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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Jaimie T (Patient) 06-21-2011
Dr. Parshad is the warmest doctor you will ever meet. You forget that he is a highly educated doctor when speaking to him because he speaks in terms that are understandable and seems to relate to people on all different levels. In addition, Dr. Parshad looks out for his patient's best interest...by listening to his patients. He understands that sometimes women are absolutely miserable at 38 weeks pregnant and scared to death of delivering a 10 pounds baby and provides options. I love this about Dr. Parshad. He has a great sense of humor and even the worst moments that I've experience (and my sisters) (miscarriages) have been turned hopeful by Dr. Parshad. His staff is warm and compassionate (even when you are waiting on results and going nuts). I can't speak highly enough about him. He has delivered both of my sister's children, my daughter (and my next child due 12/11), performed surgery on me, my mother, and my sister. We have NO complaints. I have many many many friends that go to Dr. Parshad and have never heard a complaint.

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luvburrell (Patient) 05-01-2011
Dr. P performed surgery on a dear friend of mine over 10 yrs ago and I liked his professionalism and his willingness to work w/o blood. He explained everything to me and her husband, did the surgery and came and explained what he had to do during surgery. His manners and mannerisms are just great. He truly wants to help women be and stay healthy so when I knew I had to have something done about my problem he was my first choice and was he great!. I had a TLH and currently recovering. I love his bedside manner and the respect he gives to both the patient and family. He has a wonderful sense of humor too. His staff loves him and he is even their doctor. If you need an excellent doctor, even if you have restrictions on procedures, he is willing to work with you and for you. One happy patient.

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Cathy S (Patient) 10-25-2010
Dr. Parshad is hands down the most genuinely caring doctor I have ever had. He has that "something" that you can't learn from any text book or medical training. He has kindness and understanding and wit!
He performed my hysterectomy in May of 2009. It went picture perfect, but the thing that made it even easier on me, was the fact that I trusted him 100%. He kept me calm going in and I knew it was going to go well.
I highly recommend Dr. Parshad.

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Tanis (Patient) 08-26-2009
Dr. Parshad is hands down the best doctor I have ever had. He delivered both of my children, now 11 and 6, and was absolutely wonderful. He was so caring and kind, and very genuine. I was very young with my first, and my husband left, and I don't know how I would have made it without the support of this doctor. He delivered my nephew three months ago, and performed a hysterectomy on my mother in January, and it brings tears to my eyes to think that he has had such a role in my life. I hope he knows what he means to his patients.

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Liz (Patient) 08-04-2009
Dr. Parshad is the ABSOLUTE best doctor out there. He has delivered both of my children, ages 5 yrs and 4 months, and I had a pregnancy in between which ended in a miscarriage. He went above and beyond on my 3rd pregnancy to ensure the baby was healthy and to prevent another miscarriage. I honestly cannot stress enough how wonderful he is and how much a I adore him...truly a one of a kind!!!

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Mary (Patient) 05-07-2009
After having a miscarriage at 7weeks with a different and very "cold" doctor, I decided to try another doctor for my 2nd pregnancy. After venting to my general prac. doctor, he recommended the doctor that delivered his children, Dr. Parshad. I figured, eh, what the heck! If he sends his wife to him, and he trusts Dr. Parshad with his wife/children, he must be good.
Honestly, I was very nervous that I would miscarry again. Dr. Parshad has so much love in his heart that it just seeps out of him. He is not only an extremely intelligent doctor, but I also trust him. My son was a breach birth and I was forced to have a C-Section. The nurses at the hospital don't work with him very often, mainly because he doesn't have many patients that go there. Nevertheless, they said they have never seen a doctor stich a patient up the way he did. They said they believe my C-Section scar will basically disappear. In a nut shell, he did a fabulous job.
I highly recommend Dr. Parshad as a doctor. You will not only get the best care in the world, but he will make you feel so special.

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Marie J (Patient) 04-22-2009
I would recommend Dr Parshad to anyone ,He is the most caring person ever .He makes you feel you are his only patient.He never rushes you .He takes him time to answer questions .He has delived my children .He is always happy frienly trustworthy.

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kimerly (Patient) 11-06-2008
Dr Parshad truly cares about his patients, he listens intently and takes the time to make sure you understand everything. He is so positive and upbeat I Love This Man!! He has helped me bring two wonderful kids in to this world when no one else could for 15 + years and has helped me over come several surgeries for endo, cysts and endless bleeding he is a a true hero in the medical community.

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Kristin (Patient) 08-25-2008
I have been blessed enough to have Dr. Parshad deliver both of my children! Dr. Parshad is a WONDERFUL doctor who defnitely has his patients best interests at heart. For my first pregnancy, I could not have asked for a more patient and caring OBGYN! For my second pregnancy, which was very difficult towards the end, I could not have asked for a more compassionate and understanding doctor. I recommend Dr. Parshad to as many people as I possibly can. I have not heard of or had the opportunity to mee an OBGYN as wonderful as Dr. Parshad, please do not take my word for it. See it for yourself!

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Deborah (Patient) 04-28-2008
I have spent years fighting ovarian cysts and dermoid tumors on my ovaries. Every three months I was having surgery to drain or remove the cysts. I had been diagnosed with POCS and also had a pituitary microadenoma and the treatment for my complicated problem was pain killers and birth control pills and other drugs with the military doctors at the naval hospital. The pain and frustration I dealt with affected every aspect of my life and I had made up my mind that I wanted a hysterectomy. It was against military regulation to give a hysterectomy to a 30 yr old woman unless it was life or death. So upon my leaving the Army I was recommended to Dr Parshard. Many, and I do mean MANY women highly recommended him because he was caring, funny, and really listened, one woman said that "When Dr. Parshard was in the room with you he focused only on you like you're the only one around." Naturally I didnt believe it and thought it was too good to be true, but it is true, he sat there and simply listened to everything I had to say. He didnt stop me mid sentence or agrue, he asked about all my past treatments and what I wanted to happen. The military doctors were concerned about "preserving" while I just wanted no more pain, no more surgeries, no more narcotic drugs, and had my mind set on a hysterectomy after having all other treatments failed. After ranting about my long time suffering and what I wanted for nearly a half hour he said ok, we'll get you scheduled for a hysterectomy. Said I had clearly thought about this for a long time, done my research about hysterectomies and menopause, and tried all other treatments and that he wasnt going to argue with me. He set up my surgery for two weeks from today and I couldnt be happier, there is finally a light at the end of my tunnel. Someone finally listened.

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Kim (Patient) 01-19-2007
After 3 doctors, a friend recommended Dr. Parshad. He is the most warm caring doctor I have ever seen. Very funny, very friendly - -unbelievable personal care. I have recommended him to several friends and they all have been very happy.

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