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Wilson Bloomfield BABER MD
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Wilson Bloomfield BABER MD
Ophthalmology - Louisiana Shreveport

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(City : Shreveport)
(ZIP : 71103)
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Bob D (Patient) 07-23-2010
I came into contact with Wilson Baber when I suffered a retinal detachment and was referred to him by another doctor. Dr. Baber examined me and recommended I have emergency surgery to try to save my vision in the eye. My surgery was scheduled with one of Dr. Baber's associates who was on duty. Later that evening unforseen circumstances caused the doctor who was scheduled to do my surgery to be tied up and unable to do the surgery. Most doctors would have simply rescheduled my surgery but upon learning of the problem Dr. Baber drove two hours after working all day to complete the surgery himself. Dr. Baber knew I had a better chance of recovery if the surgery were done immediately so he worked until midnight that night to ensure I had the best chance to recover. This is the kind of doctor and the kind of person that Wilson Baber is - going the extra mile for a complete stranger because they were in great need.

Over the following weeks and months Dr. Baber not only followed up on my condition but walked me through the entire process each step of the way. My condition was hard to deal with because I waited longer than I should have to seek the proper care at the first signs of the problem - this made my treatment more challenging I am sure. Dr. Baber worked with me to overcome each obstacle along the way as we worked towards the goal of restoring my vision. The best way I could put it is to say that Dr. Baber works with you rather the on you - you know what is going on every step of the way and he takes the time with you that other doctors simply don't.

I could not tell anyone about Dr. Baber without talking about his team that surrounds him. Just as important as his technical skills are Dr. Baber's people skills in developing the team of absolutely marvelous staff members that surround him. I cannot tell you what a wonderful group of people his nurses and staff members are - they are engaging, kind and caring in every instance. I could name them off one by one because I see almost every one of them during each follow up visit. They are not all helping me during each visit but they say hello because they are genuinely interested in how I am doing and see each of them is the highlight of each visit.

The bottom line is that 10 months ago I walked in off the street as a complete stranger completely blind in one eye - 100% dark and I thought hopeless. Dr. Baber an his entire team went the extra mile for me over and over again and today I have my vision back as a direct result of their care.

A retinal detachment is life changing well beyond what I could have ever imagined that first day. It is unrelenting constant frustration as you learn the things you cannot do or no longer enjoy because of the condition. It genuinely impacts your quality of life at home and at work. I am so thrilled and grateful to say that I have reclaimed the things in my life that I lost when I suffered the detachment. I absolutely without hesitation tell you that my li... [<a href='read.php?taid=9776'>more..</a>]

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Office 1500 Kings Hwy Caddo Shreveport LA 71103
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Office Phone # :
(318) 6755000
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(318) 6755959

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La State Univ Sch Of Med In Shreveport, Shreveport La 71130
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(25 years of experience)

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