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Orthopedics - Montana Missoula

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(City : Missoula)
(ZIP : 59802)
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Gary Jay WILLSTEIN MD's Special Expertises :
Orthopedic Surgery

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Merce (Litfin) Zingmark (Patient) 09-12-2008
Dr. Willstein performed total knee replacements for both my 58-year old knees. Extreme youth athletics combined with related accidents, exacerbated by wear and tear (hiking, lifting, etc.,) and genetic predis- position, had literally crippled me physically, then emotionally. Moreover, total right shoulder arthroplasty (replacement) was completed -- all in nine months. His level of professionalism is perhaps unparalleled. Dr. Willstein's genuine interest in joint pain enables him to wisely deem whether situations can be resolved through expert surgery and follow-up. Furthermore he is kindly forthright, clearly a good person. His grasp of a patient's condition is thorough, clear-headed and focused.

Nearly a decade ago one orthopaedist replied upon me asking, "How long might I endure major discomfort of grinding knees?": "When you come crawling back and beg me for surgery, you'll be ready." Speechless at his lack of medical sensitivity, let alone humanity (he did not even prescribe an anti-inflammatory, only a pair of large, $2K leg braces -- in cash), I essentially crawled into a shell. Despite pain thresholds for which I've long prided myself, radiating and stabbing pain essentially destroyed ten years of life. Up to this time, I'd truly respected physicians. 'Was reared seeing doctors at Stanford and Palo Alto Medical Clinics, yet now it's obvious -- terrible pain can weaken a person in ways to alter decision-making processes ... we can become incompetent judges; our own enemies, intimidated by medical "authorities."

Only after seeing physical therapists did I comprehend the extent of my disabilities. This juncture led to research and questioning others who had surgery. We injured must take control, assess our frailties honestly, thereby seeking empathetic and bright medical assistance.

Recommending anyone consult Orthopaedic Surgeon Gary J. Willstein carries no qualms for me. My wish is for your relief from chronic pain, swelling and unhappiness, or cloudy frame-of-mind brought by damaged joints. Looking ahead to living has never been more beautiful!

Merce (Litfin) Zingmark

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Office 515 W Front St 515 W Front St Missoula Missoula MT 59802
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Office Phone # :
(406) 7215600
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(406) 3297526

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Univ Of Ia Coll Of Med, Iowa City Ia 52242
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(33 years of experience)

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