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Kenneth Stuart LEE MD
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Kenneth Stuart LEE MD
Neurological Surgery - North Carolina Greenville

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North Carolina

(City : Greenville)
(ZIP : 27834)
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Kenneth Stuart LEE MD's Special Expertises :
Neurological Surgery

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Carolyn Pugh (Patient) 04-15-2011
Unfortunately, I had to have a second surgery. Dr. Lee, once again did a tremendeous job. He explained the procedure and the surgery went very well. I am still his patient and he is the most caring doctor I have ever seen.

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Carolyn P (Patient) 04-15-2010
I recommend Dr. Stuart Lee because I was his patient in 2002. He operated on my spine and I must say that he is one of the most loving and compassionate doctors that I know. He explained the procedure well and after he performed the surgery, he cared for me until I was better. Unfortunely I have another ruptured disc and I have been referred to see him again. Because I was so pleased with his performance the last time, I did not hesitate to tell my doctor to send me back. Dr. Lee is the best.

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Jared E (Friend) 10-10-2008
I would recommend Dr. Lee if for no other reason but how nice and curteous he is. He recently performed brain surgery on my mother to remove a tumor. He explained everything for us. He was straight forward. I believe he did the absolute best that he could have done with my mothers surgery. The more we have talked with Dr. Lee, the more that I have begun to like him. As I said earlier, he is a very nice man that has a good personality. When you are dealing with something like a tumor, you want a doctor that is nice and ultimately cares for his patients and their family. And that is exactly what you get in Dr. Lee.

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Office 2325 Stantonsburg Rd Pitt Greenville NC 27834
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Office Phone # :
(252) 7525156
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(252) 7520419
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East Carolina Univ Sch Of Med, Greenville Nc 27858
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(43 years of experience)

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