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Marco Antonio DUARTE MD
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Marco Antonio DUARTE MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - New Mexico Las Cruces

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New Mexico

(City : Las Cruces)
(ZIP : 88011)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Rae (Patient) 05-05-2009
I was sent to Dr. Duarte through my family doctor. I was pregnant and searching for a good OB which is very difficult to find in Las Cruces.... trust me I have been to all of them! I was awaiting a miscarriage and much to my shock the other places were turning me away because they did not have appointments! This to me is horrible because women can hemmorage if they are not seen.
Dr. Duarte fit me into his schedule right away. He is a very pleasant, caring man who spend a lot of time with his patients. He is usually running late for appointments because he stays and explains everything to you in depth. He is also very through in his examinations, and does not send you off without knowing if you are going to be ok. I would recommend Dr. Duarte to everyone. If you are pregnant he is the person to see!

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Bonita (Patient) 04-04-2009
Dr. Duarte has been my Gynecologist for about 20 years. I trust him completely. About 14 years ago I started having severe cramping and was bleeding. Dr. Duarte tried several different things to stop the pain, etc. before finally recommending a hysterectomy. He didn't just rush into the surgery. He explained in detail (sometimes in more detail than I wanted to hear) to my husband and I every procedure he was trying. He tried to avoid having to do the hysterectomy but we finally had to face the fact it needed to be done.
Last year when it was time for my annual Pap he always asks about my general health, I was telling him about severe headaches I have been getting for years only they had been getting worse. I was having them on average every week and they would last for 4-5 days making me physically sick. I have seen several different Doctor's and they have never been able to figure out why I was getting them. Dr. Duarte told me to start taking Vitamin B2. Something as simple as Vitamin B2. It has helped immensely. The man knows about everything. Even my husband thinks he is a great Doctor and that is saying something!!!

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Laura (Patient) 02-25-2009
Dr. Duarte is the most caring, trustworthy and experienced dr. I know. He delivered my son which is my first child. He was awesome and explained everything to me and my husband throughout the whole pregnancy from day one to the day of delivery. And he let us make decisions. Five years later I got pregnant and had to see a different dr. because Dr. Duarte wasn't available. I ended up in the hospital on a weekend and the dr. refused to come to the hospital to see me so I was sent home and was told to call the office on Monday. Well I didn't call the "other" dr. I called Dr. Duarte's office and talk to his nurse and explained what was going on. To make a long story short Dr. Duarte took care of me and did what needed to be done. He was caring, comforting, and he was there when I needed him!! A year and a half later he delivered my daughter and I am very thankful for him and his experience. It's hard to find a dr. like that nowadays!!! Thank you Dr. Duarte for being the dr. that you are!!! God Bless You!!

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Bobbi (Patient) 10-17-2007
I recently needed to schedule an appointment and found that Dr. Duarte was no longer in his office and was frantic to find where he had moved.I called all the people I could think to call for the information and I recall telling my mom that if he was no longer practicing, then I was no longer going to be a women. If he quits I quit, so to speak. He is the kindest, most caring human being, reguardless of the fact that he's a doctor. He is a gentle soul and a wonderful doctor.

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Karen (Patient) 06-04-2007
I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Duarte deliver two of my three sons. My husband and I had experienced two miscarriages and were hesitant to become pregnant again. At the point that I realized I was pregnant post second miscarriage we were referred to Dr. Duarte by many friends. Dr. Duarte educated us, encouraged us, and was a gentle, helping hand through that pregnancy which yielded a 10 pound boy. We were less anxious with the next pregnancy and were graced with Dr. Duarte's informative, caring nature through both pregnancies. I would recommend him to any friend or family member. It is a pleasure to be his patient.

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Lucy (Patient) 01-25-2007
Dr. Duarte treated me for the first time in the emergency room 23 years ago. I was a young newly wed and really scared. I didn't know that I was pregnant and was bleeding to death internally because it turned out to be an eptopic pregnancy. This doctor was to gentle. He saw me through the whole ordeal. Two years later there I was again and there he was again, (another eptopic pregancy). He seemed to be as heartbroken as my husband and I, that we could not have children. The next year Dr. Duarte helped us in adopting our first child. Now twenty years later I have 3 kids and I still see this doctor. Last year he performed my hysterctomy after finding a tumor in my uterus. He is still as gentle as ever. He has healed me both physically and emotionally.

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