.

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Cameron W. (Patient) 10-02-2013
Excellent !

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J.M. (Patient) 09-22-2013
Very satisfied.

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D.S. (Patient) 03-07-2013
Pleasant and friendly.

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Robert W. H (Patient) 02-16-2013
Very kind and very gentle-seemed very concerned to make sure every area treated to cure me of not allowing skin cancer to develop.

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david (Patient) 12-08-2012
Dr Basler was very thorough in my check up and answered all of my question and concerns. I would recommend Dr Basler and his staff.

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Jesse E. (Patient) 10-21-2012
no problems. doctor basler was friendly and explained everything sufficiently. would recommend to friends and family. //Jesse E.

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Linda (Patient) 10-16-2012
I was able to see Doctor Basler in a timely manner and with a brief history of melanoma in our family and suspicious areas on myself, they were very precise on what areas to biopsy. I went back to work minutes later and referred my boss to see them...He did! The very same day, he was able to get same day appointment and was very impressed with how at 'ease' he was with his procedure.

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