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Suggestions & Reviews for George John ALEXANDER MD
D Mckay (Patient) 10-03-2014
I would recommend Dr Alexander to all my family and friends. He is the best! Great staff

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Brandi (Patient) 08-16-2014
All staff members were unbelievably kind! I had a lot of questions and they were so willing to answer all of them in the detail I needed to fully understand everything! I looked forward to every appointment with the staff! I absolutely love my results and would recommend this office to everyone!

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Rudy Z (Patient) 08-09-2014
Dr. Alexander is not only extremely professional in his work, be he and his staff are very caring and wonderful people. I must say thank you Dr. Alexander and staff, I feel like a major weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I definitely will recommend anyone that I know who is in need of services.

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Michelle Li (Patient) 07-26-2014
Dr. and staff are very attentive, professional and informative.

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Darcie M. (Patient) 06-12-2014
I cannot say enough wonderful things about my ENTIRE experience with Dr.Alexander and his staff.From the 1st phone call I was impressed and knew this was where I wanted to be.Everything about Dr.Alexander is classy,complete and completely beautiful.So I say 'go ahead and check out the other doctors in town,but you are going to WANT Dr.Alexander!'.

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Emerson N. (Patient) 05-10-2014
Dr, Alexander explain every step of the breast augmentation procedure to me and made sure I was comfortable. He called me the day before surgery just to go over each step before my arrival to the surgery center. The day before surgery I had anxiety so I really appreciated the call. I/m extremely happy with my final results. I took Doctor's advice on my size, shape, and type of implant and I am glad I did because they look amazing. I would recommend Dr, Alexander to anyone looking into breast augmentation.

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Marion S. (Patient) 05-07-2014
Coming in I did not know what to expect this was my first surgery. Dr. Alexander and his team made me feel right at home and put my fears to rest. I am elated with my results and with my wedding fast approaching can be confident when dress shopping. If you are considering a breast augmentation or rhinoplasty consider Dr. Alexander strongly he is experienced and he cares.

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Juanita T (Patient) 04-16-2014
Thank you! Dr Alexander and staff, is my second surgery and always please with all that your done for me.

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Lisa Y. (Patient) 03-11-2014
My WHOLE experience was wonderful, from the staff to the doctor. I had no pain and would do it again! Took years off and I look and feel better. I would recommend him to anyone. Just love him!

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Stephanie (Patient) 02-06-2014
From the first consultation till now, Dr. Alexander and his staff have been amazing. I was very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. They took away my nerves and answered all my crazy questions. A few words that come to mind about Dr. Alexander would be: Professional, Sincere, Intelligent, Skilled, Caring and mainly.. Experience! The out come of my surgery shows EXPERIENCE. (One of the main reason I chose Dr. Alexander).

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James C. (Patient) 01-12-2014
Doctor Alexander has been consistent and supportive throughout the process. Great results. -James C.

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Deborah P. (Patient) 11-22-2013
The staff is always friendly no matter the time of day. Dr. Alexander makes you feel as if you are a guest in his home rather then a patient at an office. It nice.

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Natasha M. (Patient) 11-22-2013
Dr. Alexander is an expert in his craft. His attention to detail and ability to capture exactly what you are looking for is second to none. There is a good reason why Dr. Alexander's ratings are high and it is for his ability to listen, he truly connects and cares about his patients. This is a rare and wonderful quality. Dr. Alexander personally calls his patients the night before surgery to check in with them. I work in the customer service field and Dr Alexander and his team embody the heart of customer service. His team is available to you to support you every step of the way. Ashley the patient coordinator has an upbeat attitude and you can see she loves her job. She is quick to return messages and gets excited with you as you go through each step to achieve your goals. Lynn, the clinic nurse is caring and compassionate, she is gentle and takes time with each patient. The gift of time is priceless and Dr. Alexander and his team understand that taking time with each patient is the most important part, you will never feel rushed. If you are looking for a doctor and and team you can trust, a team that cares, look no further.

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Penny (Patient) 09-27-2013
I was treated with the utmost respect and the staff were more than friendly and helpful.

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Reese B. (Patient) 08-22-2013
Dr. Alexander and his staff made this the easiest decision. I always felt looked after and all of my concerns were thoughtfully addressed. ~ Reese B.

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Alexandra S. (Patient) 08-17-2013
Dr. Alexander and his staff are wonderful. I am extremely satisfied with my surgery and highly recommend Dr. Alexander. The nurses and doctor made sure that I was comfortable and that all of my questions were answered...Alexandra S.

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irina c (Patient) 08-17-2013
I was very happy with my outcome of my surgery. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Alexander and his staff. Everything was stress and anxiety free. He was able to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

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audrey w (Patient) 07-27-2013
excellent doctor.

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Avery W. (Patient) 06-12-2013
I would recommend Dr Alexander to all my friends! He simply is the best. He has exceeded my expectations!

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Antonia (Patient) 04-27-2013
So happy, wish I had done this sooner...

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Staci B (Patient) 04-26-2013
Dr. Alexander is really good and listening to your specific needs and has a great bed side manner. His office staff is amazing!!! I am very happy with my choice to see Dr. Alexander and I love my results!

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Bret J. (Patient) 04-11-2013
Would recommend Dr. Alexander to everyone! He is a great doctor and did an excellent job.

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Hoan L. (Patient) 02-06-2013
I feel that Dr Alexander and his staff were very friendly, helpful and professional.

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Adriana R (Patient) 01-23-2013
Since the first consultation everything was great! The staff was SUPER nice and very helpful. Dr. George Alexander is the best! He answered all my questions and concerns and is super professional! I am super glad I chose Dr. Alexander and Co. I highly, highly recommend them! Adriana R

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Linda O (Patient) 01-18-2013
Surgery results were exactly what I had hoped for. And one year later, it still looks good. Linda Olsson

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Kirsten J (Patient) 01-13-2013
All my expectations were exceeded from the first consultation to the procedure to the after care. Dr. Alexander immediately put my nerves at ease and my outcome was superior. My facelift was just about pain free with no bruising. I 100 percent recommend Dr. Alexander and his staff...Kirsten J

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Dianne L. (Patient) 01-02-2013
I thought it was an amazing experience. Dr. Alexander and the staff were wonderful. My biggest fear was pain and that was the least of my concerns after the surgery was complete. The care I received was second to none. I was happy coming in and happy going out. I really couldn't say enough about this whole experience. ~ Dianne L.

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Paula F. (Patient) 12-09-2012
Warm, inviting and caring. -Paula F.

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Mariah F (Patient) 11-20-2012
Dr. Alexander is a great listener. He acknowledges all questions and conserns thoroughly so by the time you leave consultation you are not wondering about anything.

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Virginia W. (Patient) 11-16-2012
Dr. Alexander is very nice and informative. Easy to talk to. Virginia W.

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Marilyn M (Patient) 11-06-2012
very satisfied, excellent performance...Marilyn M

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Ellen F. (Patient) 10-17-2012
Dr. Alexander explained everything to me. His staff was very friendly and professional. I always felt confident in Dr. Alexander. I am very happy with my new breasts and would recommend him to anyone interested in breast augmentation. Ellen F.

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Kathy M (Patient) 09-08-2012
Everyone at Dr. Alexander's office was helpful and very friendly. Things were explained to me and followup was great. Surgery went exactly as explained to me and with the doctor and his staff's assistance my aftercare and healing went very well. I would highly recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone wanting surgery. - Kathy M, Las Vegas, NV

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Golda (Patient) 08-11-2012
I always felt like I was their #1 patient. Staff and Doctor Alexander were so professional. Golda, Las Vegas, NV

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Jamie C (Patient) 08-03-2012
Can't imagine having a better doctor and staff! Very satisfied with the results and will recommend Dr. Alexander to everyone interested in plastic surgery! Jamie Cope, Las Vegas, NV

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N.D. (Patient) 01-07-2012
dr. alexander and his staff are great. they make you feel welcome and comfortablefrom the first time you step in the office until the last time. every appointment is on time and the answer all your questions in detail...nd in las vegas

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T.D. (Patient) 11-27-2011
Dr. Alexander is a great doctor and he made me feel very comfortable with the process leading up my surgery, during surgery and the time period afterwards. His staff is also very friendly and helpful. My overall experience with Dr. Alexander and his staff was wonderful. - T.D., Las Vegas, NV

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A.F. (Patient) 11-05-2011
Dr. Alexander is an excellent surgeon with a very personable bedside manner. He always has time for me in his schedule, and his staff is very friendly and helpful. I had a breast augmentation and received the exact results that I had requested. I have referred several friends to Dr. Alexander as well and all of us are extremely heppy with our results. I am very happy with my new breasts and I highly recommend him. A. F., Las Vegas, NV

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